What Is The Difference Between Raven And Crow?

Crows and crows are two birds that are often confused with each other due to their similarities in appearance and behavior. However, there are clear differences between these two species, including their size, call, and distribution.

In this article, we will explore the differences between crows and crows to help you differentiate between the two birds and understand their unique characteristics.

Difference between crow and crow

Crows and crows are members of the corvid family, but there are several differences between these two birds. Here are some of the key differences between crows and crows:

Size: A crow is larger than a crow, with a length of 24 inches and a wingspan of 4 feet, while a crow is 17 inches long with a wingspan of 2.5 feet. When the raven’s tail feathers expand, they open like a fan. However, the central feathers of ravens’ tails are longer, giving the appearance of a wedge when the tail is open.

Voice: The raven has a deep, cawing, resonant call, while the raven has a higher-pitched, more nasal caw.


Source: Encyclopedia Britannica

Beak: Compared to crows, crows’ beaks are larger and curved. A crow’s beak is noticeably longer. It also has somewhat shaggy neck feathers, compared to those of a crow.

Distribution: Crows are found in more remote and wild habitats, such as forests and mountains, while ravens are more common in urban and suburban areas.

Plumage: Crows have a heavier, shaggier appearance and a wedge-shaped tail, while crows have a sleek appearance and a fan-shaped tail.


Source: Living Science

Behavior: Crows are known for their intelligence and playfulness, often performing acrobatics in the air, while ravens are more cautious and less likely to engage in such activities. Additionally, ravens travel in pairs, while crows typically travel in groups.

Raven vs Raven: At a glance

Here are the differences between a crow and a crow in tabular format.

Size Large (24-27 inches long) Small (15-17 inches long)
Beak Curved and long Straight and small
Feather Hairy and matte Bright and elegant
Line Wedge-shaped Fan-shaped
Vocalization Rough, hoarse and serious Nasal and acute

Overall, both crows and ravens are fascinating birds, and understanding the differences between them can help us appreciate their unique qualities. We hope this article has been helpful in understanding the differences between a crow and a crow.

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