Pokémon Go Pheromosa weaknesses, counters and moveset explained

Pheromosa is a member of Ultra Beasts and can now be fought in five-star raids in Pokémon Go.

Ultra Beasts are 11 extradimensional Pokémon and are part of Gen 7. Nihilego was the first Ultra Beast to appear in Pokémon Go, and was released as part of Go Fest 2022 in June of that year, while Pheromosa was originally released during Go Berlin Fest in July. 2022.

Now, however, all players can fight Pheromosa, either in person or using a Remote Raid Pass, so if you want to add it to your Pokédex, it’s a good idea to know Pheromosa’s weaknesses and counterattacks.

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Pheromosa Weaknesses and Counterattacks in Pokémon Go

Below you will find Pheromosa’s weaknesses and counterattacks in Pokémon Go:

  • Pheromose Type – Insect / Fight
  • Pheromosa is weak against Fairy, Fire, Flying, and Psychic types.
  • Best Pheromosa counters: Togekiss, Gardevoir, and Granbull for fairy types. Moltres, Rayquaza, Staraptor, Honchkrow and Braviary for the flying types. Entei, Shadow Ho-Oh and Reshiram for fire types. Mewtwo, Hoopa (Unbound), and Metagross for psychic types.
  • Other Pheromosa Notes: Pheromosa is especially weak to Flying-type Pokémon, which means that Moltres, being a Fire and Flying-type Pokémon, is a perfect Pokémon to use in this battle. A Mewtwo that knows Psystrike is also an excellent counter against Pheromosa.

Pheromosa CP Levels in Pokémon Go

Here are the CP levels for battles and any Pheromosa capture attempts in Pokémon Go:

  • Pheromosa Raid CP – 40,539 CP
  • CP range to capture Pheromosa: 1538 to 1624 CP
  • Weather (cloudy or rainy) when caught: 1922 to 2030 CP
  • Max Pheromosa CP (at level 40) – 2,842 CP

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Pheromosa’s Best Moveset in Pokémon Go

Our recommendation for Pheromosa’s moveset is Bug Bite (Fast) and Focus Blast (Charged). We recommend Bug Buzz for the second Pheromosa charged move, but you’ll need the candy and stardust first to unlock this move.

Below you can find the full set of fast and charged moves for Pheromosa in Pokémon Go:

Fast movements:

  • Insect bite (insect)
  • Low kick (fight)

Charged Moves:

  • Insect buzzing (bug)
  • Hand-to-hand combat (fight)
  • Focus explosion (fight)
  • Lunge (insect)

Everything we know about Pheromosa

As a member of the extradimensional Ultra Beasts, Pheromosa made its first appearance in Pokémon Sun and Moon along with the rest of Gen 7. It was exclusive to Luna, so if you wanted to add it to the Pokédex in Pokémon Sun, you, of course. Of course, I had to do some business.

When it comes to Pokémon Go, Pheromosa was originally exclusive to players who attended the Go Fest Berlin event in July 2022. However, players didn’t have to wait long for Pheromosa to launch worldwide, because it appeared in five stars during Go. Fest 2022 August 2022 final event.

Each Ultra Beast has a special codename and Pheromosa’s is UB-02 Beauty. The codename refers to how Pheromosa looks like a model, she has long hair and a body that looks like a dress. Interestingly, thanks to the antenna and hair structure, Pheromosa also resembles a cockroach, a creature that is often considered the exact opposite of beauty.

Good luck catching Pheromosa in Pokémon Go!

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