Streets of Rage 4 retro level locations: How to unlock all secret retro stages

Streets of Rage 4’s retro settings are some of the game’s best secrets – four scenes from arguably the most iconic game in the series, Streets of Rage 2.

As a result, they are very well hidden; Chances are, even after playing Story Mode for the first time, you haven’t seen a single one.

We explain how retro levels work in Streets of Rage 4 and how to find all retro level locations.

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If you haven’t tried the game yet, our Streets of Rage 4 review might convince you.

How to unlock retro levels in Streets of Rage 4

Within the 12 stages on offer in the story campaign are a handful of cool secrets, with four unlockable and playable Streets of Rage 2 scenes, complete with a CRT filter and cameos from old characters just as you remember them.

You’ll get a trophy or achievement for the first retro level you find in Streets of Rage 4.

Apparently they’re single-screen boss encounters, and you’ll have to beat them in a single life or you’ll be kicked out of the secret level. However, if you complete them successfully, you will be rewarded with a useful item, such as a star or a piece of food that replenishes health.

It’s not a huge reward, but on higher difficulties those items come in handy, and the real reward is exploring these retro levels with the new moveset that Streets of Rage 4 offers.

Streets of Rage 4 Retro Stage Locations

Unlocking the retro stages in Streets of Rage 4 is a simple task, as is finding them: simply keep an eye out for arcade machines bearing the name ‘Bare Knuckle’ (a clear reference to the Japanese Streets of Rage title) and then look for a Taser nearby.

To access a retro setting, you will simply have to hit the arcade machine with the Taser, with which you will be transported to a 16-bit world. Here’s exactly where to find the four retro stages in Streets of Rage 4.

Retro Level 1 Location – Streets of Rage 4 Stage 2 (Police Station)

The first unlockable level you’ll encounter is also one of the trickiest to unlock, as you’ll have to taser one of the beefy cops shortly after leaving your prison cell.

We recommend quickly dispatching the beefy cops and then getting to work on the additional enemies that appear, while doing your best not to pick up the discarded Taser – it breaks after just one use and you’ll be gone without it. able to access the secret level.

Get it right and you’ll enjoy your first boss encounter in Streets of Rage 2.

Retro Level 2 Location – Streets of Rage 4 Stage 4 (Old Dock)

The predatory boss from Streets of Rage 2’s carnival stage is one of its most iconic moments, so it’s a pleasure to revisit it in Streets of Rage 4’s secret retro second level.

At the end of the stage 4 dock you’ll find an arcade: simply Taser one of the big cops, enter the arcade through the door to its right, and attack to unlock the secret stage.

Retro Level 3 Location – Streets of Rage 4 Stage 5 (Metro)

The third retro level is pretty easy to unlock, as long as you don’t break the arcade while taking out enemies. At the bar, the cabinet hangs towards the back, while you’ll find a Taser smashing a nearby table.

Do so and you’ll be whisked away to a Streets of Rage 2 encounter with Abadede, a wrestler with more than a passing resemblance to another ’90s icon, the WWF’s ultimate warrior.

Retro Level 4 Location – Streets of Rage 4 Stage 8 (Art Gallery)

The art gallery is one of the most impressive settings in Streets of Rage 4, and it’s where you’ll be taken to a climactic fight in Streets of Rage 2.

Just before the final boss of the Art Gallery, you’ll find a saved arcade machine – the Taser you’ll need to unlock the level is hidden just below, glowing in the dark.

This is how you can access Streets of Rage 4’s secret retro levels, but it’s not the only unlockable in this shiny new game. If you want to know how to get all the characters, including those in their original 16-bit style, check out our Streets of Rage 4 unlockable characters page.

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