Modern Warfare Ground War mode release: When you can play the missing mode, number of Ground War maps explained

Modern Warfare Ground War is a massively multiplayer mode in which 64 players compete in teams of two.

According to Activision, Ground War offers “large-scale conflicts with vehicles. Capture and hold objectives to score. Capturing objectives opens spawn locations for your team. Similar to Domination, but with more objectives.”

It’s one of the most anticipated modes in the latest Call of Duty, and although it will launch with the game, at the time of writing (release day, October 25), it is not currently on the multiplayer list.

Here’s what we know about when Ground War will be available.

How to play Ground War in Modern Warfare: when will the missing mode be available

Update (8:35pm, October 25): Ground War is now available, at least for us on PS4 in the UK. Hopefully it will be rolled out to other platforms and regions soon if it’s not already available to you:

Original story: Once you have fully installed Modern Warfare and can access multiplayer on launch day, you will notice that Ground War is not available to play, even with the download of day one patch 1.04.

Don’t worry, you haven’t done anything wrong and you are not alone who lacks the way. Developer Infinity Ward temporarily disabled the mode on the morning of the game’s launch for all players and will make it available soon.

As a result, Modern Warfare’s Ground War has a Friday night release date, according to a tweet:

#Modern war Launching in less than 24 hours! Jump into the campaign, special ops, and multiplayer, and starting Friday night, gather your friends for Ground War! And for the first time, you can earn XP and unlock exclusive multiplayer and special ops gear through the campaign!

– Infinity Room (@InfinityWard) October 24, 2019

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“Friday Night” is pretty vague, not only because it spans six to eight hours, but it also doesn’t specify what time zone it’s in.

With Infinity Ward based on the west coast of the US, there’s a chance that Ground War could be released later in the day, meaning those in the UK might have to wait on their hands.

As a result, we’d probably bet on not playing it on launch day. Anyway, that’s our best guess: the launch could come sooner than expected.

When Ground War is available, we imagine it will be a playlist within the main multiplayer lobby screen, making its presence quite clear.

Why is there no Land War? Although Infinity Ward hasn’t said so, Modern Warfare saw some connection issues leading up to launch day, which could explain why they wanted to limit the number of players logging into a single match.

Thank you very much for your patience and apologies for the delay. Crazy traffic tonight, but the servers are coming back online now and everyone should be able to start launching Modern Warfare.

– Infinity Room (@InfinityWard) October 25, 2019

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