Best WWE Theme Songs – Top 10 Popular of All Time

The best WWE theme songs

Several elements contribute to the appeal of World Wrestling Entertainment, including the crowd, the bright lights, the stage setup, the entrances, the attire, and certainly the wrestlers themselves. However, a crucial aspect for one to enjoy the show is the presence of familiar and enjoyable theme songs that are associated with fan favorites and despised heels. It’s no wonder some of your most beloved wrestlers became so adored thanks to their iconic tunes signaling their next appearance. Once the opening notes of a crowd-pleasing theme song blare from the arena’s speakers, the tone is set and excitement builds for what’s to come. Listening to WWE theme songs on your personal playlist or within the confines of a live event can evoke a strong sense of nostalgia.

Top 10 WWE Theme Songs


WWE Theme Songs


“I won’t do what you tell me” – “Stone Cold” Steve Austin


“The Game” – Triple H


Are you ready? – D generation


“Know your role” – The Rock


“No chance in hell” – Vince McMahon


“Real American” – Hulk Hogan


“Hot Guy” – Shawn Michaels


“Sicario” – Bret Hart


Unstable” – The Ultimate Warrior


“Tear down the walls” – Chris Jericho

1. “I won’t do what you tell me” – “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

“I Won’t Do What You Tell Me” is a theme song associated with professional wrestler Steve Austin’s “Stone Cold.” The song was composed by Jim Johnston and used as Austin’s entrance music during his time in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and later in WWE. The song features the sound of breaking glass, which was used as a sound effect for Austin’s entrance, where he crashed through a pane of glass. The lyric, “I won’t do what you tell me,” became a catchphrase associated with Austin’s rebellious, anti-authority personality. The song is considered one of the most iconic entrance themes in wrestling history. Every time Stone Cold Steve Austin made a surprise appearance to give a speech or perform his finishing move, fans were delighted because it meant they could enjoy the song for a short time. He always touched our hearts to listen to him.

Best WWE Theme Songs: Top 10 of All Time

2. “The Game” – Triple H

Hunter Hearst Helmsley has a deep love for metal music and it is evident in his iconic intro theme. “The Game,” performed by Motorhead, is a phenomenal tune that perfectly complements HHH’s persona as the “Brain Killer.” As the lights dim and the arena is bathed in flashing lights, the crowd knows what’s coming next. HHH’s entrance is timed perfectly, and the water spit happens at just the right moment in the song. The song is so epic that it enhances HHH’s entrances to WrestleMania and we hope he continues to do so in the future.

Best WWE Theme Songs: Top 10 of All Time

3. Are you ready? – D generation

D-Generation X was created when Shawn Michaels, Triple H and Chyna began taking over their opponents and challenging authority. The legendary band DX, led by Chris Warren, provided us with a great theme song that would have shaken any audience at a rock concert. “Are you ready?” He fits right in with a group of fighters who went against the norm, did things their way, and rejected the system designed to prevent their antics from disturbing the peace. This theme song has remained relevant to wrestling fans for a long time and will continue to be so in the future.

Best WWE Theme Songs: Top 10 of All Time

4. “Know your role” – The Rock

During the Attitude Era, fans in the schoolyard used to shout, “If you smell… what The Rock… is cooking.” When Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson became WWE’s top star and became a babyface, he created the perfect version of his theme song. The instrumental alone is epic, but the addition of The Rock’s verbal jabs at his enemies makes it even better. Although fans have heard different versions of the song over the years, this Attitude Era original remains incomparable.

Best WWE Theme Songs: Top 10 of All Time

5. “No chance in hell” – Vince McMahon

Legendary song writer Jim Johnston. The man is responsible for producing some of the best WWE theme songs of all time and most of them are on this list. With the help of singer Peter Bursurker, Jim was able to create one of the most defining songs of the Attitude Era. And that song belongs to the evil boss in charge of WWE, Mr. McMahon. “No Chance in Hell” solidified Vince’s character as an authoritarian jerk who used his power and influence to always get his way. It was very easy to boo him out of the building every time he appeared. But it’s always been quite difficult not to recite the chorus of this catchy tune. This song describes “The Man” perfectly.

Best WWE Theme Songs: Top 10 of All Time

6. “Real American” – Hulk Hogan

Rick Derringer, renowned vocalist and guitarist, is responsible for the first song on our list. He is best known for his contribution to the world of professional wrestling with Hulk Hogan’s super-patriotic song, “Real American.” This tune perfectly represented Hogan’s character during his reign as WWF Champion and the face of the largest wrestling organization in the world. Every time the triumphant tune played, the crowd erupted and filled with energy. It’s completely understandable if you feel like taking a big dump on someone when this song comes on. Interestingly, “Real American” was originally the theme song for the US Express team, consisting of Barry Windham and Mike Rotundo.

Best WWE Theme Songs: Top 10 of All Time

7. “Hot Guy” – Shawn Michaels

Many people agree that the best wrestling theme song is one that has unforgettable lyrics: “I think I’m cute, I know I’m sexy. I have the looks that drive girls crazy.” At first, “Sexy Boy” may seem like a cheesy tune, but after listening to it a few times, it becomes catchy and enjoyable. Shawn Michaels has used this song for a long time and it has never lost the charm of it. The lyrics, “I’m just a sexy boy,” serve as a reminder to always be confident in your own attractiveness, regardless of what others say.

Best WWE Theme Songs: Top 10 of All Time

8. “Sicario” – Bret Hart

“Hitman” is the iconic entrance theme of Canadian professional wrestler Bret Hart. The song features a screeching guitar sound at the beginning that is instantly recognizable to wrestling fans. The theme was used not only by Hart himself but also by The Hart Foundation team and stable during their respective eras. The best version of “Hitman” was used during the height of Hart’s career in the Next Generation era and always brought Canadian audiences to their feet. While there have been remixed versions of the track, the New Generation version is still considered the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. It’s notable considering how much this theme song was used by various WWE legends, from the Hart Foundation (both as a team and stable) to Bret Hart himself during the peak of his career.

Best WWE Theme Songs: Top 10 of All Time

9. “Unstable” – The ultimate warrior

The energy emanating from “Unstable” is enough to make anyone hit the ground running as they run down the street. Watching the Ultimate Warrior run down the ramp like a man possessed every time his theme song played was a sight to behold. The simple but impactful instrumental of this song set the tone for Ultimate Warrior’s grand entrance. If you play this tune in the presence of someone born in the ’80s, there’s a good chance they’ll immediately associate it with the Ultimate Warrior. In the future, all aspiring track stars should be required to listen to “Unstable” for inspiration. It’s worth noting that this theme was played every time Ultimate Warrior started shaking the top rope.

Best WWE Theme Songs: Top 10 of All Time

10. “Tear down the walls” – Chris Jericho

With its countdown, alarm noises and explosive pyrotechnics, this theme could only belong to one wrestler: Chris Jericho. “Y2J” entered and exited WWE with this iconic tune, which still holds up even for those who aren’t wrestling fans. He was particularly effective during Jericho’s entrance from the shadows, with his arms raised in a display of power. “Break Down the Walls” was a source of excitement for fans because they knew that the “Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolla” was about to make his entrance.

Best WWE Theme Songs: Top 10 of All Time

Who sings the WWE theme song?

WWE Music Publishing, Inc. (doing business as WWE Music Group, LLC.) is a record label financed and operated by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), an American entertainment company. It was jointly marketed and manufactured by Columbia Records, and distributed by Sony Music. This label primarily focuses on creating compilation albums of WWE wrestlers’ entrance themes, which are often performed by contributing artists. However, the label also releases albums that feature songs performed by the wrestlers themselves, such as John Cena’s “You Can’t See Me” and the multi-artist album “WWE Originals.” Jim Johnston created the majority of WWE entrance themes from the 1980s onward, but in recent times, themes have been written or performed by John Alicastro and Mike Lauri, known collectively as CFO$, from 2014 to 2020.

What is the new WWE theme song?

In 2022, Bray Wyatt’s entrance music in WWE is titled “Shatter” and was released by the Pittsburgh band. According to vocalist and drummer Jami Morgan, his connection with Wyatt came about because of their mutual love of heavy and cool music. Morgan explained that they were introduced through Wyatt’s collaborator Jason Baker, who works with Tom Savini on creating horror movie effects. The band had previously done a remake of one of Wyatt’s old songs, but this time they worked together to create something completely new. Morgan also mentioned that the band is currently working on new material for an upcoming album.

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