Best TV Shows of All Time – Ranking the Top 10 Greatest Ever

Best TV Shows of All Time

Reddit has become a go-to platform for people looking for binge-worthy TV shows. With a vast range of genres and formats, Redditors have voiced their opinions on which shows they consider the best of the best. From heartwarming comedies that provide a much-needed escape from reality to intense dramas with complex storylines, Reddit has an extensive selection of TV shows that have gained a loyal fanbase.

Several Redditors have shared their recommendations for the top 10 best TV series of all time. These shows have captured the hearts of audiences and critics alike, with their exceptional storytelling, unforgettable characters, and outstanding production value. Reddit users have lauded these shows for their ability to entertain, engage, and move viewers on an emotional level.

Whether it’s a classic sitcom like Friends or a critically-acclaimed drama like The Wire, Reddit has something for everyone. With its diverse community of TV enthusiasts, the platform offers a unique perspective on what makes a great TV show and has become an invaluable resource for those looking for their next binge-watch.

Top 10 TV Shows of All Time

Here is the list of the top 10 shows of all time:


TV Shows


Breaking Bad


The Sopranos


Game of Thrones


The Wire


The Office


Band of Brothers


Mad Men


Six Feet Under




The Leftovers

10. The Leftovers

The Leftovers is a compelling television series produced by HBO, adapted from Tom Perrota’s novel. The show takes place in a small town near New York, where 2% of the world’s population has mysteriously disappeared, leaving the remaining citizens struggling to cope with the aftermath.

Many viewers have praised the show’s ability to blend elements of drama, fantasy, and thriller genres seamlessly. The cinematography and visuals are stunning, capturing the eerie and unsettling atmosphere of the world after the event, and the opening themes and Max Richter’s score are memorable and haunting.

The characters in The Leftovers are multi-dimensional and complex, with their own unique struggles and motivations. The show explores the dynamics between them, highlighting the different ways people cope with grief and trauma. The performances of the cast are excellent, with each actor bringing depth and nuance to their respective roles.

One of the standout aspects of the show is the writing, with top-notch dialogue and character development that keeps the audience engaged throughout the series. The Leftovers has received critical acclaim and is considered by many to be one of the best television shows of all time.

9. Scrubs

Scrubs is a popular television series that follows the story of John “J.D.” Dorian, a young intern at Sacred Heart Hospital in California. Created by Bill Lawrence, this dramedy provides viewers with an engaging and entertaining look into the world of medicine. Over the years, Scrubs has captured the hearts of many viewers and is now considered one of the finest examples of its genre. Fans of the show have taken to Reddit to express their appreciation for the series, with one user, simplesouvenir, describing it as “a comedy that can make you laugh as easily as it can make you cry.”

Indeed, Scrubs is known for its ability to blend comedy and drama seamlessly, and it has a reputation for delivering bittersweet episodes that can leave audiences feeling a range of emotions. Despite its comedic nature, the show explores complex themes and topics related to healthcare, life, and death, providing viewers with a unique and thought-provoking experience. Overall, Scrubs is a beloved television series that has left a lasting impression on its viewers. Its ability to make people both laugh and cry is a testament to its exceptional writing and performances, and it is sure to continue to be a favorite among audiences for years to come.

Best TV Shows of All Time - Ranking the Top 10 Greatest Ever

8. Six Feet Under

Six Feet Under is a captivating and thought-provoking drama series created and produced by Alan Ball for HBO. The show revolves around the Fisher family, who operate a small funeral business while dealing with the complexities of their personal lives.

The series has garnered a dedicated following on Reddit, with fans praising its exceptional storytelling and realistic portrayal of a dysfunctional family. One user, inmynothing, describes how they connected with the characters, particularly the Fisher family. Many viewers have also noted the show’s unforgettable finale, which is widely considered to be one of the best in television history.Despite being over a decade old, Six Feet Under remains a relevant and powerful series that still resonates with audiences today. The show explores a range of complex themes, including life, death, grief, and family dynamics, and it does so with a deft touch that balances drama and humor.

Overall, Six Feet Under is a must-watch series that is worth revisiting for fans and newcomers alike. Its exceptional writing, performances, and unique perspective on life and death make it a standout show in the television landscape.

Best TV Shows of All Time - Ranking the Top 10 Greatest Ever

7. Mad Men

Mad Men, the prestigious drama series created by Matthew Weiner, follows the life of Donald Draper, a talented but enigmatic advertising executive in 1960s New York. The show boasts a talented cast and has garnered critical acclaim, making it a favorite among Reddit users and often cited as one of the best television shows ever. One user, Midwest__Misanthrope, highlights the show’s strengths in character development and dialogue. The show’s focus on character-driven storytelling over plot-driven narrative creates compelling and memorable scenes, even in mundane conversations. This aspect of the show has contributed to its enduring popularity and dedicated fanbase on social media platforms.

The show explores various themes, including gender roles, race, and class, and provides a nuanced look into the changing social and political landscape of the 1960s. Its period setting is also a notable aspect, with the show’s attention to detail in its costumes, set design, and music, contributing to its authenticity. Overall, Mad Men is a must-watch series that has left a lasting impact on television. Its complex characters, sharp dialogue, and period setting make it a standout show that is worth revisiting for fans and newcomers alike.

6. Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers, a miniseries based on Stephen E. Ambrose’s non-fiction book of the same name, is a critically-acclaimed and fan-favorite show with an exceptional cast. The show follows the story of the Easy Company of the U.S. Army 101st Airborne Division during World War II and is considered one of the best limited series of all time. On Reddit, user tonysoprano1569 praises the show for its outstanding production value and exceptional storytelling. The series is known for its attention to detail and accuracy in depicting the experiences of soldiers during World War II, making it a standout in its genre.

Band of Brothers is praised for its ability to convey the horrors of war while also capturing the camaraderie and bonds formed among soldiers. Its talented cast, which includes Damian Lewis and Ron Livingston, delivers powerful performances that bring the characters to life. Overall, Band of Brothers is a must-watch series that perfectly captures the essence of war and pays tribute to the soldiers who fought for their country. Its stunning production value, exceptional cast, and compelling storytelling make it a standout show that is worth revisiting time and time again.

Best TV Shows of All Time - Ranking the Top 10 Greatest Ever

5. The Office

The Office is an internationally beloved mockumentary series that follows the daily lives of a group of regular office workers. The show captures their thoughts, moments of boredom, and inappropriate behavior in a humorous and relatable way. Led by Steve Carrell, the series has become one of the most hilarious and quotable pieces of television, providing viewers with endless laughter.

However, The Office is not just a comedy series. It also features realistic fictional characters that are relatable and easy for viewers to connect with on a personal level. As one Redditor, simplesouvenir, points out, they have never connected with a show’s characters like they have with The Office. This connection to the characters makes the show even more enjoyable to watch, as viewers become invested in their lives and the ups and downs they face in their workplace.

Overall, The Office is a series that provides viewers with not only comedic relief but also relatable characters and situations. Its unique style and approach have made it a timeless classic, and its impact on pop culture and television cannot be denied.

4. The Wire

The Wire, a crime thriller series created by David Simon, is widely regarded as one of the best TV shows of all time. Set in Baltimore, the show provides an in-depth exploration of the city’s drug scene from multiple perspectives, including drug dealers, law enforcement, politicians, the media, and ordinary citizens.

On Reddit, The Wire has been repeatedly mentioned as one of the top TV shows of all time by various users. One user, MN-Warrior, describes the show as near perfect in every aspect, from its writing, themes, and characters to its technical aspects. They also praise the show’s excellent cinematography and sound editing, which they believe enhance the viewing experience.

Overall, The Wire is widely praised for its realistic portrayal of urban life, its complex and nuanced characters, and its exploration of social and political issues. The show’s innovative storytelling and multi-perspective approach have influenced many subsequent TV shows and have cemented its place as a modern classic of the crime thriller genre.

Best TV Shows of All Time - Ranking the Top 10 Greatest Ever

3. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is a highly popular television series with a dedicated fanbase, despite some criticism of its finale. Considered one of the greatest TV shows of all time, it is based on George R.R. Martin’s book series “A Song of Ice and Fire” and depicts the struggles of nine noble families vying for control of the lands of Westeros.

On Reddit, user Heimersleep describes the show as having superb writing and production values, despite some perceived drop-off in quality in the final season. They go on to explain that the show has had a significant impact on their life and has been a big part of their social interactions and conversations while it was airing.

Although opinions on the final season are mixed, many viewers still hold Game of Thrones in high regard due to its epic storytelling, intricate world-building, and memorable characters. The show’s ability to engage its audience and inspire passionate discussions is a testament to its quality and influence. Overall, Game of Thrones remains a cultural phenomenon and a significant milestone in the history of television.

2. The Sopranos 

The Sopranos is a highly acclaimed television series that has become a cultural phenomenon. Its reputation as one of the best TV shows of all time is well-established, and it is often discussed in conversations about the greatest TV dramas ever made. The show was also a flagship series for HBO and was often aired on Sunday nights.

Created by David Chase, The Sopranos explores the complex and turbulent life of Tony Soprano (played by James Gandolfini), a New Jersey mob boss who struggles with both personal and professional issues. The series broke new ground in terms of its storytelling and characterization, and it has influenced many subsequent TV shows in the years since its initial broadcast.

On Reddit, The Sopranos is highly regarded, with users often praising the show for its groundbreaking nature and its influence on the medium. Some users, like Chazzyphant, even go as far as to say that it is essential viewing for all fans of television. Other users, such as tonysoprano1569, believe that The Sopranos set a new standard for TV dramas going forward.

Overall, The Sopranos is a beloved and highly respected series that has left a lasting impact on popular culture. Its exploration of complex characters and themes, as well as its innovative storytelling techniques, have cemented its place in TV history.

Best TV Shows of All Time - Ranking the Top 10 Greatest Ever

1. Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is a popular television series that tells the story of a high-school chemistry teacher named Walter White, who turns to manufacturing and selling methamphetamine after being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. The show has gained critical acclaim, with many considering it to be one of the best television series of all time.

The characters in Breaking Bad may not be particularly deep, but viewers find it enjoyable to watch them navigate the intricate and unpredictable plot. Even though some may dislike the main character, Walter White, they cannot deny the thrill of watching him use his wits to escape life and death situations.

The show’s popularity is evidenced by its numerous mentions on Reddit, where users praise the series for its engaging plot, outstanding actors, and attention to detail. For example, one user stated that every scene in Breaking Bad is important to the plot and is engaging to watch, while another boldly declared that it is the best television show ever made.

Overall, Breaking Bad has left a lasting impact on television history with its complex characters and thrilling plot, captivating audiences and critics alike.


Top TV Shows of All Time

The “Top TV Shows of All Time” refer to a selection of television series that have gained widespread critical acclaim, popular appeal, and enduring cultural significance. These shows have captured the hearts and minds of audiences around the world with their compelling storytelling, memorable characters, and exceptional production values. They have become cultural touchstones, shaping the way we think about television and the broader cultural landscape. The list of top TV shows spans across different genres and formats, from classic sitcoms to gripping dramas, and has been curated based on a combination of critical reception, audience ratings, and lasting impact.

Some of the defining characteristics of these top TV shows include engaging writing, complex characters, masterful acting, and impressive cinematography. They often tackle important issues and themes, such as family dynamics, social justice, and politics, and can leave a lasting impression on their audiences. They may also have memorable soundtracks, opening themes, or visual styles that contribute to their iconic status.

Some examples of shows that are frequently cited as being among the “Top TV Shows of All Time” include The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, The Wire, Friends, Seinfeld, Game of Thrones, The Simpsons, The West Wing, Mad Men, and many more. These shows have made an indelible mark on the medium of television, and their influence can still be felt today.

Greatest TV Shows of All Time

The greatest TV shows of all time are a diverse and eclectic mix of programs that have captured the hearts and minds of audiences around the world. These shows range from groundbreaking comedies that redefined the genre to powerful dramas that tackled important social issues. Some of the most iconic and beloved shows of all time include classics like The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, The Wire, Friends, Seinfeld, The Simpsons, Game of Thrones, The Twilight Zone, and The West Wing. These shows have left an indelible mark on popular culture, and continue to be celebrated by fans and critics alike. From complex characters and gripping storylines to unforgettable performances and stunning visuals, the greatest TV shows of all time have something for everyone. Whether you’re in the mood for a laugh or a cry, a nail-biting thriller or a heartwarming romance, there’s a show out there that will capture your imagination and keep you coming back for more.

Best TV Shows Ever

“Best TV Shows Ever” is a popular phrase used to describe the most beloved and well-regarded television series of all time. These shows often have a lasting impact on popular culture and are remembered for their groundbreaking storytelling, memorable characters, and overall entertainment value. They range in genre from drama to comedy, science fiction to crime, and everything in between. Some examples of TV shows that are commonly considered among the best of all time include The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, The Wire, Game of Thrones, Friends, The Simpsons, and The Twilight Zone, among many others.

The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, The Wire, Game of Thrones, Friends, The Simpsons, and The Twilight Zone are some of the most iconic TV shows ever made. The Sopranos changed the game for television drama with its realistic portrayal of a New Jersey crime family and the psychological complexities of its lead character, Tony Soprano. Breaking Bad is a masterclass in character development, as we see the transformation of a meek high school chemistry teacher into a ruthless methamphetamine kingpin. The Wire offers a gritty and authentic look at the drug trade and corruption in Baltimore, with its intricate web of characters and storylines. Game of Thrones captivated audiences with its epic fantasy world, political intrigue, and shocking plot twists. Friends, with its lovable ensemble cast and witty humor, became a cultural phenomenon and one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time. The Simpsons, the longest-running American sitcom and animated series, has become an institution of pop culture, with its satirical take on American life and countless memorable characters. Finally, The Twilight Zone’s anthology format and thought-provoking, often eerie storylines have made it a classic of science fiction and suspense.

Emmy-Winning TV Shows

The Emmy Awards is one of the most prestigious accolades in the television industry, recognizing outstanding performances, writing, direction, and production in a wide range of categories. Winning an Emmy award is a significant achievement and often serves as a stamp of approval for TV shows that have resonated with audiences and critics alike.

There are many TV shows that have won Emmys over the years, and these awards have helped to cement their place in the annals of television history. Some of the most acclaimed Emmy-winning TV shows include dramas like The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, and The Handmaid’s Tale, which have captivated audiences with their intense storylines and powerful performances. Meanwhile, acclaimed comedies like Friends, Veep, and Modern Family have won numerous Emmys for their sharp writing, hilarious characters, and memorable moments.

Other notable Emmy-winning TV shows include Game of Thrones, which won a record-breaking 32 awards over the course of its eight seasons and captivated audiences around the world with its epic scope and thrilling storytelling. The West Wing, which won a total of 26 Emmys during its seven-season run, is widely regarded as one of the most influential and groundbreaking political dramas in TV history. And The Twilight Zone, which won three Emmys during its initial run in the 1950s and has since become a cult classic, has inspired countless other TV shows with its innovative storytelling and eerie atmosphere.

Overall, Emmy-winning TV shows represent some of the most significant and beloved programs in television history, with their wins serving as a testament to their quality and enduring appeal. Whether you’re a fan of dramas, comedies, or sci-fi and fantasy, there are countless Emmy-winning TV shows that are sure to captivate and entertain you for years to come.

Underrated TV Shows

Underrated TV shows often don’t receive the recognition they deserve despite being well-written, well-acted, and featuring unique storylines. These shows have dedicated fanbases but may not have gained mainstream popularity due to a lack of marketing or network support. Some examples of underrated TV shows include the sci-fi series “Fringe,” the crime drama “Justified,” the dark comedy “Patriot,” the coming-of-age comedy “Freaks and Geeks,” the supernatural drama “Hannibal,” and the political satire “Veep.” These shows may not have the same level of hype or cultural impact as more popular series, but they offer compelling characters, intriguing plots, and standout performances.

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