Sea of Thieves Skeleton Forts: Skull Clouds, Stronghold Keys and how to defeat the raids

Skeleton Forts, marked by those large, rather sinister-looking clouds of skulls in the sky, are Sea of ​​Thieves’ version of the late raid.

They are complicated events open to the public (anyone in their instance can browse and join) and require a lot of coordination and planning to pull off effectively.

However, when you do, you’ll probably find a Fortress Key that opens a special store full of ridiculously valuable treasures.

Here in this guide we will explain what Skeleton Forts and those large clouds of skulls are, how to get the fortress key and of course our step-by-step tips on how to assault and defeat Skeleton. The strong themselves.

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Skull Clouds and Skeleton Forts in Sea of ​​Thieves Explained

Those menacing green-eyed skulls you may have seen floating in the clouds already have a purpose: they tell you that a raid is underway on the Skeleton Fort.

Skeleton Forts themselves are essentially raids open to the public (think Guild Wars or Destiny’s public events) and play out as follows:

  1. A large skull cloud seems to indicate that one has been activated.
  2. The cannons, manned by skeletons, attack as you approach.
  3. Several waves of various enemies attack after you clear the cannons and land.
  4. A final boss, in the form of a particularly tough Skeleton Captain, appears with the last wave.
  5. The Captain drops a Fortress Key upon being defeated, which opens a vault to an incredibly valuable treasure.
  6. You collect all the treasure, transport it to your ship as fast as you can and cheese it!

Anyway, here’s how it goes in basic terms, but if you’re seriously thinking about starting one (and really want to succeed!), we recommend reading below for a step-by-step guide.

How to prepare for Skeleton Forts in Sea of ​​Thieves

Here’s how to start preparing:

  • Stock Up: Before heading to Skeleton Fort, you need to seriously manage your supplies. Max out yourself and your ship with cannonballs, bananas, and wooden planks and make sure all your weapons are fully loaded from the ship’s storage.
  • Assemble a Crew: We did this with a crew of three on a galleon, but four would certainly make it easier. If you are on a one or two person sloop, you will absolutely need the help of another crew in the world. But good luck tracking down other crews without getting killed or betrayed!
  • Set sail: You have to get there before you can start, of course, but in Sea of ​​Thieve that’s usually half the battle. The cloud of skulls is visible from anywhere on the map, so be careful, it could take you quite a while to reach it.

  • Clear the defenses: As soon as you reach the attack, you will be riddled by cannon fire. As you get closer, they will become much more precise, so divide the roles between you: some fire your own cannons to eliminate those of the skeletons and others repair the inevitable holes in your ship.
  • Park somewhere smart – you need easy access on and off the island, so preferably look for a beach with a path leading inland. Be smart with your boat’s position: turn it on its back for a quick escape, with sails spread and helm steering ready (and obviously don’t forget to drop anchor amid all the chaos).
  • Split into two groups: After the enemy cannons have been eliminated, prepare to dive. One assault group should head ashore and the other should defend the ship, ideally with two people in each group. The ship’s crew must continue firing cannons, shooting and plugging holes, and the raiders must be prepared for combat.

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How to defeat Skeleton Forts and get a Skeleton Stronghold key

Once you’re done preparing, here’s how to complete the Skeleton Fort encounter and get a Skeleton Stronghold key:

  • Keep the boat afloat at all times: We know this is basically a duplicate step, but it is In fact It’s important that you keep the ship afloat, because it’s where pirates respawn, and as a raider you’re going to do a lot of that. As long as the ship is standing, you can have a constant stream of pirates charging towards land to keep the assault alive. As the assault progresses, you can probably leave one person behind to defend the ship.
  • Defeat the Waves of Skeletons: The real assault comes in the form of several waves of enemies. Ideally, the ship should have line of sight into the battle so that the cannons can be used as crucial support. On land, you must face five types of enemies.
    • Basic Skeletons: Essentially the same as anything you’ll find around the world, they appear in droves.
    • Metal Skeletons: Made from solid treasure, they take huge amounts of damage, but are slowed down greatly by water. Throw buckets of water on them or, better yet, have them pool in a puddle of water and then detonate an explosive powder keg on them to quickly take them down!
    • Seaweed Skeletons: Think of these as the fast zombie type, go for them specifically when you’re in the water. They are erratic and fast, and the best way to defeat them is to take them to the beach for cannon fire from the boat (although keeping them out of the water helps).
    • Black Bone Skeletons: These can be tricky, as they are only vulnerable to light. Have one of your team shine a flashlight at all times or prolong the battle until dawn if you want to defeat them!
    • Fortress Captain: A much tougher version of the normal Skeleton Captains you’ll find around the world, these are identified by the red name above them, but being just one enemy, you can easily focus your fire, both from the ship and from your crew. to knock them down little by little.

  • Take the key to the fortress: in the remains of the captain of the fortress will be the key to the fortress. Pick it up and head to the central keep of the main tower.
  • Open the vault and take the loot! – When you find a shiny door, open it with the key to reveal a bunch of very valuable treasures (some items sell for around 3000 coins each, for example). It will take several trips to get it back to the ship and you may be attacked by skeletons or, worse, other crews who joined the battle along the way, so we recommend that some of you continue your guard duties and others don’t. . the bearing. Be sure to keep an eye out for other crews, keep your flashlights off if you’re traveling at night, and book your trip to the nearest Outpost Island to sell your stuff before some cunning enemy loots you.

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