Warzone Sacred Ground locations: Where to find Sacred Grounds in Warzone’s Ghosts of Verdansk

Curious about how to complete the challenge? Here’s where to find Sacred Grounds and how to lower your fear meter in Warzone.

Using 3 Holy Land locations to reduce your fear meter is one of the challenges in Warzone as part of Ghosts of Verdansk, a variation of the Halloween-themed Battle Royale mode.

Introduced during The Haunting, Ghosts of Verdasnk features a total of nine challenges to complete. In addition to a reward for each one, you’ll get the new LAPA SMG for completing them all.

This guide explains where to find Holy Land locations and how to lower your fear meter in Ghosts of Verdansk to complete the challenge.

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Currently, as of Warzone Season 4, you can no longer complete this activity. If you’re looking for more help, check out our current page on the best Warzone weapons and the Vanguard Royale meta.

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Explained how Sacred Grounds work in Warzone and how to reduce your fear meter

Sacred Grounds are guarded locations across the map that are surrounded by a light blue circle. If you don’t notice this right away, they are easy to spot because of a peculiar “totem” in the center.

The purpose of the aura around the totem is to “protect” the people inside. Staying here will prevent the ghosts from attacking you directly, but they will be able to attack the aura from afar, which is destroyed after continued effort.

Most importantly, staying within Sacred Ground will reduce your fear, which can otherwise cause hallucinations. This increases or decreases depending on a few key situations, listed below in Activision’s announcement:

Fear increases with the following actions:

  • Getting shot, hit by enemy team, or having your kill streaks in the area
  • Camping
  • See corpses or ghosts
  • Having squadmates downed or eliminated

Fear decreases with the following actions:

  • Eliminate a player or ghost
  • Revive a squadmate
  • Complete a contract
  • Stay within sacred ground

If you are near one of these, you are within Sacred Ground.

Now, let’s discuss the Sacred Ground locations and what we should keep in mind for this particular challenge.

All Warzone Sacred Ground locations at a glance

Here are all the Sacred Ground locations in Warzone that are active as part of The Haunting event with Ghosts of Verdansk:

Locations are always shown on the map, so it’s easy to follow. Additionally, the aura is quite noticeable even from a distance, and considering there are many of them, the occasions when you will be stranded outside the circles are rare.

That said, Sacred Grounds won’t stop you from entering the usual slowly closing circle on the Battle Royale map. At some point you will have to go out, so it is best to plan accordingly, as enemy ghosts will likely be waiting nearby.

For this particular challenge, you just need to allow some time for your Fear meter to rise and then head towards a Sacred Ground. That said, simply landing on one of them from the helicopter at the start of the match also counted. In any case, get out of the aura a little and come back to reduce it. Doing this three times will complete the challenge.

Good luck with the challenge!

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