Most Beautiful Chinese Drama Couples – Top 10 Captivating Charm

Top 10 Most Beautiful Chinese Drama Couples


Most Beautiful Couples

Chinese Drama


Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi

The Oath of Love


Xu Kai and Cheng Xiao

Falling Into Your Smile


Yang Yang and Dilraba Dilmurat

You Are My Glory


Xu Kai and Bai Lu

The Legends, Arsenal Military Academy


Leo Wu and Dilraba Dilmurat

The Long Ballad


Dang Lun and Yang Zi

Ashes of Love


Wang Yibo and Zhao Liying

Legend of Fei


Dylan Wang and Yu Shu Xin

Love Between Fairy and Devil


Lin Yi and Xing Fei

Put Your Head on My Shoulder


Li Hong Yi and Zhao Lusi

Love Better Than Immortality

Most Beautiful Chinese Drama Couples

The world of Chinese entertainment is adorned with captivating chemistry and mesmerizing performances from some of the most beautiful and popular drama couples. These on-screen duos have left an indelible mark on the hearts of viewers, captivating them with their undeniable connection and talent. From romantic comedies to epic historical dramas, these couples have enchanted audiences with their genuine emotions and compelling portrayals. Whether it’s the heartwarming pairing of Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi in “The Oath of Love” or the electrifying on-screen chemistry between Xu Kai and Cheng Xiao in “Falling Into Your Smile,” these couples have proven that love and talent know no bounds. Prepare to be charmed and enthralled by the Top 10 Most Beautiful Chinese Drama Couples.


1. Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi (The Oath of Love)

Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi, two of China’s most talented and beloved actors, came together to create magic on-screen in the drama “The Oath of Love.” This romantic series revolves around the heartwarming love story of Qiao Jingjing (Yang Zi), a popular e-sports player, and Yu Tu (Xiao Zhan), her childhood friend and former mentor. Their palpable on-screen chemistry and exceptional acting skills brought their characters to life, drawing viewers into their heartfelt journey of love, friendship, and self-discovery. As Qiao Jingjing and Yu Tu, Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi displayed a remarkable ability to convey a range of emotions, making their performances both genuine and captivating. The drama received widespread acclaim, with audiences worldwide falling in love with the endearing couple and their beautiful portrayal of love’s complexities.

2. Xu Kai and Cheng Xiao (Falling Into Your Smile)

“Falling Into Your Smile” introduced viewers to the delightful pairing of Xu Kai and Cheng Xiao, two incredibly talented actors who brought a refreshing and heartwarming romance to the screen. Xu Kai portrayed Ji Xiangkong, a professional e-sports player, and Cheng Xiao portrayed Tong Yao, a new talent in the gaming world. The drama not only showcased their characters’ love for gaming but also their journey of personal growth and mutual support. Xu Kai’s charisma and Cheng Xiao’s natural charm made their on-screen interactions a joy to watch, and their chemistry was undeniably electric. Their ability to convey the subtle nuances of their characters’ emotions made the audience root for their relationship and eagerly anticipate each new episode. “Falling Into Your Smile” became a massive hit, not just in China but also internationally, solidifying Xu Kai and Cheng Xiao as a beloved on-screen couple and earning them a place in the hearts of drama enthusiasts worldwide.

3. Yang Yang and Dilraba Dilmurat (You Are My Glory)

The charming pairing of Yang Yang and Dilraba Dilmurat in “You Are My Glory” captured the hearts of millions with their heartwarming and lighthearted romance. Yang Yang portrayed Yu Tu, a successful e-sports player, and Dilraba Dilmurat portrayed Qiao Jingjing, a talented actress. The drama centers around their childhood connection and rekindled friendship, leading to a blossoming romance. Yang Yang’s suave and charming portrayal of Yu Tu complemented Dilraba Dilmurat’s endearing and charismatic performance as Qiao Jingjing, creating an irresistible on-screen couple. Their natural chemistry and delightful banter made their love story all the more enchanting. “You Are My Glory” received immense praise for its engaging storyline and the brilliant performances of Yang Yang and Dilraba Dilmurat, establishing them as one of the most adored drama couples of recent times.

4. Xu Kai and Bai Lu (The Legends, Arsenal Military Academy)

The Legends: In the historical fantasy drama “The Legends,” Xu Kai and Bai Lu showcased their extraordinary chemistry and acting prowess, leaving a lasting impact on audiences worldwide. Portraying star-crossed lovers Li Chen Lan and Zhao Yao, they brought depth and intensity to their characters’ intricate relationship. Xu Kai’s portrayal of Li Chen Lan, a righteous and powerful cultivator, was both captivating and emotionally charged. On the other hand, Bai Lu’s portrayal of Zhao Yao, a strong and cunning sorceress, was equally compelling. Their on-screen interactions, filled with tension and passion, made every scene they shared a delight to watch, making “The Legends” an unforgettable drama.

Arsenal Military Academy: In the romantic drama “Arsenal Military Academy,” Xu Kai and Bai Lu once again proved their on-screen magic. Set against the backdrop of a military academy during the Republican era, the drama follows the journey of Gu Yanzhen and Xie Xiang. Xu Kai portrayed the brave and kind-hearted Gu Yanzhen, while Bai Lu played the role of Xie Xiang, a determined and talented young woman disguised as a man to enter the academy. The pair’s chemistry was undeniable, and their emotional performances in this tale of sacrifice, friendship, and love resonated deeply with the audience. Xu Kai and Bai Lu’s portrayal of their characters’ evolving relationship showcased their versatility as actors, making “Arsenal Military Academy” a heartwarming and emotionally charged drama.

5. Leo Wu and Dilraba Dilmurat (The Long Ballad)

In the epic historical drama “The Long Ballad,” Leo Wu and Dilraba Dilmurat teamed up to deliver a spellbinding performance that took the audience on an unforgettable journey. Leo Wu portrayed the courageous and enigmatic Ashina Sun, while Dilraba Dilmurat played the determined and fierce Princess Li Changge. The drama unfolds against a backdrop of political intrigue and war, with the pair’s intense chemistry and powerful performances driving the narrative forward. Leo Wu’s enigmatic portrayal of Ashina Sun, torn between love and loyalty, resonated with viewers, while Dilraba Dilmurat’s portrayal of the resolute and resourceful Princess Li Changge garnered praise for her emotional depth and action-packed sequences. Together, they created a magnetic on-screen pairing that elevated “The Long Ballad” to one of the most beloved and highly-rated dramas of its time.

6. Dang Lun and Yang Zi (Ashes of Love)

“Ashes of Love” witnessed the sizzling on-screen chemistry of Dang Lun and Yang Zi, making it one of the most popular and successful romantic fantasy dramas in Chinese television history. Dang Lun portrayed the gentle and endearing Heavenly Emperor Xu Feng, while Yang Zi played the naive and innocent Flower Goddess Jin Mi. The drama’s enchanting storyline and their magnetic performances kept viewers entranced throughout. Dang Lun’s portrayal of the stoic and devoted Xu Feng struck a chord with the audience, while Yang Zi’s emotional depth and portrayal of Jin Mi’s growth and transformation won her critical acclaim. The pair’s heart-wrenching and heartwarming moments captivated viewers, turning “Ashes of Love” into a timeless classic that has solidified Dang Lun and Yang Zi’s status as two of the most talented and sought-after actors in the Chinese entertainment industry.

7. Wang Yibo and Zhao Liying (Legend of Fei)

In the historical drama “Legend of Fei,” Wang Yibo and Zhao Liying teamed up to create a spellbinding on-screen pairing that captured the hearts of viewers worldwide. Wang Yibo, a rising star known for his versatile talents as an actor and singer, portrayed the enigmatic and skilled martial artist Xie Yun. On the other hand, Zhao Liying, a renowned actress, breathed life into the brave and resilient Zhou Fei. Their chemistry was explosive, drawing audiences into the intricacies of their complex relationship filled with tension, friendship, and subtle romance. As Xie Yun and Zhou Fei navigated the challenges and adventures in a world of martial arts and mysteries, Wang Yibo and Zhao Liying delivered outstanding performances that showcased their impeccable acting skills and ability to convey nuanced emotions. Their on-screen partnership not only elevated the drama’s appeal but also solidified their positions as prominent personalities in the Chinese entertainment industry.

8. Dylan Wang and Yu Shu Xin (Love Between Fairy and Devil)

In the enchanting romantic comedy “Love Between Fairy and Devil,” the emerging talents of Dylan Wang and Yu Shu Xin came together to create a delightful and captivating drama couple. Dylan Wang, a young and handsome actor, portrayed the charming and mischievous young deity Qi Heng. Opposite him was Yu Shu Xin, also known as Esther Yu, a popular actress and singer, who portrayed the quirky and spirited fairy Bai Qiuran. Their on-screen relationship was a product of their common commitment to their respective fields and showcased their exceptional chemistry. Their performances brought to life a unique love story, full of humor, romance, and fantasy elements, captivating audiences with their youthful energy and playful interactions. “Love Between Fairy and Devil” not only established Dylan Wang and Yu Shu Xin as a charming drama couple but also contributed to their growing popularity and admiration as promising talents in the Chinese entertainment industry.

9. Lin Yi and Xing Fei (Put Your Head on My Shoulder)

The delightful rom-com “Put Your Head on My Shoulder” introduced the adorable on-screen couple of Lin Yi and Xing Fei, winning over audiences with their endearing chemistry and heartwarming performances. Lin Yi, known for his striking looks and acting versatility, portrayed the talented and introverted college student Situ Mo. Xing Fei, a rising star in the Chinese drama scene, portrayed the sweet and quirky aspiring scientist Shi Yi. Their natural and real relationship on-screen brought a sense of authenticity to their characters, making their interactions and love story all the more enjoyable to watch. Viewers were charmed by their captivating performances, which perfectly blended humor, romance, and slice-of-life moments, creating a relatable and heartwarming narrative. Lin Yi and Xing Fei’s portrayal of Situ Mo and Shi Yi not only contributed to the drama’s success but also solidified their positions as beloved actors in the hearts of the audience.

10. Li Hong Yi and Zhao Lusi (Love Better Than Immortality)

The romantic comedy “Love Better Than Immortality” showcased the endearing chemistry between Li Hong Yi and Zhao Lusi, leaving a lasting impression on the audience with their lovable on-screen pairing. Li Hong Yi, a talented actor with a strong presence, portrayed the carefree and mischievous immortal Dong Yong. Opposite him was Zhao Lusi, a versatile actress, who portrayed the kind-hearted and optimistic Ling Long. Their acting prowess and undeniable connection on-screen breathed life into their characters’ love story, evoking a range of emotions in the viewers and making the drama a memorable experience. Li Hong Yi and Zhao Lusi’s excellent acting abilities and ability to complement and support each other’s performances added depth and authenticity to their portrayal of Dong Yong and Ling Long, earning them appreciation from fans and critics alike. “Love Better Than Immortality” not only showcased their talent but also solidified their positions as a prominent drama couple in the Chinese entertainment industry.

What Makes These Couples Stand Out in the Chinese Entertainment Industry?

These couples stand out in the Chinese entertainment industry for several reasons:

Chemistry: One of the primary factors that make these couples stand out is their undeniable on-screen chemistry. Their interactions feel natural and genuine, which allows viewers to immerse themselves in the characters’ emotions and experiences. Whether they are portraying intense romance or heartwarming friendship, the couples’ chemistry brings an extra layer of authenticity to their performances, making them memorable and captivating to watch.

Talent and Versatility: Each member of these drama couples is known for their exceptional talent and versatility as actors and actresses. They have the ability to seamlessly transition between different genres and portray a wide range of characters convincingly. Their acting skills elevate the storytelling and allow the audience to connect emotionally with the characters and their journey throughout the drama.

Strong Fan Base: These couples have garnered a massive and dedicated fan base, not just in China but also internationally. Their popularity extends beyond the screen, and fans eagerly follow their projects, events, and social media activities. The strong support from their fans has contributed to their rise in prominence and influence in the Chinese entertainment industry.

Box Office and Ratings Success: The dramas featuring these couples have achieved significant success in terms of box office earnings and high viewership ratings. Their projects consistently draw in a large audience, indicating their immense popularity and commercial appeal. Their ability to attract viewers and keep them engaged has contributed to their status as influential figures in the industry.

Aesthetic Appeal: These couples are often praised for their striking visuals and aesthetic appeal. Their good looks and charming appearances add to the allure of the dramas they star in, making them a delightful sight to behold on screen. Their attractiveness plays a role in attracting audiences and contributing to the overall appeal of the dramas.

Positive Public Image: Beyond their acting talent, these couples are also admired for their positive public image. They are known for their professionalism, humility, and dedication to their craft, which endears them to both fans and industry peers. Their conduct and attitude contribute to their status as role models and beloved figures in the Chinese ntertainment scene.

These couples stand out in the Chinese entertainment industry due to their exceptional chemistry, talent, strong fan base, commercial success, aesthetic appeal, and positive public image. Their contributions to the world of Chinese dramas have solidified their positions as influential and beloved figures, making them a driving force in the industry’s continued growth and global recognition.

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