Warzone Blueprints list: All Blueprints to unlock in the Blueprint Blitz event explained

There have been plenty of blueprints that you may have missed, but don’t worry as Warzone’s new Blueprint Blitz lets you unlock them.

Blueprints are a staple when it comes to weapon customization in Warzone, and if you missed any from previous seasons, the Blueprint Blitz event gives you a second chance.

Debuting in Season 4 Reloaded, this global event focuses on drops that were present in previous smuggling contracts and typically takes place during select weekends.

This page will cover the list of all previous smuggling contract blueprints and how Blueprint Blitz works so you can finally catch up on your backlog or start a new collection.

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Explanation of how Blueprint Blitz works in Warzone

Blueprint Blitz is a limited-time event that works similarly to others, such as Double XP weekends.

During the period in which the event is active, smuggling contracts work differently than usual. After completing two regular contracts, a smuggling contract will automatically become available.

These special tasks reward you with permanent blueprints for specific weapons, as well as cash to spend in-match. Their frequency tends to be quite elusive, so this event is a great opportunity to catch up on blueprints you may have missed.

Whether you’ve just started playing Warzone or want to check which ones are missing from your current collection, we’ve rounded up all the blueprints available in Blueprint Blitz.

All Blueprint Blitz weapons to unlock in Warzone explained

As of now, there are a total of 11 blueprints available to unlock during Blueprint Blitz.

These vary from a variety of sources, including previous gift packs and Easter egg rewards, as well as traditional smuggling contracts.

Whether or not this list will change over time remains to be seen. But for now, here are all the blueprints that appeared in Blueprint Blitz so far:

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All Contraband Contract Blueprints in Warzone Listed

In case you’re curious to see what other Contraband Contract Blueprints were available in Warzone during past seasons, we’ve rounded them all up below.

It is worth noting that there have been two types of blueprints that can be obtained in the game. Some, like Lonely Lagoon or Karbonite, were part of smuggling contracts, but others involved completing a seasonal Easter egg, which in turn gave the related contract to complete.

It’s unclear if we’ll see them all return in Blueprint Blitz, but in any case, you can find the full list below, up to Season 5 Reloaded:

Have fun looking for plans!

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