Optical Illusion: Where is the fox hiding on this busy street? Can you find it in just 5 seconds?

Sometimes man goes beyond what is necessary to satisfy his materialistic desires, thus negatively affecting wildlife and their natural habitat. Ever since man learned of his mental abilities and how he is one of the luckiest creatures on the planet to be given brains and power, he has exploited the earth and its resources for his maximum benefit. No wonder every other creature on the planet has borne the brunt of the havoc created by humans.

One such bad practice that humans have engaged in for eons is deforestation. The cutting down of huge forests for wood, timber, soil and countless other resources has made Mother Earth cry, but man’s hunger is still not satisfied. What makes the situation even worse is the fact that while humans have created their elegant mansions and bungalows with materials and land obtained from natural sources, many birds and animals have lost their homes due to the practice of deforestation.

Have you not seen daily newspaper headlines and banners about incidents of wild animals taking to the streets?

In such scenarios, these animals receive immense hatred from all sides, due to the fear they generate among pedestrians. However, only a small percentage of people really think about what led these animals to enter human habitat. Well, the answer is simple; Humans have captured almost all the available land on the planet, leaving no room for other animals to survive and live happy and safe lives.

The reasons are quite simple. First, as stated above, humans have considered forests and other natural resources as a “free supply” from the Almighty to them. It would be wrong to say that humans have used the resources. Humanity, well, has exploited resources to such an extent that only an insignificant amount of these resources is left for the use of other creatures.

Then, the human population dominates a huge portion of the Earth. Yes, there are more than 8 billion human beings surviving on the planet, and the number increases with each passing day. While every human being needs space to survive, it is not surprising that there is not much space left for wildlife to lead a life after 8 billion people have already captured their share of land.

When humans win over other creatures both in terms of numbers and available space, there is one more place where humanity has never lost. This battlefield is not like the “Battle of the Ego”. Yes, being the most powerful and intelligent creature on Earth has made the human race feel that it has the right to make optimal use of resources. The human race often forgets that the Earth is not theirs, but is actually a planet that humans share with wildlife and other life forms.

When all these problems make it difficult for wildlife to live a safe life, they take to the streets in search of a safe place to call home, food and other basic needs.

Today we present to you an image that actually presents a fun challenge, but also insists on thinking outside the box on the same topic.

Are you ready?

Milk stays open! Find the hidden cat before it drinks it all in this optical illusion image!

These are the rules!

Simply set a timer on your phone for 5 seconds and start searching for the fox hidden in the picture.

Are you ready for the challenge?

Find the fox hidden in the picture in just 5 seconds!

JagranjoshImage source: Mister Teach (YouTube)

Poor fox, hiding behind the bus could be dangerous for you! Yes, the human world is mostly bad for wildlife.

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