Who is Willi Ninja? Why Google is celebrating his 62nd Birth Anniversary with a Doodle?

Google celebrates the life of Willi Ninja with a special Doodle. Ninja, a gay man known as the godfather of voguing, was a fixture of dance culture at Harlem drag balls and drew inspiration from sources as far away as Fred Astaire and the world of high fashion to develop a unique style. of dance and movement. And this year marks his 62nd birth anniversary.

Google Doodle for Willy Ninja

Who is Willi Ninja?

Willi Ninja, born William Roscoe Leake, was an American dancer, choreographer, and artist who made significant contributions to the voguing and ballroom dance scenes in New York City. He was born in 1961, in Queens, New York, and died on September 2, 2006.

Willi Ninja is often referred to as the “godfather of Vogue” and played a crucial role in popularizing voguing, a dance style that originated in LGBTQ+ ballroom dance culture. He became an iconic figure in the underground dance scene of the 1980s and gained further recognition when he appeared in the documentary “Paris Is Burning” (1990), which documented New York City dance culture. .

Ninja’s dance style was characterized by his fluid and precise movements, fierce poses and theatricality. He also worked as a choreographer and model, bringing voguing to the mainstream through his performances, music videos and runway shows. Ninja’s influence extended beyond the world of dance and she became a recognized figure in the fashion industry, collaborating with top designers and participating in several fashion shows.

Throughout his career, Willi Ninja contributed to the visibility and acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community, especially within the ballroom dance scene. He used his talent and platform to challenge social norms and promote self-expression. Even after her passing, her impact on ballroom dance fashion and culture continues to inspire dancers, artists and performers around the world.

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How is Willi Ninja an inspiration to millions?

There are several valuable lessons one can learn from Willi Ninja:

  1. EMBRACE AND CELEBRATE YOUR UNIQUENESS: Willi Ninja was known for his exceptional talent and individuality. He embraced his own style and personality, breaking barriers and stereotypes. He teaches us the importance of being true to ourselves and celebrating our unique qualities.
  2. Pursue your passion relentlessly: Willi Ninja’s dedication to voguing and his art was unwavering. He tirelessly pursued his passion, honed his skills, and contributed to the development of voguing as an art form. He teaches us the importance of pursuing our passions with determination, even in the face of challenges.
  3. Push the limits and challenge the norms: Willi Ninja’s impact extended beyond the dance floor. He challenged social norms and stereotypes, particularly regarding gender and sexuality. He showed that self-expression and creativity have no boundaries. He encourages us to push boundaries, challenge the status quo, and create our own paths.
  4. Fostering community and supporting others: As a leading figure in the ballroom dance scene, Willi Ninja helped build a community of like-minded people. He nurtured talent, supported emerging artists, and created a space for self-expression. He reminds us of the importance of fostering a sense of community, supporting others, and creating opportunities for growth.
  5. Leave a Lasting Legacy: Willi Ninja’s contributions to voguing and ballroom dance culture continue to inspire and influence dancers and artists today. She left a lasting legacy through her performances, collaborations and her role in the documentary “Paris Is Burning.” He teaches us the importance of leaving a positive impact on the world and the importance of creating a legacy that inspires future generations.

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Willi Ninja lost his life due to AIDS-related heart failure in New York City. His life and work demonstrate the power of art, self-expression, and community. His story serves as a reminder to embrace our authenticity, pursue our passions, and make a meaningful impact in the fields we choose.

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