Only 1% Genius Can Tell Which Horse The Head Belongs To Within 7 Seconds!

Calm! Here comes another mind-blowing optical illusion that is so hard to solve that netizens are missing out! This optical illusion will test your vision, intelligence, powers of observation and attention to detail.

This puzzling image of two horses going viral on social media asks you to say which horse the head belongs to. Now, keep in mind that optical illusion images can create a hoax that makes you question your intelligence.

In the image, the horses are numbered 1 and 2. Some users said that the head belongs to horse 1, while others argued that the head belongs to horse 2.

Can you tell which horse the head belongs to? This optical illusion will blow your mind! Here we have one head but two horses. Which horse does the head belong to in this optical illusion image? You will get 7 seconds to solve this horse head optical illusion challenge.

99% of people didn’t know which horse the head belongs to! Can you guess?

horse head optical illusion

The internet is confusing. This optical illusion image of two horses and a head shared on Instagram is going viral under the name ‘horse head optical illusion’ asking users which horse the head belongs to.

At first glance it seems as if two horses are grazing in the meadow. However, only one head is visible, causing viewers to wonder which horse it belongs to.

Your challenge starts now! Can you tell which horse head that is?

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Observe the image. Is it horse 1 or horse 2? It can be frustrating to discover the answer. Keep in mind that optical illusions play a visual trick to manipulate the way your mind interprets visual information.

SHARE this optical illusion image with your family, friends and colleagues. Challenge them to say which horse the head belongs to.

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Horse head optical illusion Answers

Bravo! If you could tell which horse the head belongs to. If you did, then you are a certified optical illusion master! If you are still looking for the answer, please check the answer below.

The answer is horse 2. Look carefully at the picture, you will notice that the hair color on the horse’s head is black, which matches the body of the horse on the right (horse 2).

horse head optical illusion answer

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