No Man’s Sky Antimatter – how to get Antimatter, find Antimatter recipe

Antimatter will very quickly become one of the most desired elements of your No Man’s Sky playtime, starting shortly after you discover the plans for your first Hyperdrive and the necessary Warp Cells.

Figuring out how to get antimatter, and also where to find the antimatter recipe a little later, will be essential steps in your quest for interstellar travel, so here on this page we’ll explain everything you need to know about the basic element of science fiction.

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No Man’s Sky Antimatter explained: what is antimatter?

Antimatter in No Man’s Sky is used to create Warp Cells, which act as fuel for your all-important Hyperdrive. The Warp Cell formula itself is pretty simple compared to the recipe in previous versions of No Man’s Sky: what you need is just antimatter and an antimatter housing item, and that housing is pretty easy to build.

You won’t find antimatter in nature, but in the menus it looks like a rather shiny and sinister dark purple sphere, on a purple background.

How to get antimatter in No Man’s Sky

As it stands, there are only three ways to get antimatter in No Man’s Sky:

an abandoned building

After getting your first Hyperdrive, you’ll be asked to search the stars for answers. Fly into space and look for signs when prompted, and a red waypoint will appear on one of the planets in your current system. Head to the “anomalous signal” and it will be some kind of abandoned building on the surface of the planet.

It is surrounded by rustling purple eggs (Don’t touch them! We won’t reveal why, but trust us, it’s not a good idea…) and inside is a Forgotten Terminal. Interact with it and you will receive your first piece of Antimatter, as well as the recipe to create an Antimatter Dwelling.

Money splashes

Another option is to simply buy some Antimatter at a Galactic Trade terminal. Terminals can be found at an outpost (which you can find by following the steps in the previous point) or on any space station. Antimatter isn’t cheap, but it’s not prohibitively expensive either: a little mining and selling should give you enough to buy something from the start.

Create antimatter using the antimatter recipe

Finally, you can create Antimatter from certain materials, but that requires you to have found the Antimatter recipe first, which doesn’t happen until you after You’ve already switched to a new system for the first time, so you’ll first need to find some antimatter using one of the two ways above. We recommend the first option, as it’s free, easy, and part of history!

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No Man’s Sky – Antimatter Recipe

Once you’ve traveled to a new system for the first time, another waypoint will be added to your HUD. This time you’ll be taken to a planetary outpost, sort of like a mini space station on the surface of a planet.

Just inside you’ll find an alien to talk to, and when you do, they’ll give you the Antimatter recipe right then and there.

Antimatter Recipe:

  • Chromatic Metal x25
  • Condensed charcoal x 20

This a relatively an easy one to make. To obtain chromatic metal, collect copper, cadmium, emeryl, or indium from a deposit on the surface of a planet (use the analysis viewer to detect resource veins on the ground) and run it through the portable refiner to obtain chromatic metal.

Likewise, condensed carbon is just plain old carbon, the source of almost all plant life on any planet, which is also passed through the portable refiner.

No Man’s Sky – How to Use Antimatter to Create Warp Cells

As far as we know, the only thing antimatter can be used as an ingredient for is the creation of Warp Cells, in the following (very simple) recipe:

  • 1x antimatter
  • 1x antimatter shell

To create the Antimatter Shell, you need 25x Oxygen and 1x Metal Plate (made from Ferrite Powder), both of which are fairly easy to come by on most planets. If you’re lacking oxygen, look for dangerous plants or small bright red plants with your Analysis Viewer.

Once you have the Antimatter and Antimatter Shell, simply select a free slot in your inventory, choose “Create”, select the Warp Cell icon, and you’re done!

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