What is Norovirus? What are its symptoms? What leads to norovirus?

Recently, two cases of norovirus were found in Kerala, India. Ernakulam school has been closed for three days to prevent the spread of norovirus. What is norovirus? Let’s know it here.

What is norovirus?

Norovirus is a term used for a family of viruses that can cause diarrhea and vomiting. Like all viruses that have troubled humanity in recent years, norovirus is also very contagious.

Viruses can be transmitted to healthy people from infected people through contaminated surfaces or food. The virus is also called winter vomiting virus.

Many people around the world call norovirus “the stomach flu.” However, it is interesting to note that norovirus is in no way related to the common flu (influenza).

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around 685 million cases of norovirus are recorded worldwide each year. It is important to note that around 200 million of these 685 million cases are actually children under five years of age. The virus has been responsible for about 200 deaths each year, of which 50,000 are children. This implies that children are at higher risk of contracting the virus. Furthermore, it has been observed that victims are higher in low-income countries.

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Notable Norovirus Symptoms

Typically, norovirus symptoms last between 1 day and 72 hours. However, if the symptoms persist for a longer period of time, one should prefer to seek medical attention without delay. One of the key symptoms of norovirus is blood in the stool.

However, what makes the virus difficult to deal with is that sometimes the infected person may not experience any symptoms, which makes the situation quite complicated. However, this does not mean that the infected person cannot transmit the virus to other people.

These are some of the key symptoms of norovirus:

  • Feel bad inside

What leads to norovirus? Causes of norovirus!

The virus can infect people in not one but many ways.

First things first: Close contact with infected people can lead to the spread of norovirus from infected people to healthy people.

Second, when you touch contaminated surfaces and then touch your mouth, the risk of becoming infected increases. Additionally, ingesting contaminated food and water can also lead to norovirus infection.

What makes norovirus difficult to combat is the fact that the virus is resistant not only to high temperatures but also to low ones. Additionally, the virus is also immune to multiple disinfectants. It cannot be missed that norovirus is responsible for the most common foodborne illness in the United States.

Norovirus cases in India

Recently, on Monday, two confirmed cases of norovirus were observed in Ernakulam district of Kerala, according to the Kerala health department.

According to the department, the infected students were not adults, but rather two first-grade students at the school. After a test in which the two students experienced symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea, they tested positive for norovirus.

If the reports are anything to go by, 62 people, including parents and students, have faced symptoms of the virus. Symptoms include abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, temperature spikes, body aches, and headaches. It is not surprising that the virus has sought to spread widely in a short time.

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