Borderlands 3 Cartel mansion puzzle: How to solve the puzzle in the Villa Ultraviolet during Revenge of the Cartels explained

The Cartel Mansion puzzle is an activity you can complete during the Borderlands 3 Revenge of the Cartel event, which runs through Thursday, June 4.

You will discover this puzzle during your assault on Villa Ultraviolet in your quest to defeat Joey Ultraviolet for Maurice.

Completing this puzzle is a great way to earn loot and extra money during this limited-time event.

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Where to find the Cartel Mansion puzzle in Borderlands 3

The Cartel Mansion puzzle in Borderlands 3 is found in the same room as the missing fountain piece in Villa Ultraviolet.

To get to this room, you must first make your way to Villa Ultraviolet. Once here, go up any of the stairs. Follow the corridor east or west, until you enter a large room and kill all the enemies that attack.

Go up the stairs of the mansion and head into this large hall.

This will include defeating one of the cartel bosses that can be found in Villa Ultraviolet.

Once you have defeated all of your enemies, you will be able to enter the office that contains both the fountain piece and the cartel mansion puzzle.

How to Solve the Cartel Mansion Puzzle in Borderlands 3

If you want to solve the Cartel Mansion puzzle in Borderlands 3, you must first activate it. To do this, use the keyboard located on the desk in the middle of the room.

Doing this will turn on the four monitors that will be directly in front of the desktop. Each monitor will display one of three symbols: a square, triangle, or circle.

The code goes from left to right.

You must read the order of the symbols from left to right. It’s also a good idea to write down the order of the symbols, because it will make the next part of this puzzle easier.

After turning on the monitors, head to the left side of the room, which has three bookshelves lining the walls. The bookshelf you need to look at is on the far right and is near the first monitor screen.

When looking at this bookshelf, you will notice that it contains three decorations that are the same shape as the symbols that appear on the screen.

We can find the square ornament on the bottom shelf, the circular ornament on the second and, finally, the triangular one on the third. These ornaments will always remain in the same place, even if you restart the puzzle.

The placement of the shape ornaments, with the gold ornaments above them.

Now, you need to look at the sections of the shelves, which are directly above each ornament to find a different gold ornament. These decorations will change each time you restart the puzzle.

The placement of these gold ornaments reveals the number assigned to the shape located beneath them. If the gold ornament is located on the shelf directly above the triangle, for example, that means that any triangle in the code is representative of a seven.

In the screenshot below you can see which numbers correspond to which ornament is placed.

If a gold ornament is placed where any of these numbers are, then that number is part of the code to open the secret door.

When we looked at the shelves, as shown in the screenshots above, we could see that this translated as 4333.

Once you have decoded all four numbers, one for each symbol on the monitors, visit the other side of the room and look at the bookshelf next to the desk.

Here you will discover that a selection of books have been assigned a number ranging from one to nine.

All you have to do now is extract from the monitors the books that correspond to the code you have decoded.

If you do this successfully, the bookshelf to your left will be revealed as a secret door, and inside this hidden room you will find a variety of chests and loot.

If you are unsuccessful, you will have to reset the cartel mansion puzzle and try again.

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How to Reset the Cartel Mansion Puzzle in Borderlands 3

If you fail to correctly solve the Cartel Mansion puzzle in Borderlands 3, then you must return to Sanctuary III.

Once there, return to Villa Ultraviolet using the portal next to Maurice.

Now you just need to return to the puzzle for your second attempt. This will be complicated by the fact that all enemies will have reset as well, but consider it a chance to earn some new legendary loot.

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