Seek and Find Puzzle: Can you find the thief in costume in 4 seconds?

Seek and Find Puzzle: Finding a thing or object hidden in a picture is the basic concept behind a “seek and find” puzzle. Users must search for the thing or object in the image within a specific time period in this activity.

The “seek and find” activity is popular because it can be done individually or in a group. It’s also one of the best ways to test your observation skills.

Individuals can use it to better understand their own observation skill levels and groups can use it to determine who has the best observation skills in the group.

Get ready for a quick “seek and find” challenge where you have to find the clock in the picture within 5 seconds.

Seek and Find Puzzle: Can you find the disguised thief in 4 seconds?


Source: Cool Side

You can see four people dressed up in this seek and find puzzle image. Three of them have to attend a costume contest, but one of them is a liar who dresses up to escape from the authorities.

Can you find the disguised thief in the given time?

You have 4 seconds to find the thief.

This is a test of your observation and analysis skills. People with good observation and analysis skills can find the thief quickly.

Have you found the thief yet?


Hurry up; time is running out.

Do I need a hint?

Here you have.

Pay attention to the costumes of the four people and you will find the thief.

Did you find the thief now?

The clock is ticking.

And time is up!

Were you able to find the thief?

If so, then congratulations.

Otherwise, scroll down to find the thief.

Find the thief in 4 seconds- Solution


Source: Cool Side

Except for set number 3, all the costumes are designed exceptionally. The thief rushed to put on as much time as he could to use it as a disguise after committing the crime, which is why his outfit doesn’t make any sense.

We hope you liked this Search and Find puzzle.

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