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Top Boy is a British crime television series created and written by Ronan Bennett. Set in a fictitious summer house in Hackney, London, the show follows two drug dealers, Dusan (Ashley Walters) and Sully (Kane Robinson), among others. Life. Drug dealing and gang violence in London.

The show has a total of 26 episodes, divided into four seasons. The first two seasons each have four episodes and are broadcast on Channel 4. A third series was initially proposed but was not aired on Channel 4.

However, in 2017, Canadian rapper Drake expressed interest in the series and Netflix decided to bring it back. Seasons three and four premiered on Netflix in 2019 and 2022, respectively, and were presented as the first and second seasons of the Netflix series. The first two seasons were added to Netflix and titled “Top Boy: Summerhouse.”

The show was well received by critics for its performances, cinematography, themes, realism, writing and music. It compares favorably to other crime dramas like The Wire, Snowfall, and Thrones. It also received awards and nominations at the British Academy Television Awards. The fifth and final season was renewed in 2022 and aired in 2023.

Will there be a Top Boy season 6?

No, there won’t be a Top Boy season 6 on Netflix. The show has just released its fifth season and it has been confirmed that this marks the end of the series. The creators and actors have said that the fifth season is the final chapter. The decision was made even though Netflix wanted the show to continue because the cast felt it had gone on long enough.

Ashley Walters, who plays Dushane, and Kane Robinson, who plays Sully, decided it was best to end the series on a high note rather than drag it out. They want to avoid the risk of the show losing quality. Director William Stefan Smith supported the idea, noting that British TV dramas usually end early rather than being extended over many seasons.

Jasmine Jobson, who plays Jake, also noted that the Top Boy storyline revolves around the fact that every “Top Boy” character eventually faces consequences such as incarceration or violence, so ending the series now is a good idea. suitable. So, sadly, fans will have to accept that season five will be the last of Top Boy on Netflix.


What will happen in Top Boy season 5?

In Top Boy Season 5 (also known as Season 3 on Netflix), the story takes a gripping turn. This season was filled with tense moments and a shocking ending. This season sees the rise of Sully (Kane Robinson), who seems likely to become the top dog in the criminal world.

However, in the final episode, a mysterious figure in a black hoodie shoots him, leaving his fate uncertain. He had many enemies due to his drug-related activities, and it was unclear who was responsible for his shooting.

Meanwhile, Dusan (Ashley Walters) is facing troubles of his own. He becomes a murder suspect and desperately raises money to flee the country. His actions lead to a confrontation with Sully, leading to a tragic event. The season ended on this shocking cliffhanger, leaving fans wondering about Sally’s fate and the identity of her attacker. Several characters, including Stef, Jaq, Si, Bradders, and Erin, may be suspects in the shooting.

Sully’s fate is confusing, and the mystery of the gunman creates a tense and suspenseful atmosphere, making season five a gripping episode in the “Top Boy” series.

top boy cast



ashley walters

duchamp hill

Kane Robinson

Gerald “Sully” Sullivan


Driss Wright

Malcolm Camlet

Lanell Smith

Giacomo Mancini

Jamel “Gem” Mustafa

Sharon Duncan Brewster

lisa smith

Kirston Welling


Nicholas Pinnock


Xavier Russell


Michael Ward

Jamie Towell

Jasmine Jobson

Jacqueline “Jak” Lawrence

Simbi Ajikwo


Hope Ikpoku Jnr.

Aaron Tovill, Jamie’s second brother

Alaloin Osunremi

Stefan Tovell, Jamie’s youngest brother.

Chef Qingyong

Atika “ATS” Aiti

Jolade Obasola

Amma Aiti

Khadim Ramsey

Kit, Jamie’s best friend

Lisa Duwan


Saffron Hawking

Lauren Lawrence, Jacques’ sister

Barry Keoghan

Jonny Magee

Brian Gleeson



Mandy, Dries’ girlfriend

Savannah Graham

Erin Wright, daughter of Dries and Mandy

Adwoa Aboah

Bex, Jacques’ girlfriend

where to watch top boys

You can watch Top Boy on Netflix right now, but there are other ways to watch if you don’t have a Netflix subscription. You can get the basic Netflix plan with ads, or if you’d rather own it, you can purchase and download the series on platforms like Amazon Video or Apple TV. So whether you want to stream on Netflix, watch with ads on Netflix basic, or purchase a permanent reservation via Amazon Video or Apple TV, you have a variety of ways to enjoy Top Boy based on your preferences .

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