World Book and Copyright Day 2023: Know Theme, History, Significance, and More

World Book and Copyright Day 2023: It is also known as World Book Day. It is celebrated every year on April 23 to highlight the importance of reading books. According to UNESCO, “storytelling is an incredibly effective tool when it comes to educating younger generations.” The day is also dedicated to paying tribute to renowned authors, including William Shakespeare, Miguel Cervantes and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, who died on this day.

The World Book Capital for the year 2023 is in Accra, Ghana. The day is celebrated by UNESCO and other related organizations around the world to honor authors and books, promote the art of reading, etc.

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Books 📚 can help fight poverty, strengthen peace and achieve #GlobalGoals.

on Sunday #World day of the book It is an opportunity to celebrate the power of the written word.

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April 23, 2023

World Book and Copyright Day: History

UNESCO has chosen April 23 as World Book Day to pay tribute to great literary figures such as William Shakespeare, Miguel Cervantes or the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, who died that day. In 1995, this date was set by the General Conference of UNESCO, held in Paris, to pay tribute and honor authors and books from around the world.

What is copyright?

It is a legal concept, enacted by most governments, that grants authors or creators of original works exclusive rights, usually for a limited time. Basically, it is the right to copy. It also gives the copyright holder the right to receive credit for the work and other related rights. So, it is a form of intellectual property.

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World Book Day 2023: Theme/Message

The theme of World Book Day 2023 is “Indigenous languages”. This theme highlights the rich cultural heritage and importance of native languages ​​in literature and storytelling.

The theme of World Book and Copyright Day 2022 is “Read to never feel depressed”. The topic focuses on the scope of reading.

“Indeed, books are vital vehicles for accessing, transmitting and promoting education, science, culture and information around the world.” — Audrey Azoulay, message from the Director General of UNESCO on the occasion of World Book and Copyright Day 2022.

Audrey Azoulay, Director General of UNESCO, named Tbilisi (Georgia) World Book Capital of the year 2021. The decision was based on the recommendation of the World Book Capital Advisory Committee. The motto is fine. So your next book is…? The program focused on the use of modern technologies as powerful tools for the promotion of reading among young people.

According to the Director-General of UNESCO, Audrey Azoulay, the theme/message of 2020 is summarized in these words: “Books have the unique capacity to entertain and teach. They are at the same time a means to explore areas beyond our personal experience . through exposure to different authors, universes and cultures, and a means to access the deepest corners of our inner being.”

In 2019, it was “Books are a form of cultural expression that lives through and as part of a chosen language. Each post is created in a different language and is intended for a specific language reading audience. In this way, a book is written, produced, exchanged, used and appreciated in a specific linguistic and cultural environment. This year we highlight this important dimension because 2019 marks the International Year of Indigenous Languages, led by UNESCO, to reaffirm the international community’s commitment to supporting indigenous peoples to preserve their cultures, knowledge and rights.

World Book and Copyright Day: Objective

On this occasion, tribute is paid worldwide to books and authors and also to encourage people to discover the pleasure of reading. This will generate respect for those who have made irreplaceable contributions to social and cultural progress. The UNESCO Prize for Children’s and Young People’s Literature in the Service of Tolerance is awarded. Furthermore, this day will increase understanding among people about copyright laws and other measures to protect intellectual copyrights.

This day will undoubtedly become a platform for people from all over the world and especially stakeholders of the book industry, including authors, publishers, teachers, librarians, public and private institutions, humanitarian NGOs and the media, come together to promote literacy and help everyone. have access to educational resources.

World Book and Copyright Day: celebrations

Celebrations on this day focus on literature and reading, particularly emphasizing the importance of enhancing and protecting indigenous languages. UNESCO has been effectively engaged with indigenous peoples since the adoption of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (link is external) in September 2007 and continues to work towards better recognition of their rights. UNESCO also supports local communities to promote and preserve their knowledge and language. Knowledge is never wasted and the book is said to bring people together around a common history and heritage, while revealing their specificities across different cultures, identities and languages.

To maintain celebrations of books and reading, UNESCO and other organizations representing publishers, booksellers and libraries choose the World Book Capital. Tbilisi, Georgia, was the UNESCO World Book Capital in 2021.

Generally we will not have time to read alone or with the children. Through reading and celebrating World Book and Copyright Day we can open ourselves to others despite the distance and we can travel through the imagination.

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World Book Day: Symbols

Every year posters are designed and circulated around the world to promote books, reading, understanding, etc. The images on the posters are designed in a way that they encourage people, especially children, to read books and appreciate literature. In fact, the logo is also mentioned on the occasion of World Book and Copyright Day.

World Book and Copyright Day is an event celebrated on April 23 to encourage people to learn about books, reading, understanding copyright laws and taking steps to protect copyright. intellectual authors.


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