Watch Dogs 2 – How to make money and save up to unlock the Quadcopter

What is money used for in Watch Dogs 2?

Money is primarily used for customization, allowing you to purchase new clothing from the game’s many vendors (clothing stores, vending machines, and tourist kiosks), as well as additional skins for the vehicles you own.

Speaking of which, dealerships sell cars, bikes, and other vehicles that you can then order on the Car on Demand app, costing anywhere from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Of course, you can ignore this completely, as you can easily steal a car in most places or fast travel to most areas. But if you have cash left over, this is where you can spend it.

The cash is also used to purchase new weapons from the 3D printer at a Hackerspace headquarters, which is arguably home to Watch Dogs 2’s biggest purchase: the Quadcopter. The remote-controlled drone can be used to hack and survey targets from afar, and ends up being essential if you want to find all the key data and complete some of the later story missions.

However, it’s not cheap: it costs $67,500. But the sooner you get it, the easier things will be in the game and as such, earning money quickly comes in handy.

How to make money in Watch Dogs 2?

Unlike followers, you won’t receive cash for completing quests (aside from money bags or other things you find along the way). Instead, you’ll earn it bit by bit by exploring the world in various ways or by participating in specific open-world activities.

Explode to get $18,000 every 40 seconds – The fastest way to get money we know of comes courtesy of a technique from WikiGameGuides on YouTube. This makes you repeat a section within ‘A Real Dogfight’ in the “Eye for an Eye” mission, in which you must hack a certain person for $18,000, reload a checkpoint, and repeat. The technique is explained in the following video:

Pawn Shops: As you explore the world and steal cars, you will loot valuable items. Visit a pawn shop from time to time (they are located on the Nudle map) to sell them for a small recharge.

Money Bags: In addition to research points and key data, you’ll occasionally be able to locate nearby money bags using NetHack Vision (click the right stick on a console to activate them). These tend to give you around $5,000 each, but are usually located in restricted areas guarded by enemies. If you can get in and out quickly, it’s not a bad investment of time, especially if you use a Jumper or Quadcopter.

Use your NetHack vision to add money bags to your map; They appear more than you think.

Do you want more tips? Our Watch Dogs 2 walkthrough and guide provides an overview of everything you can do in the open-world game, from finding all key data locations, unique vehicles, and finding hidden gnomes and gnome outfits, to racing tips, ScoutX, Driver SF. and multiplayer. We also have tutorials on side quests specific to Ubistolen Trophies and Achievements, $911, and Shadows, as well as how to get more followers and how to earn money.

Bank Account Theft – As you profile citizens around the world, there is sometimes the option to steal money from their accounts. While this is typically around $50, there are some lucrative accounts that see this jump to $500. You can highlight them more easily with the ‘Enhanced Profiler’ research node with the Social Engineering branch and appear as a blue square from a short distance.

Bodies: When you take down an enemy, either by killing them or stunning them, they will drop a couple hundred dollars at a time. He runs over her body to get the money.

Driver: SF – These short driving missions can earn you between $2,800 and $9,600, depending on your star rating. Since some of these missions take only a few minutes to complete, they are a pretty quick and easy source of money.

Races: By completing optional races (Drone, Motocross, Sailboat), you will earn a small number of followers and cash. Depending on the medal, the higher the better. For example, a motocross race can net $6,000 for a gold medal if completed in under 2 minutes and 30 seconds, which isn’t a bad return for your time.

Ubisoft Club – Log in to the Ubisoft Club website and you’ll have the option to receive a free $15,000 “cash infusion” to help you on your way.

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