Spot the Difference: Can You Find the Difference in the Two Disney Pictures in 5 Seconds?

Find the difference: There are various puzzles in the world that stimulate the mind and help increase brain power. A great way to test your brain power is by solving these types of puzzles regularly, and today we have an exciting spot the difference challenge for you. Finding differences is especially beneficial for checking and improving your observation skills.

Everyone loves animated movies and superhero movies. There’s one that combines both genres: Disney-Pixar’s Incredibles 2, a sequel to the 2004 hit The Incredibles. The movie is loved all over the world and will now serve to make you smarter too.

There are two still images from Incredibles 2 in the difference puzzle below. You must find the difference between the two images within 5 seconds. You can do it? Let’s get ready to find out.

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Find the difference in 5 seconds!

Below are two almost identical images from the Disney-Pixar animated film, Incredibles 2. You have to spot a difference in the second image within 5 seconds. Most people don’t do it. Are you one of them or do you have expert observation skills? Find the difference within the prescribed time limit to find out!

Find the differences in 5 seconds Disney's Incredibles 2

Image source: Buzzfeed/Disney Studios

In the images, Elastigirl is ready to leave to save the world while her husband, Mr. Incredible, takes care of the children. However, not everything is what it seems.

There is a discrepancy between the two images and you must find it within 5 seconds. Let’s see if you can do it. Your time starts now.

Remember, 5 seconds go by very quickly!

Ready. Place. Go.

TIC Tac….

TIC Tac….

Time is over!

Did you see the difference?

Check with the solution below.

Find the difference in the 5 second test solution

The answer to the Disney-Incredibles 2 movie differences riddle is here.

Find the difference in the 5 second test solution

In the second image a spoke is missing from the bicycle wheel.

Did you correctly solve the puzzle in 5 seconds?

Well, congratulations are in order. You’ve beaten most people who try this find differences test. Before you head out, check out similar find the difference quizzes and other brain puzzles to have fun and get smart.

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