Brain Teaser IQ Test: Find the Hidden Word in 3 Seconds!

The riddles test the reader’s critical thinking and problem solving skills by challenging them to solve a problem. These challenges have the potential to increase intelligence and improve concentration.

A brain teaser mainly involves solving a puzzle, cracking a code, finding a hidden object, or spotting the flaw in the image.

Regular practice of these challenges helps improve problem solving skills and also provides a healthy workout for the brain.

If you are a fan of puzzle challenges, you will find this challenge super exciting.

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Intelligence test: find the hidden word in 3 seconds


In the image shared above, you can see jumbled letters.

The challenge for the readers is to determine the word hidden in these letters in 3 seconds.

This brain teaser will test the sharpness of your brain.

Can you find the hidden word in 3 seconds?

Your time starts now!

Look at the image carefully.

Only the most attentive minds can quickly spot the hidden word.

Have you identified the word?

Hurry up; time is running out.


Time is over.

Could you spot the hidden word?

Congratulations to those readers who have successfully identified the hidden word.

You have a sharp brain.

Those who couldn’t find the word can scroll below to find the solution.

Find the hidden word in 3 seconds: solution

The hidden word is PACIFIC, which can be obtained by rearranging the letters.


If you loved solving this brain teaser, share it with your friends and family and see who performs the best!

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