Animal Crossing Gyroids: How to find Gyroids and what to do with Gyroid Fragments in New Horizons

Animal Crossing Gyroids are part furniture, part creature items that you can find in New Horizons.

A series staple debuting in Update 2.0, each type of Gyroid plays a unique sound and can be combined with others to create unique music sets.

There are dozens available to find and assemble, and over the years they have become one of Animal Crossing fans’ favorite collectibles and displays.

What are gyroids in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Gyroids are cactus-like creatures that you can collect in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. They will then play a particular sound effect depending on which Gyroid family they belong to, and by placing different Gyroids together, you can create unique music that will click, hum or hum in the background.

In addition to combining with other Gyroids to create unique musical combinations, it will also sync with nearby music sources, such as KK Slider tracks that will play nearby.

If you’ve been playing New Horizons for a while, you may already recognize them as friendly creatures that help you raise funds for projects in your city. The gyroids referenced here are pieces of furniture that you can collect and display in your home and around your island, each with their own unique characteristics.

How to get gyroids and what to do with gyroid fragments in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Gyroids can be found on the islands found on the Kapp’n boat tours.

As with fossils, you will find cracks in the ground. Use your shovel to dig them up and receive Gyroid fragments.

These fragments are not yet gyroids and require more preparation. When you return to your island, dig a hole, select the Gyroid fragment in your inventory, and then bury it. Now use a watering can to water the hole. If steam comes out of the hole, you’re all set.

The next day, dig up these holes. The Gyroid fragment will now have matured into a full Gyroid, of which there are dozens of varieties available.

If you want to build your Gyroid collection, repeat this cycle: take a boat tour of Kapp’n once a day, collect a shard, and plant it on your island to mature the next day.

Note that learning about Gyroids is part of the steps to unlocking Brewster, who is apparently on a quest to find some before recruiting him to his island cafe. He even gives you a Gyroid Fragment in the process!

The Animal Crossing 2.0 and Happy Home Paradise update is here! We can help you with the new additions, including where to find Brewster, Gyroids, new villagers, ordinances, new fences, storage shed, new hairstyles, Froggy Chair, group stretches, and Kapp’n boat tours. Cooking can now be unlocked, so you need to know how to make flour and sugar, as well as how to grow carrots, potatoes and tomatoes. In the meantime, if you’re new to Animal Crossing, our New Horizons tips can help you with the basics. From the beginning, there are fish and insects to catch, flowers and fruits to grow. A long-term goal is to increase your Happy Home Academy score. Finally, you need tools like the new ladder and pole to fully explore.

How to customize a gyroid in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Customizing Gyroids works just like any other item. Have some customization kits in your inventory, then find a DIY workbench and select “Customize something”, then select the fence from your inventory.

Then you have a range of colors to choose from.

Maybe you can choose something that fits the theme of your home, or even your island; After all, you can place them wherever you want now in New Horizons!

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