Spot 3 differences in the Mummy picture within 9 seconds. 99% will fail!

There are many ways to improve general cognitive abilities, such as through exercise and solving puzzles. Now, doing exercises can be boring at some point; on the other hand, solving puzzles will never be monotonous.

If you really want to improve your observation skills and attention to detail, then you should solve at least one spot the difference puzzle daily. These puzzles challenge your vision as finding differences between two almost identical images is quite difficult. If you are curious how good your skills are then try this spot the difference game that we have prepared for you today. Are you ready? Come on.

Find 3 differences in 9 seconds


Source: Brain Gym International

The image above is of a mummy that has risen from the dead. You can see the moon that is made of cheese, there are bats flying high in the sky. The mummy walks through the cemetery. Now, the two images may seem indistinguishable, but there are 3 differences between the two. You have to find them all within the given time. Oh, and you only have 9 seconds to find all the differences. If you can’t spot the differences, don’t worry because we are about to give you the solution to this spot the difference puzzle. Scroll down to see it.

Find the solution of differences

You had to spot 3 differences between the two mummy images in 9 seconds. Are here:


Source: Brain Gym International

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You have the sharpest eyes in the world if you can spot 1 difference between the strawberry pictures in 3 seconds!

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