Animal Crossing fruit: Grow back time, eating benefits and how to plant fruit trees in New Horizons

Fruit in Animal Crossing has been a financial and aesthetic staple in the series, and now it’s dietary.

Fruit is a proven method of making money, so learning how to plant fruit trees and how long it takes for fruit to grow back is helpful in knowing when your next influx of cash will arrive.

New Horizons also has a new purpose for fruit: eating fruit, which offers some benefits that can be useful when managing your island.

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Animal Crossing Fruit Explained: The Benefits of Eating Fruit and What Else to Do with Fruit in New Horizons Explained

Each island has fruits growing on its island, which can be removed by shaking the tree. The fruit has three uses:

  • Eat to give you energy – Eating fruit gives you a stamina point. Each point allows you to do two things with tools: one is to break rocks using an ax (permanently destroying them – not ideal if you still need nuggets!) or uproot an entire tree with a shovel (useful for relocating trees). Each action consumes one energy point, and you have 10 energy points stored at a time.

  • Sell ​​in the shop for Bells: Selling fruit from your island is an easy and regular source of income, as a fruit tree will continue to produce fruit over time. If you have fruit from another island, it is worth five times more than the native variety. Coconuts, meanwhile, are always worth 250 bells.
  • Replant to grow new fruit trees: You can plant fruits to grow a new fruit tree in their place, which is useful if you want more different and therefore more lucrative fruit.

Here is more information on these last two points…

How to get different varieties of fruits in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

In addition to the fruit that grows on your island, there are five other types available to collect and grow. Not only does this earn you Nook Miles as a reward, but selling fruit that isn’t native to your island earns you a higher price: 500 versus the usual 100.

These varieties are:

  • apples
  • Cherries
  • peaches
  • Coconuts (sells for 250 bells regardless)
  • Pears
  • oranges

There are two ways to get varieties other than those that originally grow on your island:

  • Visit a friend in Animal Crossing multiplayer that has a different variety. Your starting fruit is random, but they will most likely be different from yours. Pick them off a tree or buy them at the store to have your own.
  • Visit the Mysterious Island. You can buy a ticket for these with Nook Miles once the airport is open, and Mystery Islands often have a different variety growing there, which is particularly useful if online friends are hard to access. There is also the coconut, a fruit unique to these islands, which will also grow there anyway.

How to Plant Fruit Trees in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Once you have the fruit you want to plant, whether from your own island or someone else’s, equip a Shovel and dig a hole in the ground where you want all three to be planted.

Now go into your inventory and highlight the fruit. Select ‘Plant 1’ and a sample will begin to grow.

Remember to keep trees three holes away from another tree so they can grow. Plus, coconuts only grow in sand, so plant them on the beach, which is a useful way to take advantage of that beautiful, if often barren, real estate.

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Explanation of how long it takes for fruits to grow back and fruit trees in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Once you have shaken fruit from a tree, the branches will bear fruit for a short time.

Based on previous Animal Crossing games, it takes three days for the fruit to grow back. Fruit that is not native to your island usually takes a little longer: up to five or six days.

As for any new fruit trees you’ve planted, the trees take three days to grow, followed by an additional day to bear fruit, again, based on times seen in previous games in the series.

A good tip if you wait to avoid this long process is thanks to one of the new abilities you gain from eating fruit. If you eat a fruit to increase your strength, you can dig up a tree with a shovel in one go and place it in your inventory.

You can then plant the fruit tree in its entirety on your island, skipping that three-day growing step entirely.

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