Brain Teasers: How good were you at geography (PART 2)? Let’s test it!

Did you enjoy our previous edition of planet-based puzzles? If yes, then you will also enjoy these riddles. Keep reading.

Can you guess the name of the planet?

Can you guess the name of the planet?

Hello people,

We are back with another series of planet-based puzzles. Enthusiastic? Here you have!

Geography is a subject that opens our eyes to the natural world around us. Do you know the names of all the planets? Let’s see how good you were at geography.

Let us ask you a simple question! How well would you rate your geography skills? Can you remember the names of all the beautiful rivers in the world? Do you know which is the largest and smallest continent? And did you have any interest in astronomy? Do you know which planet is furthest from the sun and why Pluto is no longer conferred with planet status?

Well, whether you know all the right answers or not, we are sure that all these questions gave you a strange but beautiful nostalgic feeling of your school days when your geography teacher taught you about these interesting topics and more.

Wondering why we’re suddenly talking about geography? No, we didn’t get a call from your geography teacher this morning. The reason we are so stressed about your geography skills today is that today’s series of puzzles will test how good your geography and astronomy concepts have been. Yes, you were right; Today we will talk about planets.

Here are the riddles you’ve been waiting for!


Puzzle 1:Jagranjosh

Puzzle 2:


Puzzle 3:


Are you ready with your answers? Scroll down to confirm!


Answer 1:


Fun fact about Mercury: Mercury is the fastest of all the planets!

Answer 2:


Fun fact about Saturn: You can’t be on Saturn!

Answer 3:


Fun fact about Jupiter: Jupiter has over 80 moons! Lucky planet!

That was all in our fun series of planet-based puzzles. Did you miss the first part? Here you have!

Brain Teasers: How good were you at geography? Let’s find out today!

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