This naughty crow is Mr. Ben’s foe! Can you find the hidden crow?

Mr. Ben is a couch potato. He loves to sleep. Stare into his eyes and you’ll see a fervent desire to slip into bed and sleep for 9 hours straight. Mr. Ben’s wife once had a cat, who was famous for being lethargic. However, Mr. Ben beat the cat in the sleeping challenge.

Everyone around him has feared Mr. Ben’s indolent nature. He often arrives late for work, sleeps while he works and hates everyone who asks him to wake up.

It was just last week that Mr. Ben slept in the kitchen while baking muffins. When her wife asked him to pick her up from her office, her loving husband went to pick her up, but he couldn’t reach her office. Because? Sources say they found him asleep in the car halfway. When his sons wanted him to play soccer with them, they were surprised to see how talented his father was at sleeping standing up. And oh, did we tell you he was once found sleeping on the dining room table?

The whole town knows how sleepy Mr. Ben is. When he was a child, his teachers found him sleeping in the exam room. His classmates used to make fun of him, but Mr. Ben was the least bothered. Can you guess why? Well, how is bullying going to bother anyone if you’re always asleep while your coworkers make a sarcastic comment? Growing up, he never had many friends. Maybe some imaginary friends visited Mr. Ben every day while he was sleeping!

While proposing to his wife on his knees, Mr. Ben surprised his wife with the ability to sleep on his knees. That’s Mr. Ben’s nature.

He has lost not one but many friends due to this lethargic nature. After 12 years of marriage, his wife is also convinced that her husband is lazy.

But hey, how would Mr. Ben convince a naughty crow?

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A crow is hiding near Mr. Ben’s house, and stops cawing! Mr. Ben calls the crow his enemy!

Can you find the hidden crow?

JagranjoshImage source: Mister Teach (YouTube)

The crow has decided to wake up Mr. Ben today. Was the crow successful in his attempt?

Oh dear bear, where are you? Find the hidden bear in the picture!

Could you find the crow?

Here is Mr. Ben’s enemy!

JagranjoshImage source: Mister Teach (YouTube)

Here you go, readers! You have successfully found the hidden crow. Now Mr. Ben can sleep peacefully! Grrr!

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