Best Korean Drama on Netflix 2023 – Top 10 Updated List

Best Korean Drama on Netflix 2023

Best Korean Drama on Netflix refers to a selection of Korean dramas that are available for streaming on the popular online platform Netflix. Korean dramas, also known as K-dramas, are a popular form of television series in South Korea, known for their unique storytelling, engaging characters, and emotional depth. Many Korean dramas have gained a massive international following in recent years, with Netflix being one of the major platforms for their global distribution. These dramas cover a wide range of genres, including romance, comedy, thriller, action, and historical fiction, among others.

Some of the most popular Korean dramas on Netflix include “Crash Landing on You,” “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay,” “Kingdom,” “Vincenzo,” and “Squid Game,” among many others. These shows have garnered critical acclaim and a large global audience for their engaging storylines, talented cast, and high production values. Overall, Korean dramas on Netflix offer a unique viewing experience, providing a glimpse into Korean culture and society while also offering relatable characters and compelling storylines. With a vast selection of dramas to choose from, there is something for everyone, making Korean dramas on Netflix a must-watch for fans of international television.

Top 10 Best Korean Drama on Netflix 2023

Netflix has emerged as the top destination for US viewers to discover the finest Kdramas, with several shows being marketed as Netflix Originals. This partnership, combined with the shift towards streaming, has transformed the business and format of Kdramas. Previously, most Kdramas were limited to one season with about 16 episodes. Although Korea and its media remain predominantly conservative, the global audience has started to become more inclusive and representative of various communities.

To assist viewers in exploring this new and rapidly expanding domain of television, we have compiled a list of the best Korean dramas available on Netflix, both original and non-original. If you cannot find what you are looking for here, check out our recommendations for the korean series on netflix or the most underrated and melancholic Korean dramas.

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Best Korean Drama on Netflix



The Silent Sea



Crash Course in Romance



The Fabulous



My ID is Gangnam Beauty



Our Blues



Under the Queen’s Umbrella






Business Proposal



Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha 



The Heirs


1. The Silent Sea

“The Silent Sea” is a 2021 Korean drama series that combines elements of science fiction, mystery, and suspense to create a unique and compelling viewing experience. Set in the not-too-distant future, the show follows a group of astronauts who embark on a dangerous mission to a desolate planet in search of a mysterious substance that could potentially save Earth from an impending catastrophe. The series is expertly crafted, with breathtaking cinematography, a gripping storyline, and exceptional performances from its cast.

The show is directed by Choi Hang-yong and stars top-tier actors such as Gong Yoo, Bae Doona, and Lee Joon. The series has received critical acclaim for its innovative premise, stunning visuals, and strong performances. Fans of science fiction and mystery will undoubtedly find “The Silent Sea” to be an engaging and thought-provoking viewing experience. 

2. Crash Course in Romance 

“Crash Course in Romance” is a 2021 Korean romantic comedy series that follows the journey of a young woman named Han So-yoon as she navigates the complexities of modern dating. The show explores themes of love, friendship, and self-discovery in a lighthearted and entertaining way. The series is directed by Kim Ji-hyun and stars Yoon Bo-mi and Lee Jung-shin.

The show’s witty writing and charming performances make it a delightful watch for fans of romantic comedies. “Crash Course in Romance” offers a fresh take on the genre, with its relatable characters and realistic depiction of modern dating. The series is a fun and engaging romp through the ups and downs of love and relationships.

3. The Fabulous 

“The Fabulous” is a 2021 Korean drama series that follows the lives of three women who are navigating the challenges of work, love, and friendship in their thirties. The show offers a refreshing take on the coming-of-age genre, with its relatable characters and realistic portrayal of the struggles that many young women face in today’s society. The series is directed by Kim Sang-hyub and stars Joo Sang-wook, Lee Se-young, and Ryu Hwa-young.

The show’s sharp writing and exceptional performances make it a must-watch for fans of dramas. “The Fabulous” offers a compelling exploration of the complexities of adult life, with its nuanced portrayal of relationships and personal growth. The series is a captivating look at the lives of modern women, and it offers an inspiring message about the power of perseverance and self-discovery.

4. My ID is Gangnam Beauty

My ID is Gangnam Beauty is a popular Korean drama that premiered in 2018 and is based on a webtoon of the same name. The show stars Im Soo-hyang as the lead character, Kang Mi-rae, who undergoes plastic surgery to boost her confidence and appearance. The series follows her journey as she tries to fit into society’s beauty standards and find love. However, she faces challenges from those who judge her based on her looks and struggles to accept herself for who she is.

The show highlights the issue of beauty standards in Korean society and the pressure to conform to them. It also addresses the importance of self-acceptance and self-love. The drama received positive reviews for its acting, storyline, and realistic portrayal of societal pressures. It is a must-watch for anyone interested in exploring the topic of beauty standards in Korean culture.

5. Our Blues 

Our Blues is a recent addition to the Korean drama scene, airing on Netflix in 2022. The show centers around the lives of four high school students who are struggling with personal issues and form a band to express themselves. The drama touches on themes of friendship, love, and self-discovery.

The cast includes talented actors such as Park Ji-hoon, Lee Shin-young, and Kim Young-dae, who deliver captivating performances. The show’s soundtrack features original songs composed by the actors themselves, adding to the authenticity of the storyline. Our Blues is a heartwarming and relatable drama that tackles important topics affecting teenagers today.

6. Under the Queen’s Umbrella

Under the Queen’s Umbrella is a historical Korean drama set in the Joseon Dynasty. The show follows the story of a young noblewoman, Ok-boon, who becomes the queen’s personal maid after the death of her mother. She soon discovers secrets about the royal family and the people around her, and she must navigate through the palace’s politics while keeping her morals intact.

The drama features a talented cast, including Go Ara, Lee Jae-wook, and Lee Jun-young, who bring the characters to life. The show also showcases the intricate details of Joseon-era costumes, architecture, and customs, providing viewers with a glimpse into Korean history. Under the Queen’s Umbrella is a gripping drama that combines history, politics, and personal growth, making it a must-watch for anyone interested in historical dramas.

7. Narcos-Saints

Narcos-Saints is a Korean drama series that follows the story of drug lord Lim Sang-goo and his rise to power in the world of drug trafficking. The show is a thrilling and intense portrayal of the dangerous world of drug cartels and the people who try to take them down. The series features a talented cast, including Lee Joon-gi, Jeon Hye-jin, and Park Byung-eun, who deliver compelling performances throughout.

The show is known for its intricate storytelling and attention to detail, which creates a realistic and immersive experience for viewers. It also features some stunning visuals and cinematography that bring the world of drug trafficking to life. Overall, Narcos-Saints is an intense and engaging drama that is perfect for anyone who enjoys crime dramas or action-packed shows.

8. Business Proposal

Business Proposal is a Korean drama series that follows the story of a group of ambitious entrepreneurs who are trying to start their own business. The show explores the challenges and obstacles they face as they try to turn their dreams into reality. It features a talented cast, including Kang Hye-jung, Park Sung-woong, and Jang Hyuk, who deliver nuanced and engaging performances throughout.

The series is known for its realistic portrayal of the world of business and entrepreneurship, which makes it a must-watch for anyone interested in these topics. It also has some heartwarming moments and explores themes of friendship and loyalty, making it a well-rounded and enjoyable show. 

9. Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha 

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha is a heartwarming romantic comedy series that follows the story of a dentist, Yoon Hye-jin, and a handyman, Hong Doo-sik, as they navigate life and love in a small seaside town. The show is known for its charming characters, stunning scenery, and delightful sense of humor, which make it a joy to watch from start to finish.

The series features a talented cast, including Shin Min-a and Kim Seon-ho, who have amazing on-screen chemistry and deliver captivating performances throughout. It also has a beautiful soundtrack that perfectly complements the story and adds to the overall experience.

10. The Heirs 

The Heirs is a classic Korean drama series that follows the lives of a group of privileged high school students as they navigate love, friendship, and family drama. The show features a star-studded cast, including Lee Min-ho, Park Shin-hye, and Kim Woo-bin, who deliver outstanding performances throughout.

The series is known for its engaging storyline, well-developed characters, and stunning visuals, which make it a must-watch for fans of romantic dramas. It also explores themes of class and privilege, making it a thought-provoking and socially relevant show. Overall, The Heirs is a timeless classic that is sure to capture the hearts of viewers.


Which is the No 1 Best Korean Drama on Netflix 2023?

“The Silent Sea” is a highly anticipated and acclaimed Korean drama series that has gained a lot of attention from audiences and critics alike. The show is produced by Studio Dragon, a well-known production company that has produced some of the most successful Korean dramas in recent years. The series stars Gong Yoo, who is known for his roles in popular dramas such as “Goblin” and “Train to Busan,” Lee Joon, who is a talented actor and former member of the popular K-pop group MBLAQ, and Bae Doona, who has received critical acclaim for her roles in films such as “The Host” and “Cloud Atlas.”

The show’s unique premise, which combines science fiction, thriller, and dystopian elements, has been a major draw for viewers. The storyline is both intriguing and thought-provoking, with themes of survival, sacrifice, and morality explored throughout the series. In addition to its compelling story, “The Silent Sea” is also visually stunning, with impressive production values that bring the futuristic world of the show to life. The special effects and cinematography are top-notch, and the show’s use of color and lighting adds to the overall atmosphere of the series. Overall, “The Silent Sea” is a must-watch for fans of Korean dramas, science fiction, and thrillers. The show has already gained a large following and is sure to continue to attract new viewers as it cements its place as one of the best Korean dramas on Netflix.

What are Some of the Other Best Korean Dramas on Netflix 2023?

Here’s some information on 10 other best Korean dramas on Netflix:

1. Squid Game: Squid Game is a recent hit Korean drama series that follows the story of people who participate in a deadly survival game for a chance to win a huge cash prize. The show has become a cultural phenomenon, known for its thrilling storyline, intense action, and commentary on society’s inequalities.

2. Itaewon Class: Itaewon Class is a drama series that follows the story of a young man who starts his own restaurant to seek revenge against a powerful conglomerate. The show features a talented cast and explores themes of ambition, loyalty, and justice.

3. Vincenzo: Vincenzo is a dark comedy drama series that follows the story of a Korean-Italian lawyer who becomes embroiled in a battle against a corrupt conglomerate. The show features a standout performance from Song Joong-ki and is known for its thrilling plot twists.

4. Kingdom: Kingdom is a historical horror drama series set in Joseon-era Korea that follows the story of a crown prince who must fight against a mysterious plague that turns people into zombies. The show is known for its stunning visuals, intense action, and compelling characters.

5. Crash Landing on You: Crash Landing on You is a romantic drama series that follows the story of a wealthy South Korean heiress who accidentally crash-lands in North Korea and falls in love with a soldier. The show features a captivating storyline, gorgeous scenery, and a talented cast.

6. My Love from the Star: My Love from the Star is a romantic fantasy drama series that follows the story of an alien who has been living on Earth for 400 years and falls in love with a famous actress. The show is known for its unique storyline, charming characters, and stunning visuals.

7. Reply 1988: Reply 1988 is a coming-of-age drama series set in the late 1980s that follows the story of a group of friends growing up in a Seoul neighbourhood. The show explores themes of family, friendship, and nostalgia, and features a talented ensemble cast.

8. Hospital Playlist: Hospital Playlist is a medical drama series that follows the story of five doctors who have been friends since medical school and work together at a hospital. The show features heartwarming moments, touching storylines, and a talented cast.

9. Signal: Signal is a crime thriller drama series that follows the story of a profiler who receives signals from a walkie-talkie that allows him to communicate with a detective from the past. The show is known for its gripping storyline, clever writing, and talented cast.

10. Stranger: Stranger is a crime thriller drama series that follows the story of a prosecutor and a police detective who team up to uncover corruption in the Korean justice system. The show features a talented cast, intricate plot twists, and explores themes of justice and morality.

What is the Most Watched Korean Drama on Netflix?

Squid Game is a Korean drama series that premiered on Netflix in September 2021 and quickly became a global phenomenon, becoming the most-watched Korean drama on Netflix to date. The series follows a group of 456 financially struggling individuals who are invited to participate in a mysterious survival game where they compete for a chance to win a large sum of money. However, the games quickly become more dangerous and deadly, and the players must fight to survive.

The show’s unique concept, coupled with its suspenseful storyline and well-executed visuals, has earned it widespread critical acclaim and a massive global audience. The show’s success has propelled its cast and crew to international stardom, with its lead actor Lee Jung-jae and director Hwang Dong-hyuk receiving widespread recognition for their work on the series. One of the factors contributing to the show’s popularity is its social commentary on the wealth gap and class inequality in modern society. The series delves into the desperation and hopelessness that many people face in their daily lives, and how it can drive them to make drastic decisions.

The show’s visuals are also noteworthy, with its vivid and sometimes gruesome depiction of the games adding to the overall suspense and intensity of the series. The show’s soundtrack, composed by Jung Jae Il, has also received praise for its haunting and memorable themes. Overall, “Squid Game” is a gripping and thought-provoking drama that has captured the attention of audiences around the world. Its success has solidified its place as one of the most groundbreaking and influential Korean dramas to date, and it is definitely worth a watch for anyone interested in thrilling and thought-provoking entertainment

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