Are you a good observer? Spot 3 differences between the two old man pictures in 9 seconds!

Spot the Difference is a popular puzzle game that presents you with two almost identical images, side by side. The differences between the two images must be found by examining them carefully. Differences may include minor changes in colors, changes in stains on objects, or even the absence of specific items. While some differences may be immediately obvious, others may baffle even the most seasoned puzzle lovers. Research has shown that doing puzzles to find differences improves visual memory and agility.

Find 3 differences in 9 seconds


Source: Funzzle

The image above shows two identical images in which an old man can be seen sitting on a wall. The man looks tired and sighs. Although the two images are almost identical, there are 3 differences between them. Can you find them all in 9 seconds?

Look at the two images very closely and you will notice the differences between them. Your time starts now. All the best!

Only someone attentive can spot 3 differences in the walking meme image in 11 seconds!

Successfully completing a find the difference game will help you improve your memory and visual perception, as well as your ability to concentrate.

Have you noticed any difference so far? The clock is ticking!

Time is over. Were you able to spot all the differences in the old man’s image in 9 seconds? Congratulations to those who were able to identify the differences between the two images in the allotted time. If you couldn’t identify the differences, don’t worry because we are about to give you the solution to this puzzle of finding the differences.

Find the solution to differences

Here are the differences between the two images. Have a look:


Source: Funzzle

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