Who are Peter O Mahony Parents? Meet John O’Mahony

Who were Peter O. Mahoney’s parents?

So who are Peter O. Mahoney’s parents? According to our research, Peter O Mahony’s parents are John O’Mahony. Peter O Mahony (born 17 September 1989) is an Irish rugby league player.

real name

Peter James O’Mahony

Nick name

Peter O Mahoney

date of birth

September 17, 1989


34 years old


6 feet 3 inches (191 cm)


107 kg (236 lbs)

place of birth

Cork, Ireland




irish rugby league players

Country of Citizenship



Introduction to Brothers College

zodiac signs



John O’Mahony




Who is Peter O. Mahoney?

Peter O’Mahony (Peter O’Mahony) was born on September 17, 1989, is an Irish rugby league player. He was a towering figure in rugby and made a significant contribution to the sport on both the national and international stages. This explanatory article delves into his background, career, and impact on the game.

O’Mahony’s rugby journey began at a young age when he displayed exceptional talent and determination. His early rugby education took place at the local Cork Constitution Club, where he honed his skills and developed a passion for the game. His hard work and dedication saw him represent the province of Münster, a major milestone in his career.

Internationally, Peter O’Mahony has been a great asset to the Ireland national team. His outstanding wing skills and leadership skills earned him the honor of serving as team captain many times. He is renowned for his tenacious drive, relentless tackling and strong lineout performances, making him a vital cog in the Ireland machine.



Peter O Mahoney age

As of now, Peter O’Mahony is 34 years old (born on September 17, 1989). In the vibrant city of Cork, Ireland, O’Mahony is still a shining star in the rugby world. The 34-year-old has a wealth of experience and wisdom, qualities that undoubtedly enrich his performance on the field and leadership off the field.

O’Mahony’s journey from Cork, a place steeped in rugby tradition, is inspiring. At 34, he is a testament to the game’s enduring spirit, proving that age is no barrier to success when one possesses unwavering dedication and skill.

His continued contribution to the sport and his unwavering commitment to the Irish national team have fans in Ireland and around the world looking forward to seeing what more this exceptional athlete will achieve in the coming years.

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Peter O. Mahoney height and weight

Peter O’Mahony is a star player in Ireland’s rugby league and has an impressive frame which contributes greatly to his effectiveness on the pitch. He stands 6 feet 3 inches (191 cm) and stands out for his tall stature. This height gives him an advantage in lineouts and makes him a powerful presence in both the offensive and defensive aspects of the game.

In addition to his impressive height, O’Mahony also weighs a whopping 107 kilograms, which is approximately 236 pounds. This weight is distributed over a well-proportioned, muscular frame, making him a formidable dominant figure in rugby’s integral physical game. His weight combined with his height allows him to excel in areas such as scrums, rucks and mauls where strength and physicality are crucial.

physical properties



6 feet 3 inches (191 cm)


107 kg (236 lbs)

Peter O. Mahoney nationality

Peter O’Mahony, whose nationality is Irish, proudly represents the Emerald Isle on the international rugby stage. O’Mahony was born in Cork, Ireland on September 17, 1989, and his Irish roots are deeply ingrained in his identity. His commitment to the green jersey and unwavering dedication to the Irish national rugby team make him a true symbol of Irish sporting pride.

As a symbol of his nationality, Peter O’Mahony embodies the values ​​and spirit of Irish rugby. His tenacity, leadership and relentless work ethic reflect the rich heritage of the sport in Ireland. He has become a beloved figure among Irish rugby fans and inspired the entire country with his performances and achievements.

His nationality is not just a matter of birth, but a source of immense pride for him and the rugby-loving people of Ireland. Peter O’Mahony is a testament to the passion and dedication to Irish sportsmanship.

Peter O. Mahoney acting career

  • 2010: Peter O’Mahony began his rugby career with Munster in January, making his debut against Ulster. It was the start of a journey that would make him a towering figure in the sport.

  • 2011: O’Mahony further cemented his place in professional rugby when he made his European debut against Northampton Saints in November.

  • Throughout Peter O’Mahony’s career he held a number of captaincy roles:

    • Brothers Academy profile: He led school teams and demonstrated early leadership skills.
    • Ireland U18s and U20s: O’Mahony’s leadership skills are evident as he captains these national youth teams, shaping the next generation of Irish rugby talent.
    • Munster: He captained Munster, one of Ireland’s top rugby clubs, demonstrating his leadership skills at the highest level in the country.
    • Ireland: As captain of the Republic of Ireland national team, O’Mahony provides leadership on the international stage.
    • British and Irish Lions: His leadership extends to the British and Irish Lions, a prestigious team made up of players from multiple countries.
  • Career highlights:

    • O’Mahony’s illustrious career included many significant achievements, including:
      • Won the Six Nations Championship four times in 2014, 2015, 2018 and 2023.
      • Achieving two Grand Slams in 2018 and 2023 is a rare and remarkable feat.
      • Three treble wins in 2018, 2022 and 2023 further underlined his role in Ireland’s success.
      • Winning the All-Ireland Cup and All-Ireland League title in 2009 underlined his prowess in domestic rugby.
      • Contributing to Presentation Brothers College’s 2007 Munster Schools Senior Cup win, where his rugby journey began.
  • Endorsements: Peter O’Mahony’s excellence on the field has earned him endorsement deals with leading brands including Adidas, Audicock and Bank of Ireland, underscoring his marketability and influence beyond the rugby field.


Peter O. Mahoney Achievements and Awards

Awards received by Peter O’Mahony:

  1. Man of the match in the 2018 Champions League quarter-final against Toulon.
  2. Munster Men’s Player of the Year 2019.
  3. 2012 Young Player of the Year.
  4. Player of the Match in the 2009-10 All-Ireland Cup Final.
  5. Accepting the Senior Men’s XV Try of the Year award on behalf of Mack Hansen.
  6. Captained Munster to the United Rugby Championship.

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