Pokémon Sun and Moon – Ultra Beast quests, locations, and how to catch them

Ultra Beast Quests: The Enigmatic Letter and How to Start UB Missions

The Ultra Beast Quests begin practically as soon as you start the game again after the credits roll. Waking up in your room, as you always do after the melancholy acknowledgments of a Pokémon game, if you go outside you will soon encounter a strange old man who hands you a Riddle Card.

Apparently this card was sent by “a certain… interested party,” but that’s all the old man will tell you before running off. You should go to a guest room at the Akala Island Motel on Route 8 if you want more information.

Once there, all of this starts to make a little more sense. Turns out that old man was actually a guy known as Looker, from the International Police. Pokémon X and Y players will probably remember the name, as he is a man who also gave you several quests in Kalos. This time, he is joined by his boss, Anabel, and the task is, as you may have guessed, to contain all of these dangerous Ultra Beasts.

By talking to both of them, you’ll discover a lot more backstory about the International Police and their prior knowledge of the Ultra Beasts, but in short, it’s up to you to not only fight the Beasts roaming Alola, but also capture them. them, to protect both the citizens of the area and the apparently frightened Ultra Beasts.

First, though, you’ll have to pass a quick test to make sure you’re ready, with a battle against Anabel herself. Then, if you succeed, you will go to the Aether Paradise Secret Laboratories, where you will meet her partner: Mrs. Wicke!

By talking to the lab assistant in lab A, you can obtain the DNA Splicers, the Prison Bottle, and the Soul Dew, three very valuable items related to legendary Pokémon from previous generations, while in lab B, where Wicke returns to work, come down. to the matter of the Ultra Beasts. She’ll give you ten Beast Balls, specially designed with a much higher catch rate for UB, but no benefit for normal Pokémon, and then it’s time to head back to Route 8 for a briefing from Anabel…

Article Where to find
enigmatic card From an old stranger outside your house when you’re leaving
DNA splicing Laboratory assistant in laboratory A
prison bottle Laboratory assistant in laboratory A
dew of the soul Laboratory assistant in laboratory A
Beast Balls x10 Wicke, in laboratory B.
Coaches Pokemon Level
Pokémon Trainer Anabel AlakazamMismagiusSnorlaxWeavileSalamence Level 61 Level 61 Level 61 Level 61 Level 61

Ultra Beast Locations – How to Catch and Where to Catch Ultra Beasts

Your hunt and capture of Ultra Beasts is actually divided into a series of missions, one per Beast. There are also a couple of quick things to keep in mind:

  • Normal Poké Balls of all types still work on Ultra Beasts; We caught one with a standard Poké Ball to test this.
  • You can tell when a UB is available to listen to in your current area, as the music will change to a specific Ultra Beast score.
  • Using a Repellent is a good way to speed things up, as UBs appear in standard wild Pokémon areas, such as tall grass, and this will remove all the pesky Yungoos from your search.

Symbiote UB01 – Nihilego

First of all, after your meeting at the Route 8 motel, it’s time to go hunt down Nihilego, the Ultra Beast you’ve already encountered a couple of times during your escapades with Lillie, Lusamine, and Ultra Space.

There is only one Nihilego to catch, which appears in two locations: the Diglett Tunnel and the Wela Volcano. You can go to either one, whichever you prefer!

Ultra Beast Number Level Guy does it move Location Version
Nihilego 1 Level 55 Rock/Poison Power GemMirror CoatAcid SprayVenom Drench Diglett TunnelWela Volcano Park Both

Report to Looker at the Route 8 Motel when you’re done and he and Anabel will soon direct you to your next task; catch Buzzswole or Pheromosa.

UB02 Absorption – Buzzswole; o UB02 Beauty – Pheromosa

Reporting to Looker with the captured Nihilego, he suggests that there has been another report of Ultra Beasts sighted on Melemele Island, and asks that you regroup with him and Anabel there at the motel on Route 2, just north of Hau’ Town. Oli.

This time, none other than Officer Nanu appears, apparently knowing quite a bit about Anabel, Looker, and the International Police, as well as these Ultra Beasts. They’ll tell you that this time there are two Buzzswole or Four Pheromosa to take care of.

Article Where to find
Beast Balls x10 Looker, at the motel.
Ultra Beast Number Level Guy does it move Location Version
Buzzswole 2 Sixty-five Bug/Fight Counter Hammer Arm LungeDynamic Punch melemele meadow Sun
pheromous 4 60 Bug/Fight Triple KickLungeBug BuzzMe First green cavern Moon

Once everyone is gathered, return to the Route 2 motel and report to Looker again. Once again he will be sent away, only to return with more news of Ultra Beast sightings, so it’s time to prepare for the next hunt for him!

UB03 Lighting – Xurkitree

This time, at the motel on Route 2 they tell you that Xurkitree has been sighted on Akala Island, inside Lush Jungle. It’s time to regroup at the Route 8 motel, where you’ll be given more Beast Balls and sent back to capture the Beast.

However, once you meet Looker at the Route 8 Motel, you’ll find him chatting with Poni Island’s wandering artist, Captain Mina. She likes a quick battle, so she prepares your team for some Fairy-type attacks and defeat her!

Article Where to find
Beast Balls x10 Looker, at the motel.
Coaches Pokemon Level
Pony Captain Mina KlefkiGranbullShiinoticWigglytuffRibombee Level 61 Level 61 Level 61 Level 61 Level 61
Ultra Beast Number Level Guy does it move Location Version
Xurkitree 2 Sixty-five Electric HypnosisDownloadElectrical TerrainPower Whip Memorial HillLush Jungle Both

Report back to Looker and Anabel on Route 8, and this time we head to the motel on Route 13, on Ula’Ula Island, to regroup again, as more reports come in…

Sheet UB04 – Kartana; o UB04 Blaster – Celesteela

This time, it’s Officer Nanu’s turn to burst in with more sightings, as he does when he arrives at the Route 13 motel.

Anabel is also now showing some strange signs of weakness, almost as if the presence of these Ultra Beasts is having some kind of physical effect on her…

Article Where to find
Beast Balls x10 Looker, at the motel.
Ultra Beast Number Level Guy does it move Location Version
kartana 4 Level 60 Grass / Steel Blade BladeX-ScissorDetectAir Slash Route 17Malie Garden Sun
Celesteela 2 Level 65 Steel / Flying AutotomizeSeed PumpSkull BashIron Defense Haina DesertMalie Garden Moon

After reporting back to Looker at the Route 13 motel, he tells you a little more about why Anabel has been acting so strange. It turns out that she is what is known as a ‘faller’: someone who emerged from an Ultra Wormhole in the sky with complete memory loss.

The International Police used the Fallers to lure the Ultra Beasts to capture and study them; apparently they have had contact with them before and discovered that these Fallers had some kind of scent or marking that acts as a great attractant to the Ultra Beasts.

Looker is now worried about Anabel’s safety, especially since she has been in charge of defending the local population while you head out to catch the Beasts. But no matter, for now, we’re off to the floating restaurant in Poni Island’s Seafolk Village, to locate one last Ultra Beast…

UB05 Gluttony – Guzzlord

Once you arrive at the Floating Restaurant, it becomes clear that Looker has sent Anabel on a distraction mission, somewhere far from the real Ultra Beast.

This last one, Guzzlord, is located at the bottom of Resolution Cave here on Poni Island, and it’s tough. In fact, it’s so difficult that Officer Nanu, who’s back to help, insists you fight him first before taking it on.

Defeat him and you can head to the Cave of Resolve, via Poni Grove, Poni Plains and Poni Meadow, now accessible. Stock up on items and prepare for a long, high-level journey to the cave itself!

Article Where to find
Beast Balls x10 Looker, at the Floating Restaurant
Coaches Pokemon Level
Ula’Ula Kahuna Nanu SabeleyKrookodileHonchcrowPersian (Alolan)Absol Level 63 Level 63 Level 63 Level 63 Level 63
Ultra Beast Number Level Guy does it move Location Version
Lord Devourer 1 Level 70 Dark dragon ThrashGastro AcidHeavy SlamDrain Resolution Cave Both

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With Guzzlord finally captured, your job is finally done. Talk to Looker at the Floating Restaurant, then it’s time to meet up with everyone for a full debrief with Wicke at Aether Paradise’s Secret Laboratory B.

There you will receive your reward: a whopping 1,000,000 dollars! – On behalf of the International Police, for all their help.

That’s not all, though: there’s one last thing… Looker claims to have seen another Ultra Beast, or something similar, atop Ten Carat Hill on Melemele Island! But it can’t really be one: all the Aether Foundation and International Police technology says that all the Beasts have been captured, so what is it?

Well, that UB-like creature is actually a Pokémon, and a legendary one too, called Necrozma. More on this one soon!

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