Brain Teaser With Answer: Can you solve and find the value of the Caterpillar, before this tricky Math Equation makes my Brain Numb?

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. I’m sure you’re done with your healthy exercise, but what about mental exercise? This brain teaser will do so by testing your abilities such as creativity and your great observation skills with mathematical formulas and equations. As a result, it will strengthen the connection between brain cells, increase mental agility, and help with short-term memory problems. Enough talk, now get into action and find the value of the caterpillar in this equation.


Can you find the value of the caterpillar in this mathematical equation?

Puzzles require unconventional thinking, but sometimes they also involve excellent creative approach and logical reasoning. Unlike the image above, you must use your quantitative acuity and cognitive skills to solve this picture puzzle. Although it is really simple, you just need to rack your brain to find the value of the caterpillar in the mathematical equation.

Remember, this means that a single, simplified puzzle can reveal a lot of information about how our brains work and misconceptions.

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Find the answer to the riddle here:

A brain teaser is essentially a thinking puzzle based on creativity and logic. As a result, with each test, your ability to think and make decisions will improve. The mental game will also help you solve problems and strengthen your critical intuition.

The goal for you is to find the answer to this mathematical equation. Easy, right?

But I forgot to tell you that you only have 3 minutes, oh that’s too much, let’s make it 2 minutes.




Enough suspense and discreet background music, let’s get to the answer.

The image consists of 4 equations, of which three are solved and one is unsolved. Three different variables in the equations are represented with the image of Caterpillar, Apple and Bunch of Leaves.

Now use all your brain, logical reasoning, mathematical formulas and other skills to find the correct answer for all the variables in the mathematical equation.


In 1637, René Descartes “invented the convention of representing unknowns in equations by x, y, z, and known unknowns by a, b and c.”

Back to the puzzle… I’m sure you’re done now!

Well, still not sure what the correct answer is? So, take a look at the image below to know the precise answer to this riddle.


It was good, right? For more of these, keep an eye out for these brain teasers to improve your cognitive and problem-solving skills and memory acuity.

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