Skyrim Mage Skills – how to max Destruction, Conjuration, Restoration, Illusion, and Alteration

Mage skills in Skyrim, despite being absolutely essential for Magicka-based classes and character building, are some of the hardest to level up. For the most part, that’s because they simply aren’t used often enough: a use of the Alteration skill for some Mage Armor before combat, when Alteration doesn’t level up faster than an all-purpose school like , for example, Destruction, means that your level will increase at an absolute rate.

Fortunately, now that you have the maximum level of enchanting, you read our power leveling guide and crafting skills guide, right? – All of the following abilities that require magic to cast are a lot easier to level. Unlock all ‘Enchanter’, ‘Corpus Enchanter’ and ‘Insightful Enchanter’ perks and enchant a set of armor or clothing (head, hands, chest and feet) that is enchanted for a 25% reduction in magicka cost for the skill you have in mind. With the four pieces combined you can cast spells. free in that school, meaning you can cast them infinitely to power level.

Below we explain the best and most efficient ways to spam your spells to level up each school of magic.

If you’re playing the 2021 Anniversary Edition, we’ve got explanations for features like fishing.

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The fastest way to level up Alteration, Conjuration and Destruction

How to reach level 100 alteration

With the 100% magic cost reduction enchantment mentioned above, there is a very easy way to take this skill to the maximum level.

  • Cast the Telekinesis spell on a random object and, while holding the cast button, fast travel to the farthest possible point on the map. Because the game processes your travel to the new location as if you had been traveling there on foot, and because your magic now never runs out, it will greatly increase your Alteration ability, thinking you’ve been casting Telekinesis for hours. -game time.
  • If this mini-glitch doesn’t work for you, you can also simply cast the spell twice on an object and leave the triggers held down for several hours, and you’ll have been leveling up manually the entire time.

How to reach level 100 Conjuration

Conjuration is very slow to level up organically, but fortunately it is quite fast to reach power level.

  • Simply cast Soul Trap on a corpse (of any NPC, even creatures) or on the ever-durable Shadowmere mount, obtained through the Dark Brotherhood questline. It is a quick way to level up, although some also consider it a mistake.
  • Alternatively, you can continually use the Bound Weapon spell while in combat. Pick a fight with something easy to avoid, like Slaughterfish, and stay close. You can summon the weapon again as soon as you hear the noise it makes when activating the spell, making it very easy to repeat at high speed.

How to reach level 100 Destruction

Another fairly easy one to level, Destruction can also be combined with Restoration when used against enemies like Shadowmere, who won’t turn hostile, but can heal.

  • Shadowmere is once again the victim here, as simply casting Double Destruction spells on the indestructible horse (or any other indestructible or “essential” character that doesn’t turn hostile) is the quickest way to max it out.
  • Destruction XP returns depend on both the spell’s base cost and the damage dealt to the target, and so changing the difficulty won’t actually affect your XP returns in any way.

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The fastest way to level up Illusion and Restoration.

How to reach level 100 illusion

There are a couple of ways to level up Illusion very quickly, particularly with the above enchantments that strengthen the skill.

  • Firstly, you can cast Rally on NPCs without making them hostile, which means spamming densely populated areas is a quick way to level up. Second, you can also cast Defeat and Pacify on a single enemy, equipping a spell in each hand.
  • As noted on the Elder Scrolls Unofficial Pages wiki, it is often advisable to cast it on someone in an enclosed space, to avoid a reward and prevent them from wandering away while you spam your spells.

How to reach level 100 Restoration

You’ll need to heal damage to level your Restoration skill, which means you can’t just heal yourself when you’re already at full health. Some methods we have found include:

  • Dual casting of the Balance Alteration spell, which turns your health into magic, with a strong Restoration spell.
  • You can also use Shadowmere once more, damaging her with destruction in one hand and healing her with the other.
  • Restoration can combine well with leveling heavy or light armor skills, as you can take damage from enemies at a similar level to your character and heal continuously at the same time.
  • Dwemer Ruins often house flamethrower traps, which deal continuous damage that can be healed infinitely with Restoration, much like the wind in certain areas of High Hrothgar.
  • It’s also possible to repeatedly cast spells like Circle of Protection and Circle of Guardians anywhere, although they give you more experience if something classified as undead (including you and your followers if you’re a vampire, for example) is inside the circle.

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