What is OpenAI’s Custom Instructions Feature for ChatGPT

OpenAI revolutionized artificial intelligence with the launch of ChatGPT, a unique chatbot that took the world by storm.

The platform quickly became popular and reached more than 100 million users. But all AI chatbots lack one essential feature: continuous memory. This means that everything resets at the end of a conversation.

Well, OpenAI has decided to eliminate this problem and is launching a feature known as ‘Custom Instructions’. This feature allows users to provide ChatGPT with specific instructions on how they want the chatbot to respond.

Introducing Personalized Instructions! This feature allows you to provide ChatGPT with any custom requests or context you want to apply to each conversation. Custom instructions are currently available for Plus users and we plan to roll them out to all users soon. https://t.co/fVIM9GeYk2


—OpenAI (@OpenAI)
July 20, 2023

The feature will eliminate the need to provide instructions every time a user interacts with the AI ​​chatbot.

The OpenAI blog says: “We are implementing custom instructions to give you more control over how ChatGPT responds. Set your preferences and ChatGPT will take them into account for all future conversations”.

The company said it heard feedback from many users about the “friction” that comes with starting a new conversation with the chatbot.

This feature will be beneficial for users who rely on ChatGPT for their work or creative projects and have particular requirements for the prompts they use.

Here are some of the benefits of this feature:

  • Improved Accuracy: Custom instructions will improve the accuracy of ChatGPT responses. This is because the AI ​​chatbot will be able to focus on the information that is most relevant to the user’s instructions.
  • Increased Relevance: Personalized prompts can help ChatGPT tailor its responses to the user’s specific interests and needs, resulting in more relevant responses to prompts.
  • Improved tone: Custom instructions can help ChatGPT understand the user’s desired tone and adjust its responses accordingly.

The OpenAI blog mentions, “ChatGPT will consider your personalized instructions for each future conversation. The model will consider the instructions each time it responds, so you won’t have to repeat your preferences or information in every conversation.”

“For example, a teacher creating a lesson plan no longer has to repeat that he or she is teaching third-grade science. A developer who prefers efficient code in a language other than Python: you can say it once and it’s understood. Shopping for a large family becomes easier as the model accounts for 6 portions on the shopping list“, Add.

How to use custom instructions in ChatGPT?

The Custom Instructions feature is currently available for ChatGPT Plus users. OpenAI plans to roll out the feature to all users in the near future. Users in the UK and EU will have to wait for now, as the feature is not yet available in these regions.

Here are the steps to enable this feature:

For iOS:

  • Open the ChatGPT app.
  • Go to settings.
  • Turn on the Custom Instructions option.

For Web:

  • Open ChatGPT.
  • Click on your name in the lower left corner.
  • Touch Personalized Instructions.
  • Click Show Suggestions to see some sample instructions that you can write.
  • Enter your instructions in the two text boxes provided.
  • Click Save.

To conclude, OpenAI’s release of Custom Instructions for ChatGPT is an important step forward in the development of great language models. This new feature will give users more control over how ChatGPT renders text, leading to more accurate and engaging results.

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