Optical Illusion Brain Challenge: If You Have Extra Sharp Eyes Find the Hidden Number 24 in 5 Seconds

Optical Illusion Brain Challenge: If You Have Extra Sharp Eyes Find the Hidden Number 24 in 5 Seconds

Optical illusions are like the magical chameleons of the visual world. Those amazing images or patterns that can leave you scratching your head, rubbing your eyes and wondering if reality has decided to take a little vacation.

If you have sharp vision try this Optical Illusion where you have to find the number 24 among the reversed 24. Well, some may find the answer within a few seconds, if you are one of them, give yourself a round of applause.

Our brains are like the ultimate problem-solving machines, constantly working to make sense of the world around us. When you encounter an optical illusion, your brain gets all excited and tries to interpret what’s in front of you. But sometimes, the information it receives clashes, leading to confusion and, more importantly, a fantastic illusion.

If you have Extra Sharp Eyes Find the Hidden Number 24 in 5 Seconds

This Optical Illusion is created for the users where they need to find the “number 24”. In the picture you can see only the number 24, yes you may have this doubt, well there are reverse 24 arranged equally but among these reverse numbers there is a perfect number 24 hidden.

Let’s start now, find the answer number 24 in the picture below. Sharpen your eyes and clarify your vision so you can find the solution within 5 seconds.

If you find the answer within 5 seconds, then your vision is sharp and perfect. Completing these optical illusions can potentially improve your cognitive abilities, increase your IQ level and effectively improve your brain’s analytical and perceptual abilities.

Solution to Find the Hidden Number 24

Finding the number 24 improves your visual level, like this there are many optical illusions with numbers, pictures and more. All these optical illusions aim to deliver perfect IQ level brain sharpening and develop visual solving skills.

So just try this optical illusion, let’s have 5 seconds. Look at the picture above and the challenge is to find the number 24. Your time starts now


Did you find the number 24? Don’t panic, you have 4 more seconds


Try to find through each column or row, but if you didn’t find the answer, ok, you still have 3 seconds left


You only have a few seconds, so be more alert to solve this optical illusion. As mentioned, try to check each and every row and column quickly.


I hope you are closer to the solution… If not try again

Time is up!

Check the solution image below.

The number 24 is highlighted above. Try various optical illusion puzzles from our website to improve your IQ level.

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