Sea of Thieves Season 1 estimated release time, and what’s new in Season 1 explained

Sea of ​​Thieves Season 1 is almost here, and it brings something new to Rare’s open-ocean adventure: a seasonal update schedule.

With it comes another mainstay of service games, a battle pass, which is free for all players, with some additional non-Pirate Emporium-exclusive items up for grabs as part of a Plunder Pass.

This page outlines the estimated release time for Seas of Thieves Season 1 and some of what you can expect in the new season.

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Seasons in Sea of ​​Thieves explained

Sea of ​​Thieves Season 1 Estimated Release Time GMT, CST, EDT, and PDT Explained

UPDATE (4pm UK time): Season 1 is now available! You can see what’s been added to the game via the Sea of ​​Thieves Season 1 Battle Pass pages and the Sea of ​​Thieves patch notes.

ORIGINAL STORY: The Sea of ​​Thieves Season 1 release date is Thursday, January 28, and the season will likely begin sometime during the day in the UK/GMT.

What do we know? rare developer Has confirmed The servers will go offline at the following times:

  • UK: 10am (GMT/UK)
  • Europe: 11 am (CST/Western Europe)
  • US East Coast: 5am (EST/US East Coast)
  • US West Coast: 2am December 15 (PST/US West Coast)

From here, we can expect the servers to go offline for a few hours and the season to start when it returns.

As this is the biggest update to Sea of ​​Thieves in some time, it is unknown how long the servers will be down. However, since previous updates had downtimes of a couple of hours, we estimate that the new season will play two to three hours later than the previous times. So for the UK this would be around lunch time.

To clarify, this is just an estimate on our part, and it could be sooner or later depending on how things go. Also, wait for an update to arrive, which you will also need to download before you can start playing.

The first season has arrived! Learn about all Season 1 Battle Pass rewards and everything else added in the Sea of ​​Thieves patch notes. New to the game? Learn what to do in Sea of ​​Thieves and take part in the Maiden Voyage tutorial, which teaches you the basics of navigation and naval battles. It is also useful for beginners to know how to survive fights with skeletons and kraken. Elsewhere we have tips on how to get gold and doubloons easily, complete skeleton forts and The Shroudbreaker, engage in fishing on the Sea of ​​Thieves and Sea of ​​Thieves maps.

What’s new in Sea of ​​Thieves season 1?

This update is important as Sea of ​​Thieves introduces its first formal season and battle pass. This means a number of important updates and additions, including:

  • The beginning of a new season, which will last three months, which heralds the arrival of important news and updates to the game.

  • A battle pass with 100 tiers of rewards, including cosmetics such as emotes, in-game currencies, and ancient coins.
  • In addition to this, there are exclusive Pirate Legend rewards and the Plunder Pass, which allows you to earn additional Pirate Emporium items along the progression path.

  • The introduction of Renown, an ‘XP’ system for leveling up the Battle Pass, and Trials, which are made up of Deeds that test your skills in various areas of the game.

  • A new journey from the Merchant Alliance, in which you will search for sunken treasure.

All of this has been announced by Rare so far; Of course, there might be more when it arrives. Good luck in this first new season!

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