Stardew Valley Festival of Ice and competition tips explained

The Ice Festival is the first winter festival in Stardew Valley.

Although Spirit’s Eve has come and gone, this festival keeps the chill in the air and is the start of the busiest month of Stardew Valley celebrations.

The highlight of the Ice Festival is the fishing contest. If you can catch more fish than the villagers, you’ll get a couple of prizes.

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Ice Festival date and time in Stardew Valley explained

Below you will find the important details for the Ice Festival from the Stardew Valley festival calendar:

  • Date – 8th winter
  • Time: 9 am to 2 pm
  • Location – Carbonilla Forest
  • Return to the Farm at – 10pm

Festival of Ice contest in Stardew Valley explained

While you can enjoy viewing the various ice sculptures, the main event of the Ice Festival is the fishing competition.

You can start this competition by talking to Lewis and you must catch at least five fish to win the competition each year.

Once the competition begins, you will have two minutes to catch as many fish as possible.

To increase your chances of winning, stand as close to your chosen pond as possible. Next, make sure you have a red level box; Otherwise, your fishing line could lose the pond.

Now all you have to do is catch the fish. If you’re having trouble winning this competition, it’s a good idea to practice the fishing minigame beforehand.

The first time you win the fishing competition, you will be rewarded with a barbed hook, a dressed spinner, a magnet, and a sailor cap. If you win the contest again, you will always be rewarded with 2000g, which you will receive as part of your total winnings at the end of the day.

One of the main objectives in Stardew Valley is to complete the Community Center packs or, if you’re corporate-minded, you can purchase a JojaMart membership. Fishing is a great way to make money in Stardew Valley, especially if you decide to use ponds and crab traps. Throughout the year, you’ll also be able to attend a variety of festivals, including the Egg Festival, Stardew Valley Fair, and the Night Market.

Festival of Ice Shopping Booth in Stardew Valley

These are the items offered by the shopping stand present at the Ice Festival in Stardew Valley:

Article Price
Cranberry sauce 200g
frozen dreams 2,000 grams
Frosty Banner 800g
frozen carpet 4,000 grams
Pumpkin soup 250g
Rarecrow 5,000 grams
Stuffed 200g
winter star tree 5,000 grams
wall sconce 1,000 grams
winter dining table 3,000 grams
Winter side table 1,000 grams

Once the Ice Festival is complete, the second and largest winter festival can begin: the Night Market!

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