Borderlands 3 Scoville challenge steps: All Torgue’s Marketing Mistake locations explained

Torgue has always been known for some interesting marketing choices, but in Borderlands 3 Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot DLC it’s time for you to fix a Torgue marketing mistake. In exchange, you will receive a new weapon: the Scoville.

Torgue thought it would be a good idea to create a promotional hot sauce, which would be cool if it weren’t also explosive. You will find these hot sauce bottles throughout the Jackpot and your job is to destroy them with bullets.

There are five bottles of Torgue’s Marketing Error that you can find through The Jackpot. You’ll also receive XP, Eridium, and money for each hot sauce bottle you destroy.

Along with Ember’s Purge, Scoville is one of two legendary weapons in Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot that can only be found by completing a challenge.

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Spendopticon Torgue Marketing Bug Locations in Borderlands 3

There are two Torgue marketing errors that can be found in The Spendopticon.

The first is located to the right of the turret-guarded entrance to the VIP Tower.

The location of Torgue’s first marketing mistake in The Spendopticon.

The best time to destroy this hot sauce bottle is during the first mission, The Handsome Jackpot, because Timothy will send you to its location to find the focalizer.

You will find the hot sauce in this room.

Once you’re in this room, the hot sauce is easy to find. Just look at the lights hanging from the ceiling and you’ll find the hot sauce in the center, on the right.

Shoot the bottle with any weapon to complete this challenge.

Torgue’s second marketing mistake in The Spendopticon can easily be found during the fifth mission, The Plan, when Ember sends you to retrieve Compound 24 from the J-Spot.

The location of Torgue’s second marketing mistake in the Spendopticon.

In the middle of the J-Spot you will find a false mountain: Torgue’s marketing mistake at the top. You can easily climb the mountain by climbing onto the ledge next to the tree. From there simply head up, going from ledge to ledge, until you reach the top.

Climb the fake mountain and then jump to the beam.

Once you’re at the top, jump to the beam directly in front of you to find the hot sauce behind the piece of metal.

Torgue Compactor Marketing Bug Location in Borderlands 3

There is a Torgue marketing bug located in The Compactor and it is located near the entrance to Trashlantis.

The location of Torgue’s marketing mistake in The Compactor.

In the area where you fight the Loader Bots before entering Trashlantis, you will find a pipe sticking out of the middle of the floor. Directly behind this pipe is a container, which you must climb onto.

Climb to the top of the container on the right and then onto the pipe.

From there, you can jump to the top and then jump again to the metal sheet covering the flowing pipes.

Jump towards the metal sheet.

Now all you have to do is look to your left and you will see the hot sauce bottle in the container next to you.

Look to the left to see the hot sauce bottle.

Shoot the hot sauce bottle to complete the challenge.

Jack’s Secret Torgue Marketing Bug Location in Borderlands 3

There is a Torgue Marketing Bug found within Jack’s Secret, which can be accessed once you have started the sixth mission, Jack’s Wild.

The location of Torgue’s marketing mistake in Jack’s Secret.

This sauce bottle is found right after you successfully enter this area. All you need to do is head towards where you fall through the ground to reach the rest of the area and look up.

There, above you, is the hot sauce. Shoot him and continue with your journey.

Look up to find the hot sauce bottle.

VIP Tower Torgue Marketing Bug Location in Borderlands 3

There is a Torgue Marketing Bug found on the first floor of the VIP Tower.

The location of Torgue’s marketing mistake in the VIP Tower.

Head to the alcove to the right of the elevator that will take you to Pretty Boy and you will find a VIP door.

Pay the fee to open this door.

Pay the fee and walk through the door to find the bottle of hot sauce waiting for you on the table inside the room.

How to collect the Scoville in Borderlands 3 explained

Once you’ve destroyed all five hot sauce bottles, Torgue will send you the Scoville.

To find it, open the game’s start menu, which allows you to change options, access photo mode and exit the game, among other things. Select the “Social” option to open your in-game inbox.

Enter the ‘Social’ menu to receive the Scoville.

The Scoville will be in a message from Torgue, which will likely be the first email in your inbox, and all you have to do now is select “OK” to place this weapon in your inventory. Make sure you have space for it first or it will have to stay in your inbox.

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How useful is Scoville in Borderlands 3?

The main draw of the Scoville is that instead of using bullets, you’re shooting hot sauce bottles at your enemies. This makes it a perfect choice for the odd Borderlands weapon collector.

Double bottles of hot sauce.

Due to this special feature, the Scoville deals incendiary damage, making it highly effective against any fleshed enemy. It also has an additional splash damage radius of 751, because the hot sauce will definitely splash when it hits the ground.

Although it consumes four ammunition per shot, the Scoville is a very effective weapon, which can cause a large amount of damage in a very short time. Depending on your level, it can deal a lot of damage and, you know, shoot hot sauce bottles.

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