Brain Teaser Challenge: Can you find what is wrong with the basketball picture within 4 seconds?

Puzzles are a tried and true approach to improving your mood and giving your brain a much-needed break. These puzzles are known to promote lateral thinking and problem-solving skills when solved on a regular basis. The puzzles, as the icing on the cake, are also a lot of fun to solve. So, are you ready to have fun while exercising your brain?

We hope so, because we have prepared a visual puzzle for you that will challenge you to synchronize your senses with your brain.

The solution to this brain teaser can be found at the end of this article. But don’t jump to the answer just yet.

We’ll start when you’re ready.


Only someone with a high IQ can detect the error in the desert image within 4 seconds!

Brain Teaser Challenge: Spot the error in 4 seconds


Source: Cool Side

Only true geniuses can find how many holes are in the t-shirt in 9 seconds!

In this picture puzzle, you can see a group of children playing basketball. The image may look normal, but it is not.

To be precise, there is 1 error in this image and you must find it in the given time.

As usual, we have a timer set for this picture puzzle. You have 4 seconds to detect the error in the image.

Get prepared. This is a test of your observation skills and your eyesight.

And your time begins now.

Only a very intelligent person can detect the error in a street image from the 1920s in five seconds!

All the best!

The clock is ticking.



And 1

Time is over.

Puzzle solution

Children play basketball with a soccer ball. Have a look:


Source: Cool Side

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