Best Malayalam Songs – Top 10 Melodies That Enchant Hearts

Top 10 Best Malayalam Songs


Best Malayalam Songs

Album Title


Ethra Naal

Sulaikha Manzil


Love You Muthe



Kaanal Kinave



Haalake Marunne

Sulaikha Manzil


Maarante Pennalle



Tatta Tattara

Sesham Mikil


Athmave Po






O Pardesi

Voice Of Satyana


Konnadi Penne

Nadikalil Sundar

Best Malayalam Songs

“Best Malayalam Songs” is a compilation of the most popular and well-received songs in the Malayalam film industry. Malayalam cinema, also known as Mollywood, has a rich tradition of producing melodious and soulful music that touches the hearts of millions of music lovers. These songs often reflect the culture, emotions, and nuances of Kerala, the southern Indian state where the language is predominantly spoken. From timeless classics to contemporary chart-toppers, the Best Malayalam Songs showcase the creativity and talent of renowned composers, singers, and lyricists, making them an integral part of the vibrant and diverse Indian music landscape. Whether you understand the language or not, the magic of these songs transcends barriers and resonates with music enthusiasts worldwide.


1. Ethra Naal (Sulaikha Manzil)

“Ethra Naal” is a soulful and heart-touching Malayalam song featured in the movie “Sulaikha Manzil.” The film was released in 2023 and directed by a prominent filmmaker of the Malayalam industry. Composed by a renowned music director, the song weaves together beautiful melodies and heartwarming lyrics, evoking a sense of nostalgia and longing. The haunting vocals of the lead singer perfectly complement the melancholic theme of the song, making it an instant hit among music enthusiasts. “Ethra Naal” tells a poignant tale of love, separation, and the passage of time, resonating deeply with listeners and leaving a lasting impact. The music video showcases stunning visuals, capturing the essence of Kerala’s picturesque landscapes, adding an extra layer of emotional depth to the song. Whether you are a fan of Malayalam cinema or not, “Ethra Naal” has the power to strike a chord with your emotions, making it a standout gem in the realm of Mollywood music.

2. Love You Muthe (Padmini)

“Love You Muthe” is a charming and delightful Malayalam song from the movie “Padmini,” which hit the screens in 2023. The film explores themes of love, friendship, and self-discovery, with this song being a pivotal moment in its narrative. With a catchy tune and upbeat rhythm, “Love You Muthe” exudes a joyous and youthful vibe, making it a favorite among both the younger generation and the young at heart. The lyrics beautifully capture the essence of innocent love, and the talented playback singer infuses the track with the right blend of emotion and energy. The music composition is a blend of contemporary sounds and traditional elements, showcasing the innovative approach of the music director. The vibrant and colorful music video complements the song’s exuberance, featuring captivating choreography and charismatic performances by the lead actors. “Love You Muthe” has become a go-to track for celebrations, gatherings, and playlists, spreading happiness wherever it’s played.

3. Kaanal Kinave (18+)

“Kaanal Kinave” is a mesmerizing Malayalam song from the movie “18+,” which was released to critical acclaim in 2023. Known for its captivating melody and enchanting vocals, the song has struck a chord with listeners for its poetic lyrics and emotional depth. The music director’s masterful composition seamlessly blends traditional instruments with modern arrangements, creating an immersive musical experience. The song is beautifully picturized, reflecting the deep emotions portrayed in the movie. “Kaanal Kinave” explores themes of love, sacrifice, and self-realization, making it a thought-provoking and heartwarming addition to the Malayalam music repertoire. With the powerful performances of the lead actors and the emotional resonance of the song, “Kaanal Kinave” has become a standout hit and a favorite among music enthusiasts and moviegoers alike, cementing its place as one of the best tracks in Mollywood.

4. Haalake Marunne (Sulaikha Manzil)

“Haalake Marunne” is a mesmerizing Malayalam song featured in the movie “Sulaikha Manzil.” The song is known for its enchanting melody and soulful rendition that captivates listeners. Composed by a talented music director, the track seamlessly blends traditional elements with modern musical arrangements. The lyrics, penned by a renowned lyricist, beautifully portray the emotions of love and longing, adding depth to the composition. The song’s placement in the film enhances the storytelling and evokes a sense of nostalgia and romance among the audience. With its warm and soothing tunes, “Haalake Marunne” has garnered immense praise and adoration, becoming a favorite among music enthusiasts in the Mollywood industry.

5. Maarante Pennalle (18+)

“Maarante Pennalle” is a soulful Malayalam song from the album “18+.” Sung by a talented vocalist, the song weaves a tale of love and longing, portraying the emotions of a lovestruck admirer yearning for their beloved. The song’s melodious composition, coupled with heart-touching lyrics, creates a mesmerizing aura that resonates with listeners. The enchanting voice of the singer breathes life into the emotions conveyed through the song, making it a heartfelt experience for music enthusiasts. The song’s popularity soared with its inclusion in a well-received movie, further cementing its position as one of the best Malayalam songs of its time. “Maarante Pennalle” has left an indelible mark on the hearts of its listeners, earning its place as a timeless classic in the vibrant world of Malayalam music.

6. Tatta Tattara (Sesham Miki)

Tatta Tattara” is an energetic and foot-tapping Malayalam song from the album “Sesham Miki.” Sung by a dynamic male vocalist, the song exudes infectious enthusiasm and joy, making it a favorite at celebrations and dance events. The peppy composition and catchy beats make it an instant hit among the youth and music lovers alike. The song’s lyrics and rhythm perfectly complement each other, creating a delightful musical experience. Its inclusion in the film’s soundtrack and accompanying visually appealing choreography added to its appeal, making it a chartbuster. “Tatta Tattara” continues to be a popular choice at social gatherings and showcases the versatility of Malayalam music.

7. Athmave Po (Romancham)

“Athmave Po” is a poignant Malayalam song featured in the album “Romancham.” Sung by a renowned artist, the song delves into the realms of introspection and soul-searching. Its soul-stirring melody and thought-provoking lyrics strike an emotional chord, leaving listeners immersed in contemplation. The expressive rendition by the vocalist adds depth and authenticity to the song’s theme, resonating with the audience on a profound level. The song’s evocative composition and thoughtful arrangement create a calming ambiance, inviting listeners to embrace self-reflection. “Athmave Po” has received widespread acclaim and continues to be cherished by those seeking solace and inspiration in the realm of Malayalam music.

8. Noolamala (Trishanku)

“Noolamala” is a mesmerizing Malayalam song featured in the album “Trishanku.” Sung by a renowned male playback singer, the track is a beautiful amalgamation of melody and emotion. The song’s enchanting composition and soulful lyrics narrate the tale of unrequited love, striking a chord with listeners’ hearts. The emotional depth in the singer’s voice adds an authentic touch to the song, evoking a sense of nostalgia and longing. The poetic beauty of “Noolamala” is further enhanced by the expert musical arrangements that blend traditional instruments with modern tones. As one of the highlights of the “Trishanku” album, this song has earned a special place in the hearts of Malayalam music enthusiasts, making it a timeless classic that continues to resonate with audiences.

9. O Pardesi (Voice Of Satyana)

“O Pardesi” is a soul-stirring Malayalam song from the album “Voice Of Satyana.” Sung with poignant expressions by the gifted vocalist Satyana, the song revolves around themes of yearning and separation. The track’s emotive lyrics and heartfelt rendition evoke a sense of longing and nostalgia, touching the deepest emotions of listeners. Complemented by a stirring melody, “O Pardesi” creates a mesmerizing musical experience that lingers in memory long after the song has ended. The emotional resonance of the song has made it a favorite choice at various cultural events and performances. Whether one understands the language or not, the universal appeal of “O Pardesi” transcends barriers, making it a cherished gem in the rich tapestry of Malayalam music.

10. Konnadi Penne (Nadikalil Sundar)

“Konnadi Penne” is a vibrant and energetic Malayalam song featured in the album “Nadikalil Sundar.” Sung by a talented male vocalist, the track exudes joy and celebration, making it a popular choice at weddings, parties, and festive occasions. The lively and catchy beats of the song prompt listeners to hit the dance floor. With its fusion of traditional and contemporary musical elements, “Konnadi Penne” creates an infectious and lively ambiance that uplifts spirits and brings smiles to faces. The song’s engaging lyrics and foot-tapping rhythm add to its charm, making it a hit among the youth and fans of Malayalam music. As one of the standout tracks from the “Nadikalil Sundar” album, “Konnadi Penne” continues to be a favorite choice for those seeking a dose of energy and enthusiasm in their music.

What are the Factors That Contribute to a Song’s Success in the Malayalam Film Industry?

The success of a song in the Malayalam film industry, like any other film industry, is influenced by a combination of factors that work together to create a hit. These factors encompass various aspects, ranging from the creative elements of the song to the marketing and promotional strategies employed by the film production team. Here are some key factors that contribute to a song’s success in the Malayalam film industry:

1. Melody and Composition: A captivating melody and well-crafted composition are essential for the success of a song. Talented music composers create tunes that resonate with the audience and evoke emotions, making the song memorable and enjoyable.

2. Lyrics: The power of meaningful and relatable lyrics cannot be understated. Well-written lyrics that convey emotions, tell a story, or evoke nostalgia can strike a chord with the audience and make the song more appealing.

3. Singers: The choice of the right singer or singers can significantly impact a song’s success. Skilled vocalists who can convey the emotions and essence of the song add depth and authenticity, making the song more relatable and enjoyable.

4. Film Context: The placement of a song within the film’s narrative is crucial. If a song complements the storyline, characters, or emotions in the film, it enhances the overall impact and resonates with the audience on a deeper level.

5. Visual Appeal: The visual presentation of a song in the film can significantly impact its success. Engaging choreography, stunning cinematography, and appealing set designs can make the song visually captivating, increasing its popularity.

6. Film’s Success: The overall success of the film can also contribute to a song’s popularity. A blockbuster film with a well-received story and performances can boost the reach of its songs and make them more widely known.

7. Marketing and Promotion: Effective marketing and promotion strategies are vital in creating anticipation and buzz around a song. Teasers, trailers, social media campaigns, and tie-ups with radio stations and streaming platforms help increase the song’s visibility and reach.

8. Audience Reception: Ultimately, the response from the audience plays a crucial role. Positive word-of-mouth, online engagement, and audience requests on radio and streaming platforms can propel a song to the top of the charts.

9. Regional and Cultural Appeal: Malayalam songs that reflect the culture, traditions, and language of Kerala have a special place in the hearts of the local audience. Songs that celebrate the state’s unique identity tend to resonate more with the regional audience.

10. Time and Trends: Staying in tune with current musical trends and styles is essential. Songs that align with popular genres and musical preferences of the time have a higher chance of gaining traction among the audience.

The success of a song in the Malayalam film industry is a result of a delicate balance between creative excellence, effective marketing, and audience appreciation. A well-crafted song that strikes an emotional chord, coupled with strategic promotion and a receptive audience, can make a song a massive hit in the industry

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