Tricky Puzzle IQ Test challenge to spot a butterfly hiding in flowers within 3 seconds!

Puzzle IQ Test: Picture puzzles are fun and also beneficial for improving memory, attention to detail, and spatial orientation. So if you are wondering if puzzles determine your IQ, the answer is yes. If you are good at solving picture puzzles, this indicates a higher level of IQ and visual reasoning. Besides that, solving puzzles within a time limit indicates your ability and speed in processing images.

Tricky Puzzle IQ Test: Can you spot a butterfly hidden among the flowers in 3 seconds? Tricky Puzzle IQ Test: Can you see a butterfly hiding among the flowers?

Image Source: Hopes Grove Nurseries

Here we have a beautiful image of colorful flowers, but keep in mind that it is a puzzle in which a butterfly has been cleverly camouflaged among the flowers. This puzzle is designed to test your observation skills and eyesight.

You have 3 seconds to spot the butterfly hidden among the flowers. Can you tell it apart?

We advise people to look at the image carefully considering that the time limit is short.

Look at the puzzle carefully and say, ‘Where is the butterfly hiding in this picture?’

Your time starts now!

The puzzle challenges viewers to apply their creative intelligence, visual reasoning, and ability to detect hidden patterns and apply logic to solve this puzzle. Check out this puzzle to see your genius level.

You have sharp eyesight if you could spot the butterfly hidden in this picture within 3 seconds!

However, if you are still figuring out where the butterfly is hiding in this puzzle, we reveal the answer below. If you look closely at the image, you will see that the butterfly is spotted at the bottom left of this image.

Tricky puzzle intelligence test with answers

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