Brain Teaser For IQ Test: Only 1% Of Genius Can Find The Right Treasure Box Lock Within 11 Seconds. Try Your Luck!

The Pirates have found treasure chests from a decade ago. But they are confused with the correct one in the context of the key. Can you help them?

A riddle tests skills like creativity and power of observation rather than logic and mathematical formulas. And as a result, it will strengthen the connection between brain cells, increase mental agility, and help with short-term memory problems. Enough words, back to the action, your task is to find the correct lock of the treasure chest.


Can you find the right treasure chest lock?

Puzzles require an unparalleled mindset, but they also require exceptional creativity and logical reasoning. Unlike the picture above, you need to use qualitative skills and visual acuity to choose the right way to find the right lock that fits the key. However, it’s not that difficult, all you have to do is use your brainpower on all the tips.

And this simple mental exercise will reveal tons of insights about your brain’s function and capabilities.

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Find the answer to the riddle here:

A riddle is a puzzle that requires creative and logical thinking. Your ability to think and make decisions will thus improve with each attempt. The mental game will also help solve larger problems and develop critical intuitions.

Remember, your goal is to find the correct lock that can be opened with the key in the Pirate’s hand. Easy, right?

And you only have 11 seconds to complete this mental exercise.




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Enough suspense and discreet background music, let’s get to the answer.

The image shows a pirate with a key and a total of 5 treasure chests. Your task is to find the right lock that fits the key in the image. Use your skills like logical reasoning, power of observation and other skills to solve this mental exercise.

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Back to the puzzle…

I’m sure you’re done!

It was easy, right?

But if you are still struggling with the answer, look at the image below to know which is the correct lock that fits the key.


We had fun? Solve more of these interesting puzzles by keeping track of JagranJosh. It will improve your cognitive skills, problem-solving skills, and memory acuity.

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