Optical Illusion: Your eyes hawk eyes if you can spot 6 among 9’s in 3 seconds!

Optical Illusion – Optical illusions are one of the most loved online challenges today. It is a quick way to test attention and observation skills.

Trying to solve optical illusion puzzles frequently helps improve a person’s problem-solving skills and critical thinking by challenging their perception.

Additionally, the study of optical illusions can provide insight into how the brain processes visual information and may lead to advances in fields such as neuroscience and psychology.

Furthermore, optical illusions stimulate the brain and improve our logical and analytical abilities, which can improve cognitive abilities.

Are you very good at observing things?

Then find 6 among 9 in 3 seconds.

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Optical illusion: find 6 among 9 in 3 seconds


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The image shared above shows a series of 9 arranged in a rectangular grid.

Hidden in the series of 9 is a 6 and the challenge for you is to spot the 6 in 3 seconds.

Finding 6 in less time is a difficult task.

People with excellent observation skills can detect the number faster than others.

Look carefully, 6 can be present anywhere in the series.

The clock is ticking fast.

Have you seen number 6?

Quickly scan all areas of the image and see if anything catches your eye.


The time limit has ended.

It was right there, in front of you.

How many of them were able to find all 6 within the time limit?

Those who were able to successfully detect it deserve a big applause. You have excellent observation skills.

Those who couldn’t should practice these challenges regularly; Your skills will improve.

Some of you may be very curious to know where 6 is, right?

See the solution below.

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Find 6 among 9 in 3 seconds – Answer

The number 6 can be seen on the left side of the image, it is present in the second column from the left.


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