Seek and Find: Only a genius can spot a dog among pandas in 5 seconds. Can you?

Search and Find: The “search and find” game is one of the most popular activities on the Internet today. In this activity, the user or participants need to find an object hidden in the image.

That hidden object can be a living or non-living being.

It’s a good way to test and improve your observation skills. The best thing about this activity is that you can do it both individually and in a group.

Do you want to test your observation skills?

Try this quick challenge now.

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Search and find: find a dog among pandas in 5 seconds


Source: Lego

The image shared above shows a scene of toy pandas. This image was created by the popular Lego toy manufacturers.

As the title suggests, there is a dog hidden among the pandas and you have 5 seconds to find it and complete the challenge successfully.

The key to solving this seek-and-find puzzle is to pay close attention to the image and see if you can spot a dog among the pandas.

This exercise is designed to test your attention to detail. Only those with great observation skills will be able to find the dog in time.

The relatively shorter time frame makes everything even more challenging for participants.

Did you see the dog?


Hurry up; time is running out.

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Looking for a clue?

Here you have.

The dog is not on the left side of the image.

With this important clue, you will be able to refine your search for the dog.

Have you seen the dog now?

There are only a few more seconds left.




Time is over.

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How many of you have seen the dog?

Are you looking for the answer?

Before moving on to the answer, we would like to congratulate those users who have discovered the dog with its exceptional observation skills.

See the solution below.


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