Picture Puzzle: Genius Can Tell How Many Girls Are There In This Picture In 11 Seconds

Do you have high observation skills? Here is the picture puzzle to test your observation skills, visual power, reasoning, critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, lateral thinking skills, memory and processing speed, logic, creativity and brain power. Is your IQ level high? Picture puzzles help strengthen problem-solving and critical thinking skills. They help improve lateral thinking and build new perspectives. They also improve your cognitive skills, memory and processing speed. Picture puzzles are also a fun way to occupy your mind.

Check out this picture puzzle, it is extremely difficult to solve. This photo was posted by Swiss photographer Tiziana Vergari as a submission in the Instagram contest called Weekend Hashtag Project.

Share this picture puzzle with your friends and family and ask them to take the challenge to tell how many girls are in the picture puzzle in 11 seconds.

How many girls are there in this picture puzzle? Test your IQ level

How many girls are there in this picture puzzle?  Test your IQ level

Image credits: Instagram (TIZIANA VERGARI)

This is a complicated picture puzzle. Some people counted saw 14 girls and others saw 4 girls. How many girls do you see in the photo?

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How many girls are there in the picture puzzle? Test your observation skills

Scroll no further, we reveal the answers below. Meanwhile, share this brain puzzle with your friends and family and ask them to take the challenge of the number of girls in the picture puzzle in 11 seconds.

Let’s reveal the results!

Could you tell how many girls are in the puzzle in 11 seconds?

There are only 2 girls in the photo.

If you look closely and carefully, you will see that there are only 2 girls, but they are both sitting in a room with mirrors on both walls next to them. However, both mirrors are facing each other, which creates the optical illusion that there are more girls. That’s why innovative thinking and exceptional observation skills are required to solve such difficult puzzles.

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Good job! Know why you are good at brain teasers and riddles

Why are you good at solving picture puzzles and riddles?

  • Great memory and processing speed
  • High IQ and attention to detail.
  • Strong visual skills and spatial reasoning.
  • Good for blocking background information.
  • Good perseverance and judgment.
  • Good at dealing with confusion and ambiguity.
  • Improved observation skills.
  • Skilled in problem solving and time management.
  • Strong short term memory
  • Strong critical thinking

Are you having trouble solving picture puzzles? You may face the problem of filtering details to analyze objects. You may also find it difficult to remember details. You must strengthen your short-term memory and cognitive skills. Try eating brain-active foods and challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone.

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