Best Ice Cream Brands in India 2023 – Must Try Once in your Life

Best Ice Cream Brands in India 2023

Ice cream is a universally loved dessert, and there are numerous ice cream brands available in the market today. From small artisanal producers to large multinational corporations, there is no shortage of options when it comes to finding a good ice cream brand.One of the most popular ice cream brands in India is Amul, which has been a household name for over six decades. Known for its delicious and affordable ice cream flavors, Amul has a wide range of products that cater to different tastes and preferences. Some of their most popular flavors include chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch, and strawberry.Other popular ice cream brands in India include Mother Dairy, Vadilal, Baskin-Robbins, and Cream Bell. Each of these brands has its own unique flavors and selling points, from Mother Dairy’s fresh and natural ingredients to Baskin-Robbins’ wide range of creative flavors.When it comes to choosing an ice cream brand, consumers are often looking for a combination of taste, quality, and affordability. Many ice cream brands also offer a range of products, including ice cream cakes, sundaes, and bars, which can provide different experiences for different occasions.

Top 10 Ice Cream Brands in India


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Kwality Walls


Baskin Robbins








Top’N Town


Mother Dairy





1. Amul

Amul, a dairy co-operative FMCG company from Anand, Gujarat, was established in December 1946 and offers a vast range of milk products across over 60 nations. With a sales turnover of more than 390 billion rupees in FY 2021 and an ever-growing customer base, it has emerged as one of the leading ice cream sellers in the country. The Amul Choco Almond Kesar Badam Ice Cream, which comes in a tub, is made with milk, sugar, and milk powder, and features almond bits and a captivating kesar flavor. The cream’s richness is perfectly balanced by the nuts and the fragrance of kesar, making it an irresistible treat, especially for those who enjoy Indian-inspired flavors.

Best Ice Cream Brands in India 2023 - Must Try Once in your Life

2. Kwality Walls

Established in 1956, Kwality Walls is a brand that emerged as a result of the merger of two independent companies, Walls from Great Britain and Kwality from India. Currently owned by Hindustan Unilever Limited, the brand has gained immense popularity for its exceptional products. Even today, the Cornetto cone, one of the brand’s most sought-after products, remains a favorite among people.The Kwality Walls Tender Coconut Ice Cream, available in a large tub weighing 500 grams, features a super smooth consistency with tender coconut chunks in every bite, providing a delightful in-mouth feel with its texture. Since the ice cream is lightly sweetened, it’s perfect for those who prefer fresh flavors with low sugar content.

Best Ice Cream Brands in India 2023 - Must Try Once in your Life

3. Baskin Robbins

Formed by the merger of two international companies, Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins, in 1945, Baskin-Robbins has established itself as a renowned international brand that offers over 100 ice cream flavors in 30 countries across 5800 locations. With outlets spread worldwide, it has emerged as one of the largest-selling ice cream brands globally, providing delectable flavors such as rum raisin, gold medal ribbon, and love potion to satisfy your taste buds.The Baskin-Robbins Honey Nut Crunch Ice Cream, available in a large tub weighing 450 grams, features a classic caramel flavor that everyone adores, along with a rich texture infused with honey and almond pralines. This milk-based ice cream contains jaggery, which provides a healthy sweetness to this delightful treat.

Best Ice Cream Brands in India 2023 - Must Try Once in your LifeBest Ice Cream Brands in India 2023 - Must Try Once in your Life

4. Havmor


Havmor was later relocated to India in 1947 after partition. Established by Satish Chandra Chona in Karachi, Pakistan, in 1944This ice cream maker ensures the use of high-quality ingredients in all its products and introduces fresh flavors every season, with a versatile product range that includes kulfi, ice creams, and family packs. In 2017, it was acquired by Lotte International, leading to massive growth for the brand.The Havmor Chocolate Truffle Bar Ice Cream, made from a blend of chocolate, milk, and truffle flavor, boasts of an earthy richness in every bite. The chocolate covering, created using cocoa butter, sugar, and cocoa solids, enhances the ice cream’s tempting taste even further. You can also indulge in other flavors such as red velvet, cookies and cream, and many more available at a Havmor outlet nearby.

Best Ice Cream Brands in India 2023 - Must Try Once in your Life

5. Dinshaw’s

Established in 1933 by Dinshaw and Erashshaw, Dinshaw’s is headquartered in Gittikhadan, Nagpur, and offers delicious ice creams in over 12 states across India. The brand has garnered a strong fanbase over the years and is now considered a premium ice cream brand in the country. Some of the most popular flavors that one must try include frolix, sensation, and fruit tree.Dinshaw’s Strawberry Ice Cream is the perfect dessert to serve when you have guests or friends over for dinner. Its subtle yet delicious strawberry flavor complements the sweetness even more, and it is made with medium-fat ingredients so that even health-conscious people can enjoy it in moderate quantities. Weighing 700 + 700 grams, it comes in a pack of two, making it an ideal option to share with your loved ones.

Best Ice Cream Brands in India 2023 - Must Try Once in your Life

6. Creambell

Creambell, operating in several Indian states and other countries, was founded in 2003 by RJ company. Apart from ice creams, it also sells other dairy products such as milkshakes and yogurt. You can find a huge variety of ice creams under this brand which are super tasty and reasonably priced.Features of Creambell Black Forest Ice Cream Cake: This ice cream cake is a perfect alternative for people who don’t like traditional cakes for their birthdays. It has a creamy vanilla base with chocolate flakes that you can taste with each bite, and it has an utterly rich, smooth, and creamy texture. It weighs 1000 ml and comes in a big carton.

Best Ice Cream Brands in India 2023 - Must Try Once in your Life

7. Top’N Town

Top’N Town, founded in 1970 in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, has over 28,000 retail outlets and 300 distributors across India. The brand is known for its low-fat and sugar-free ice creams, and offers a variety of flavors including sundaes, sorbets, and shooters. One of its most popular flavors is the Natural Litchi Ice Cream, which has a refreshing taste and mildly scented litchi flavor. The creamy texture of the ice cream blends perfectly with the sweetness of real litchi, without being too sweet, allowing you to enjoy the real fruit flavor. It contains natural sweeteners and comes in a small tub.

Best Ice Cream Brands in India 2023 - Must Try Once in your Life

8. Mother Dairy


Established in 1974 and headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, Mother Dairy offers a wide range of milk products including ice cream, paneer, ghee, edible oils, and vegetables. The brand also offers processed foods such as jams and pickles. In 2020, Mother Dairy generated a revenue of Rs 11,000 Crore and has been experiencing consistent growth.Features of the Mother Dairy Cookie Crum Ice Cream: This tub of cookie crumb ice cream is the perfect treat for a late-night Netflix binge, with a delicious flavor combination that includes cookie crumbs. The ice cream has a smooth and thick consistency, and weighs 1 liter. It comes in a tub for easy serving.

Best Ice Cream Brands in India 2023 - Must Try Once in your Life

9. Vadilal

Vadilal Gandhi established Vadilal Industries Limited in 1926, and the company currently has 550 distributors with a vast network of 50,000 retailers. It offers 150 flavours that come in 250 different forms and packs, including cones, bars, candies, ice lollies, and more. Additionally, Vadilal is a significant manufacturer of processed and ready-to-eat foods like curries and bread.One of its popular products is the Vadilal Cassata Ice Cream Cake, which has six different layers of flavours and textures. This cake brings back happy childhood memories and features soft cake bread at the bottom that complements different ice cream flavours. The cake has cashews on top that add a nice crunch and intensify the flavour profile, while choco chips provide a subtle bitterness that perfectly balances the sweetness of the ice cream. It weighs 500 grams.

Best Ice Cream Brands in India 2023 - Must Try Once in your Life

10. Nirula’s

Nirula’s, established in 1934, is one of India’s oldest and most renowned fast-food chains, headquartered in New Delhi, with most of its outlets located in UP, Punjab, Haryana, and Delhi. The chain is particularly popular with the youth in Delhi due to its delicious ice cream parlours. Nirula’s also offers fresh burgers, pizzas, and other quick snacks. Features of Nirula’s Butterscotch Crunch Ice Cream: This ice cream has a rich and creamy texture that is blended with crunchy bits of caramel. It is made with fresh milk and cream for ultimate richness. Butterscotch nougat is added to provide extra flavor. It comes in a tub and can also be used to make milkshakes. It weighs 650 ml.

Best Ice Cream Brands in India 2023 - Must Try Once in your Life


Top Ice Cream Brands in India

S.No Ice Cream Brands in India
1 Amul
2 Kwality Walls
3 Vadilal
4 Mother Dairy
5 Arun
6 Creambell
7 Havmor
8 Baskin Robbins
9 Dinshaw’s
10 Top’N Town

Which is the Best Ice Cream Brand in India?

Amul Ice Cream is a brand of ice cream produced by the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF), an Indian dairy cooperative. It is one of the most popular ice cream brands in India. Amul Ice Cream is available at various retail outlets and supermarkets across India. You can also order online through various e-commerce platforms. Amul Ice Cream is a vegetarian product as it is made from milk and milk products. It is suitable for Lacto-vegetarians. Amul Ice Cream offers sugar-free and low-fat options for health-conscious consumers. The brand has a range of sugar-free ice creams and low-fat options, such as the Lite range, which contains reduced fat content.

What is Ice cream?

Ice cream is a frozen dessert that is typically made from milk or cream, sweetener, and a variety of flavors such as cocoa, vanilla, or fruit like strawberries or peaches. Another method of making ice cream involves whisking a flavored cream base and liquid nitrogen together. The mixture can also contain food coloring and stabilizers. After the mixture is cooled below the freezing point of water and stirred to incorporate air spaces, the result is a smooth and semi-solid foam that solidifies at very low temperatures, becoming more malleable as its temperature increases. The name “ice cream” has different meanings in different countries. In the United States, “ice cream” refers to a specific variety, and government regulations often dictate the commercial use of various terms based on the relative quantities of the main ingredients, notably the amount of cream. Products that do not meet these criteria are sometimes labeled “frozen dairy dessert” instead. In Italy and Argentina, one word is used for all variants of ice cream. For people who are lactose intolerant, allergic to dairy protein, or vegan, analogues made from dairy alternatives like goat’s or sheep’s milk, or milk substitutes such as soy, cashew, coconut, almond milk or tofu, are available. Ice cream can be served in dishes with a spoon or licked from edible wafer cones. It can also be served with other desserts such as apple pie, or used as an ingredient in ice cream floats, sundaes, milkshakes, ice cream cakes, and baked items like Baked Alaska.

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