Word Search Puzzle: Can You Find 7 Hidden Words In 33 Seconds?

Word Search Puzzles – Searching for hidden words is one of the most popular forms of activity on the Internet. It is a fun way to spend your free time and a good game to test your intelligence and observation skills.

The basic premise of a word search game is based on detecting words hidden in a grid of letters.

It is an interesting type of puzzle solving that will improve your concentration and observation skills.

Do you want to test your observation skills?

Try this word search puzzle now.

Word Search Puzzle – Find 7 words in 33 seconds!

Let’s take a look at today’s crossword puzzle.


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You can see a 6×6 grid of letters in this image. There are 7 words hidden in this word search grid. Can you see them all?

You have to detect all 7 words in the allotted time. We give you 33 seconds to find the words in the puzzle.

This word search game is a great way to test an individual’s observation skills and vocabulary.

The key to solving this word search puzzle is to look for meaningful words by looking at the letters from top to bottom, sideways, top to bottom, front to back, and diagonally.

Look at the puzzle carefully and see if you can find meaningful words in it.

This is a simple challenge and people with great observation and vocabulary skills can easily spot the hidden words in less than the given time.

Hurry up and detect all the words.

The clock is ticking!

The solution to this word search game is provided at the end. However, we will ask that you refrain from scrolling directly to the answer without having solved this puzzle yourself first. If you cheat, this puzzle will not improve your observation skills.

However, if you cannot detect all the hidden words in the given time, then there is no problem. You can scroll down to see the solution to this word search puzzle.

How many words have you found so far?

Time is almost up!



…and 1

Time’s up, guys!

Some of you may have been able to detect all the words in the given time. Congratulations to them. Some of you may have found few or no words. In case you were not able to detect all the hidden words, scroll down to see the solution.

Find 7 hidden words in 33 seconds: solution

The following words were hidden in this alphabet soup.


We hope you liked this word search puzzle.

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