Top 10 Best Football Teams in Africa 2023 – Scoring Success

Top 10 Best Football Teams in Africa 2023



Best Football Teams in Africa

Year Founded


Al Ahly SC



Kaizer Chiefs



Asante Kotoko



Zamalek SC



Esperance de Tunis



TP Mazembe



Orlando Pirates



Mamelodi Sundowns



JS Kabylie



Etoile du Sahel


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Best Football Teams in Africa 2023

The year 2023 has seen some of the best football teams in Africa continuing their legacy of excellence on the continent. These top football clubs have a rich history of success, both domestically and in continental competitions. They have earned their place in the spotlight through decades of dedication and hard work, making them the pride of their nations and the envy of their rivals. Let’s take a closer look at the best football teams in Africa in 2023 and the remarkable achievements that have cemented their status as football powerhouses on the continent


1. Al Ahly SC

Al Ahly Sporting Club, commonly known as Al Ahly, is undeniably the most prestigious and successful football club in Africa. Founded in 1907, this Egyptian powerhouse boasts an illustrious history and an unmatched record of accomplishments. Al Ahly competes in the Egyptian Premier League and plays its home matches at the Cairo International Stadium, which has a massive capacity of 75,000 spectators. The club’s loyal fan base makes it the most supported team in Africa, creating an electric atmosphere during their matches.

Al Ahly’s dominance extends beyond Egypt, as they have won more trophies than any other African club. Their most significant success comes from the Confederation of African Football (CAF) Champions League, where they have clinched a record ten titles, establishing themselves as the most successful team in this prestigious competition. Al Ahly’s rich history, both domestically and internationally, solidifies their reputation as Africa’s football giants.

2. Kaizer Chiefs

Kaizer Chiefs Football Club, often simply referred to as Kaizer Chiefs or Amakhosi, is a South African football club with a storied history. Founded in 1970, the club competes in the South African Premier Soccer League (PSL) and calls the iconic FNB Stadium its home. Kaizer Chiefs has earned the distinction of being the most successful team in South Africa, boasting an impressive tally of 13 league titles in the PSL.

Despite their domestic dominance, Kaizer Chiefs has been on a quest to conquer the continent by vying for the CAF Champions League title. While they have yet to secure this coveted trophy, their presence in the competition demonstrates their determination to compete at the highest level in African football. With a rich heritage and a passionate fan base, Kaizer Chiefs remains a powerhouse in South African football, continuously striving to make their mark on the continental stage.

3. Asante Kotoko

Asante Kotoko Sporting Club, commonly known as Asante Kotoko, is a prestigious football club based in Kumasi, Ghana. Founded in 1935, it has since become one of the most successful and well-supported teams in the country. Asante Kotoko has an illustrious history in domestic football, boasting an impressive 24 Ghana Premier League titles, making them the most successful team in Ghana’s top flight. Their passionate fan base, often referred to as the “Kotoko Faithful,” is a testament to the club’s widespread popularity.

Beyond the borders of Ghana, Asante Kotoko has also made its mark on the African football scene. The club has participated in the CAF Champions League, where they have clinched the prestigious title on two occasions. These continental successes, coupled with their domestic dominance, have firmly established Asante Kotoko as a formidable force in African football, and they continue to be a source of pride for Ghanaians and football enthusiasts across the continent.

4. Zamalek SC

Zamalek Sporting Club, commonly known as Zamalek SC, is one of Egypt’s most historic and successful football clubs. Founded in 1911, the club is based in Cairo and competes in the Egyptian Premier League. Zamalek SC has amassed an impressive tally of 14 Egyptian Premier League titles, solidifying its position as one of the top clubs in Egypt. Their home matches are played at the iconic Cairo International Stadium, where passionate fans, known as the “White Knights,” create an electrifying atmosphere.

One of Zamalek’s greatest achievements is their remarkable success in continental competitions. The club has clinched the CAF Champions League title five times, with their first triumph dating back to 1984. These victories have earned them a well-deserved reputation as one of Africa’s football giants. With a rich history, a strong domestic presence, and numerous continental accolades, Zamalek SC continues to be a dominant and celebrated force in African football.

5. Esperance de Tunis

Esperance Sportive de Tunis, commonly known as Esperance de Tunis, is a powerhouse in African football. Founded in 1919, the club hails from Tunis, Tunisia, and competes in the Tunisian Ligue Professionnelle 1. Esperance has enjoyed remarkable success in the domestic league, securing an astounding 32 league titles. This consistent dominance domestically has made them the most successful club in Tunisia. Their home matches are played at the Stade Hammadi Agrebi, which becomes a cauldron of noise and support when the team takes the field.

Esperance’s influence extends well beyond Tunisia’s borders, as they have left an indelible mark on the African football landscape. The club boasts four CAF Champions League titles, solidifying its reputation as a continental powerhouse. Additionally, they have clinched the CAF Super Cup once. The combination of domestic dominance and success on the African stage has firmly established Esperance de Tunis as a symbol of excellence in African football, with a dedicated fan base that passionately supports their every endeavor.

6. TP Mazembe

TP Mazembe, based in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is one of Africa’s most successful football clubs. Founded in 1939, the club has a storied history filled with domestic and continental triumphs. TP Mazembe competes in the DR Congo Ligue 1, also known as Linafoot, and plays its home matches at the Stade TP Mazembe.

One of TP Mazembe’s defining moments came in 1967 when they clinched their first-ever CAF Champions League title. They went on to secure four more Champions League titles, establishing themselves as a dominant force in African club football. The club’s remarkable achievement includes reaching the FIFA Club World Cup finals in 2010, where they finished as runners-up to Inter Milan. With a rich history and passionate fan base, TP Mazembe continues to be a symbol of football excellence in Africa.

7. Orlando Pirates

Founded in 1937, Orlando Pirates is a renowned football club in South Africa and a dominant force in the South African Premier Soccer League. The club is based in Soweto, Johannesburg, and calls the Orlando Stadium its home ground. Orlando Pirates boasts a rich history of success, having won a total of 35 trophies over its 86-year existence.

One of the club’s most significant achievements came in 1995 when they secured their first-ever CAF Champions League title, making them the first South African team to achieve this feat. Orlando Pirates’ commitment to excellence extends beyond domestic competition, as they won the CAF Super Cup in 1996. With a passionate fan base known as the “Buccaneers,” Orlando Pirates remains a prominent and respected club both in South Africa and on the African continent.

8. Mamelodi Sundowns

Mamelodi Sundowns, founded in 1970, is another powerhouse in South African football. The club competes in the South African Premier Soccer League and plays its home matches at the Loftus Versfeld Stadium in Pretoria. Mamelodi Sundowns has achieved remarkable success in the South African football scene, winning the PSL 16 times and accumulating a trophy cabinet boasting 32 titles.

However, what sets Mamelodi Sundowns apart is their success on the continental stage. In 2016, they made history by becoming one of only two South African clubs to win the CAF Champions League. Their journey to continental glory solidified their status as a prominent African club. Mamelodi Sundowns’ pursuit of excellence continues, and their ambition to conquer both domestic and continental competitions makes them a team to watch in African football.

9. JS Kabylie

JS Kabylie, founded in 1946, is a prestigious football club based in Tizi Ouzou, Algeria. With a rich history and a passionate fan base, JS Kabylie has established itself as one of the most successful clubs in Algerian and African football. The club boasts an impressive record of 14 Algerian Ligue Professionnelle 1 titles, five Algerian Cup victories, one Algerian League Cup title, and one Algerian Super Cup title. JS Kabylie’s dominance in domestic competitions has made it a force to be reckoned with in Algerian football.

What truly sets JS Kabylie apart is its remarkable success on the continental stage. The club has clinched two CAF Champions League titles, one African Cup Winners’ Cup, and three CAF Cup titles. These achievements underline JS Kabylie’s ability to compete at the highest level in African club football. With a rich tradition, a storied history, and a committed fan base, JS Kabylie continues to be a prominent figure in African football, showcasing the Algerian footballing spirit and excellence.

10. Etoile du Sahel

Etoile du Sahel, founded in 1925, is a football club based in Sousse, Tunisia. This historic club has firmly established itself as one of the most successful and iconic teams in Tunisia and Africa as a whole. Etoile du Sahel’s domestic achievements include an impressive 10 Tunisian Ligue Professionnelle 1 titles, 10 Tunisian Cup victories, and three Tunisian Super Cup titles. These domestic triumphs have solidified its status as a dominant force in Tunisian football.

However, Etoile du Sahel’s success extends far beyond Tunisia. The club has showcased its excellence on the continental stage by winning the CAF Champions League title, a remarkable achievement that reflects its ability to compete with the best clubs in Africa. Additionally, Etoile du Sahel has secured two African Cup Winners’ Cup titles, two CAF Super Cup titles, and four CAF Confederation Cup titles. This stellar track record on the African continent has elevated Etoile du Sahel to an elite status among African football clubs, and its passionate fan base continues to support the team with unwavering enthusiasm, making it a true powerhouse in African football.

What Criteria are used to Determine the Rankings of African Football Teams in 2023?

The rankings of African football teams in 2023 are determined by various criteria that assess the performance and achievements of these teams in both domestic and international competitions. While different organizations and entities may use slightly different methodologies, the following are some of the key criteria commonly used to determine these rankings:

Domestic League Performance: The performance of football teams in their respective domestic leagues plays a crucial role in rankings. Factors such as the number of points earned, win-loss records, goals scored, and goals conceded are considered. Teams that consistently perform well in their domestic leagues are likely to receive higher rankings.

Domestic Cup Competitions: Success in domestic cup competitions, such as national cup tournaments and league cups, is another important criterion. Winning these tournaments or reaching the later stages can boost a team’s ranking.

Continental Success: African club rankings often heavily weigh the performance of teams in continental competitions organized by the Confederation of African Football (CAF). This includes the CAF Champions League and the CAF Confederation Cup. Winning these tournaments and advancing deep into them can significantly elevate a team’s ranking.

International Club Competitions: Performance in international club competitions, such as the FIFA Club World Cup, where African teams compete against clubs from other continents, is also considered. Success on the global stage can lead to higher rankings.

Head-to-Head Results: Results of head-to-head matches between teams are often factored in. Beating higher-ranked opponents or rivals can lead to a boost in ranking points.

Strength of Opponents: The strength of the teams that a club competes against in both domestic and continental competitions is taken into account. Wins against stronger opponents are typically weighted more heavily than wins against weaker teams.

Goal Difference: Goal difference, which is the margin between goals scored and goals conceded, can be a tiebreaker in cases where teams have similar records in other criteria.

Consistency: Consistency in performance over time is a crucial factor. Teams that maintain a high level of performance over multiple seasons are likely to receive higher rankings.

Current Form: Some ranking systems consider a team’s current form in the ongoing season. This accounts for whether a team is currently on a winning streak or experiencing a downturn in performance.

Historical Success: While recent performance is important, historical success and the number of titles won by a club can also contribute to rankings.

It’s essential to note that different organizations and publications may have their own ranking systems, which can lead to variations in team rankings. Additionally, the weight assigned to each criterion can vary, and some systems may incorporate additional factors or statistical analysis to fine-tune rankings.

These rankings serve as a valuable tool for assessing and comparing the performance of African football clubs, but they should be viewed as a general indicator rather than an absolute measure of a team’s quality.

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