Where to find Padisarah locations in Genshin Impact

Padisarah in Genshin Impact is described as a holy and noble plant, which is also named after a certain ancient deity. It can only be cultivated under very specific conditions in Sumeru and is a valuable material used in ascension.

Padisarah, which is located in very select areas of Sumeru, has been available since the region became available in Genshin Impact’s 3.0 update, but is now especially important for the five-star sword-wielding Hydro ascendant character, Nilou.

This guide covers everything you need to know about how to use Padisarah and where to find Padisarah locations.

Where to find Padisarah in Genshin Impact

Padisarah can be found in the Sumeru forest region, and most in Vanarana. However, they are not actually found in nature, but rather are cultivated in places where people reside, including Pardis Dhyai, ​​Alcazarzaray Palace, and the city of Sumeru.

Pardis Dhyai is the easiest place to start, which is west of Vimara Village. From the teleport point at that location, you will find two Padisarahs growing just to your right. Continue around the perimeter counterclockwise and you’ll pick up two more. Then, before reaching the steps, go down to your left next to a tree and you can collect two more. Go back up and before taking the path up, there are two more Padisarahs just to the right growing next to some bushes.

Now go up and enter the greenhouse and if you check the corners, you will find four Padisarahs in total. Very clear!

Next, head to the Alcazarzaray Palace. It’s a short walk there from the teleport point, but don’t dash into the palace right away. Instead, follow the long path and you’ll encounter three Padisarahs around the corner.

This palace consists of structures on four circular platforms and you can find Padisarah growing on each of them. Climb the first few steps, then turn right to reach the platform on the northeast side where a Padisarah grows next to the bushes. Back on the middle platform, two Padisarahs are growing right next to the path to the southwest. Between the middle and southern platforms, where there is some grass, there are two more Padisarahs. Then head to the largest platform where the royal palace is and you will find another Padisarah growing in the bushes to the right.

Next, head to Sumeru City, starting with the teleport point at the southeast entrance. Just north of this landmark is a Padisarah with a sweet flower also growing next to it. Go back and go up the path towards the city gate but, just before entering, to your left is some higher ground where you will find two Padisarahs. From here, go straight before jumping and gliding to the city harbor; You should see two more Padisarahs growing between a bush and a notice board.

To get to the next Padisarah location faster, teleport to the waypoint in the eastern part of the city; To the right is a path that descends in a spiral. Instead of taking the path, simply drop down while using the glider to break your fall and you’ll land right in front of two Padisarahs. Then follow the path ahead which will take you to another Padisarah, which is right next to an alchemy crafting station.

Finally, teleport to the waypoint north of the city, and you will immediately find a Padisarah along with a Sumeru Rose just north of the waypoint. Continue along the path until you see plots of land where a yellow fruit is grown. Go further and, in the corner of one of these plots, there are two more Padisarahs.

Now we come to Vanarana, where half of the total Padisarah can be found. This is the mysterious home of Aranara that you will come across if you have been following the long Aranyaka world quest line, which also explains how to acquire the Vintage Lyre used to play songs.

There are two parts to this farming route, though the first is that you need to make sure you’re in the right world. When you first enter Vanarana, you will be in the dream world of Aranara. Padisarah, however, only grows in the real world, so you need to make sure you’re in the right state first.

To move between worlds, you need to use a Silapna, a type of stone with roots growing on top of it that acts as a “door”. From the Vanarana Statue of the Seven, head southwest to the location seen in the image above where the player cursor is. Once there, make sure you have the Vintage Lyre equipped before using it to play Rhythm of the Great Dream and you will be transported to another world. You want to be in the real world because if you are in the dream world, you will find a plant called Viparyas and you will also be able to see Aranara.

Once you’re in the right world, teleport back to the Statue of the Seven and you can begin the first farming route, conveniently with a Padisarah growing right next to the statue. From there, head north to a small hut where two Padisarah grow on the outskirts. Another Padisarah is nearby, but the platform it’s on is higher up, so you’ll have to climb up the hut to reach it, although there’s also a four-leaf seal you can use to grab it.

Head east from there, using the four-leaf seals along the way, until you reach a cave where you will find the Tree of Dreams, where the Dendro Seals you found can be redeemed to level up the tree and unlock rewards. . Explore its surroundings and you will also find a total of four Padisarahs.

Then, teleport to the waypoint just outside of Vanarana and head west, although the enemies are stationed here. However, if you stay to the left on higher ground, you will avoid them and also find a Padisarah growing next to a rock. Stay to the right and you will also find a Padisarah growing next to a pile of stones that you can investigate to collect items. Head further west and you’ll see another Padisarah growing right next to a hut, although you’ll probably draw the attention of enemies heading this way.

However, you can restart and teleport back to the waypoint and this time to the left is a path that takes you to a cavern where you can summon Dendrograna. Just in front of that is a Padisarah. Continue around the corner and you will find a mossy rock that is slightly tilted, where one Padisarah is growing on one side at the bottom while another is on top on the other side.

Once you have collected them, continue facing west and you will exit the cavern and see a Padisarah on your right next to some stones. Then, following the path, there is a hut where another Padisarah grows. Then, head back to the path and you’ll see a Padisarah further down growing next to a tall plant. You will then come to a body of water with a larger cabin next to it. There are two Padisarah here, one on each side of the hut.

You will have to walk a little further west until you come across another hut, where a Padisarah also grows on the outskirts. This cabin is next to a large tree. Go around it until you see a path in at the bottom and you will find another Padisarah growing between stones.

Now you want to head back east, but keep left on higher ground where there is another tall tree. You’ll see a mushroom you can jump on, but hit it with an electric attack to light it up and you’ll be able to jump higher, which should allow you to reach a platform with three Padisarah behind a hut.

Then go around this hut until you see another hut just below where another Padisarah is growing. Finally go down from here, using the glider to avoid fall damage and you will reach another hut with a Padisarah in its path.

Good luck collecting Padisarahs!

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