Brain Teaser Challenge: Can You Find The Owl In The Woods In 4 Seconds?

Riddles are puzzle games in which players try to find a solution to a problem.

As fun as they are, riddles also challenge your brain. They are a great way to increase mental capacity and lateral thinking skills, maintain memory strength and also keep yourself delighted.

Riddles are also certified mood boosters. When you solve a puzzle, your brain increases the production of dopamine, a chemical responsible for your mood.

So, here we are with another brain teaser to help you hone your cognitive skills and lift your spirits.

Can you find the owl in this brain teaser in 4 seconds?

Look at the image posted below.


Source: Cool Side

Genies can easily find the hidden lipstick within 3 seconds. Can?

In this puzzle, you can see the clearing in the forest. Here there are trees with sun rays reaching the ground. Despite all the sunlight, there is something quite hidden in the forest.

To be more specific, there is an owl hidden somewhere in the forest.

Your challenge is to find the owl in the forest in the given time. As usual, we also have a timer set for this picture puzzle.

We give you 4 seconds to find the owl.

Can you find it?

Let’s test your brain.

Intelligence test: not even geniuses could find the snake hidden among the giraffes in 5 seconds!

Now, go ahead and get out your magnifying glass and your glasses.

Your time starts now.

All the best!

While you’re thinking about the answers, here’s a fun fact:

Solving puzzles regularly can make you smarter. As? Well, puzzles are known to improve cognitive functioning and improve critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Plus, as an added benefit, they help refresh your mind and give you a much-desired break, breaking up the monotony.

Only someone as smart as Sherlock Holmes can spot the liar in 5 seconds in this puzzle!

A win-win situation, right?

Hurry up! The clock is ticking!

Have you solved the riddle yet?

3… 2… and 1!

Time is over.

We sincerely hope that you were able to find the owl in the indicated time. In case you couldn’t find it, don’t worry.

Let’s reveal the solution now.

Only people with very sharp eyesight can find the glove at dinner in 7 seconds.

Puzzle solution

In this picture puzzle challenge you had to find the owl in the forest within 4 seconds. If you were able to find it, congratulations. If you couldn’t find it, please scroll down to see the answer.


Source: Cool Side

Congratulations to those who were able to find the owl in the image. For those who couldn’t, better luck next time.

We hope you had fun solving this brain teaser. Riddles are excellent mood boosters that have been scientifically proven to improve cognitive abilities and logical reasoning. In short, puzzles make you smarter and smarter. So make sure you solve them daily.

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